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Happy Birthday BTTB!

Chris J

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Happy 7th Birthday BTTB!!!

I must have been a member almost from the start (joined June 2004) and have many happy memories of endless nights spent on this forum; crazy capers in the BTTB BB House, bizarre discussions in General Chat, tearing my hair out along with the other mods of the day in the staff quarters when things didn't quite run as smoothly as we'd have liked, and more than anything making some good friends here. Never a dull moment!

Like Musie, I don't post much these days but still check in now and again - hats off to all the admins, moderators, contributors, librarians, other helpers and of course the members who have made this place the great online community it has evolved into over the last seven years.

*Raises a glass (of Pepsi Max) to BTTB* :)

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Wow, 7 years! What a terrifying thought, it's been a little under a third of my life since this all first began! A big thank you to everyone who's made the site what it is over the years, especially your dedicated team who've made the site better and better in my absence. Here's to 7 more years.

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Not quite sure where the years are going, but as the banner implies, today marks BTTB's 8th birthday. :)

Though whilst 'Back to the Bay' as a site first launched on 14th January 2004, our history stretches back much further - some of our long term members will remember the previous AussieSoap/EverySoap forums and sites - and in fact some of our earliest roots on the web can be traced back 15 years to 1997.

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