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Happy Birthday BTTB!

Chris J

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Well another year has passed, and as of today, Back to the Bay is now 12 years old.

The last year has been a pretty hectic one behind the scenes as we work on various sections of the site and launch new ones, and we're continuing with that effort as we speak.

For those who might be interested in the history of the site, we did a big article a couple of years back on our 10th birthday, plus there's also this thread on the forum.

I've also just realised that I've now been co-running this site for 10 years as of a few weeks back, so I'm not quite sure where that went.... :blink:

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Happy Birthday to you BTTB.  It has been an interesting ride.

Once again, as I did for the 10th birthday, I'd like to pay tribute to Dan for his work over the years.  

I often wonder what happened to a few of the former staff who are "no longer with us".  Kat who dobbed me in for the Script Writing Competition who I last heard of Skydiving out of Perth in Western Australia, BTTB-Rox who proof read my first feature and Karen who we used to chat with a lot.

It's also been great to see new staff members emerging.  RR1 and Matt have added new life to the main site.

QA, of course, has been around so long that she's almost part of the furniture.  However that Fan Fiction section continues under her quiet, competent supervision.

We've had our tragedies.  I'm sure a few of us remember our disbelief when we heard of Frankie's illness and subsequent death.  Her account remains as a tribute to her work and she is also remembered as the guru of staff chat.

Despite a few of the doomsayers around the place the show is essentially in a good place.  It will always face the challenge of remaining connected to it's much loved roots while continually updating itself to remain relevant and contemporary.  Therë will always be people who yearn for the "good old days". Like the current show they weren't always good but at times they always delighted.

 I have enjoyed the show since the start of the 90's.  I enjoy it still.  At times it will delight me, at other times it will frustrate and annoy me.  But I keep watching.  

Once again Happy Birthday BTTB.



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12 years! It's hard to believe Back to the Bay has been a part of my life for so long - I first started the site when I was 14, so it's unbelievable that a small fan site started by a young teenager is still around and thriving over a decade later.

As Dan mentioned, the past year has been one of our busiest years in a while, with a brand new look across most of the site, and plenty of brand new content by our amazing team of contributors. It's already been said, but thanks again to Dan, Matt, Dean, Jen, John, Barbara, Matt, RR and QA for everything they've put into the site and forum over the past 12 months.

And, of course, to everyone who's come before them - whether they've left us because of other life commitments, or whether it's been through more tragic circumstances, we wouldn't be where we are today without the hard work of Jeremai, Kat, Frankie and everyone else who has helped out over the years.

2016 should be even more exciting as we continue to grow, bring you new features, new content, new spoilers, and continue to have great discussions here on the forum. Thanks to everyone for visiting and hopefully we'll be here in one form or another in another 12 years!

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Hard to think that 12 years ago, I was five and starting kindergarten! Rhys Sutherland was dating Beth Hunter, Sarah Lewis' rampage had not yet happened and the wonder team that was Julie McGauran and Coral Drouyn were in charge of the series. I'm incredibly delighted to be a member of such a lovely community of staff and users, without whom none of this would be possible. A big thanks to Dan and Chris for giving me a go as a Contributor & all the hard work they put in. Thanks to John, Jen, Dean, Barbara and RR for their endless additions to the site and moderation of the forum. Thanks to QA for her weekly uploads of TV Week and her fantastic work on photography and the Library of Fan Fics. Most of all, thanks to everyone who reads, shares and helps the content of the site thrive. I've had an amazing year on the team and I hope to 2016 being even better. Happy Birthday BTTB! Three cheers! Hip Hip Hooray! :lol::D

26 minutes ago, Chris J said:

It's already been said, but thanks again to Dan, Matt, Dean, Jen, John, Barbara, Matt, RR and QA for everything they've put into the site and forum over the past 12 months.

And, once is more than sufficient, Chris :P

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I think I've now been a staff member of BTTB for over half its life, having joined in the latter half of 2009 after being a member since early 2008.Give me a moment to feel very very old.Still a great place to hang out and a great source of information on HA. As the old BBC slogan used to go, you make it what it is!

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Every January when I go to look back it still seems like only yesterday BTTB was being launched - when I originally joined it wasn't in this incarnation! I agree with all the sentiments so far and want to join in thanking Chris and Dan, fellow Moderators Jen and John, contributors Barbara, Matt and RR1 and also QA for her hard work in being the sole remaining Librarian we have!

Looking forward to what the next year has for us as a team and community.

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