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Even Angels Fall

Guest Louise_2983

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Story Title: Even Angels Fall

Type of story: Short fic

Main Characters: Geoff and Nicole

Characters Mentioned: Many regulars

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Angst

Does story include spoilers: No. Completely AU

Any warnings: Maybe some L, SC, but very mild. Trauma, death.

Summary: When Geoff chooses to leave Summer Bay to follow a lifelong dream there are fatal consequences.

Chapter 1 - Geoff.

Saint Geoff, that’s what they all used to call me. They probably still do. They thought I never knew but I did. And in a strange way it hurt. Not physical pain, not even emotional just a strange numbness consuming my entire being. I almost felt as if I had to conform to their concept of me, play along like it was all make believe. But it wasn’t. Not in their eyes. In their eyes Saint Geoff was innocent, naïve, over sensitive and maybe even slightly virginal. And if anyone was ever even slightly interested he was never washing his hair, he was polishing his halo instead.

There was only one person who ever really knew the truth. Who saw right though the facade. I was no angel and she knew it. With other people I always felt I had to aspire to be what they expected, the angelic figure they saw when they looked at me. That wasn’t me, that wasn’t the person I saw when I looked in the mirror, I had faults just like anybody else, just like she did. Maybe that’s why she got as close as she did because in certain ways I was exactly like her. Okay so I wasn’t as conceited or as blunt as she was but I was as stubborn and quite often as selfish.

She once accused me of making her feel like she wasn’t good enough for me and if I’m honest I did do that. Not intentionally but then I don’t think it was completely unintentional either. It wasn’t because I thought she wasn’t, but because I didn’t think I was good enough. I’m not sure what I wanted to be good enough for, but I never felt I was quite there. If I’m honest I was miles away and terrible at map reading.

I would never be what other people expected of me and maybe subconsciously I felt that if she couldn’t make me into that person then she wasn’t good enough either. But she was. She was more than good enough. She made me see that I didn’t have to live up to their expectations, that I didn’t have to be the earthly equivalent to the Angel Gabriel and that they were the ones who had got it wrong not me. She showed me that just being me was good enough for someone to love me. And now she’s gone.

She’s gone. It still doesn’t seem real. She’s gone. I can say it a thousand times and I still can’t quite believe it. She’s gone and I left her and I’ll never forgive myself for that. What would they think? Saint Geoff makes the biggest mistake of his life and hurts the only person he ever loved. Oh how the gossip would spread like wildfire through the Bay. Hold the front page, Geoff’s halo’s slipped who would have thought it?

Not that they’ll ever know. She was too proud. I know she’d have carried on as if nothing had happened. She might have been in a foul mood but then nobody would have noticed the difference because I was the only person she ever really let in, the only person who saw the heart underneath all that tin. So no one knew what I’d done, as far as they were concerned I’d left Summer Bay to follow my lifelong dream of becoming a minister and that was in part true, but they didn’t know what I’d left behind.

My heart...

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I was trying to figure that out.. It did pop into my head she was dead, then I thought 'Does Geoff know Yet'. then I thought I hope she isn't but ultimately I thought 'What is it with people killing off Nicole!?' she died in another recent fiction too, but then I remembered its just fiction and I hope you update this again soon.

By the way, if you can make any sense of that you are much smarter than I am.

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:( Poor Geoff and Nicole. Now they're both suffering. Awww! I hope whatever happened between them can be resolved.

Erm Nicole's dead? I thought I'd made that obvious but clearly not lol!

omg, lmao! I am SOOOO sorry, Louise. :blush: I do normally pick up on those things, so it's more likely to be me not paying enough attention than whether you had made it clear. Of course, it is a lot cleaer when it's read back. Still an amazing fic though.

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