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Most Popular Current Friendship  

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My favourite is Geoff and Ruby, but we never get to see enough of it! I also quite like Leah and Colleen's friendship, even though Colleen usually puts her foot in her mouth, she always says the right thing to Leah when she needs a friend. I think I've included most of the friendships at the moment, but there are other relationships that could be seen as friendships - Miles and Jai, Roman and Aden, but I consider them more parent/child relationships. Its a sad fact that a number of characters have very few friends - Belle's only friend is Leah, Geoff's only friend is Ruby, and Aden's only friend is Nicole(and only because they have to be friends), and Jack may as well have no friends at all because Fitzie is barely around. Meanwhile Leah seems to be very popular around the Bay. Hopefully over the course of 2009 new friendships will be developed, like Belle and Nicole for example. I included an "Other" option if anyone doesn't like my options.

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Miles and Roman.

Geoff and Ruby, and Annie and Melody, were two of my other favourties. Especially Annie and Melody during that Christine stuff.

I guess I'm the only one who see's Nicole and Aden as a friendship out of convienence. It feels like it was created just to give Nicole someone to talk about Geoff too. And Aden someone to talk to when he and Belle broke up after the kidnapping.

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