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The Aftermath

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Story Title: The Aftermath

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Matilda, Lucas, Ric, Irene, Geoff, Annie, Jess (New Character)

Characters Mentioned: Drew, Robert, Dom, Kelli, Amanda, Peter plus others.

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Some Violence, Drama, Sexual content

Does story include spoilers: Yes... UK spoilers(Upcoming) other than that no

Any warnings: L, SC, V

Summary: Sequel to Clueless Kidnapping . . . . . .

Belle was kidnapped, beaten, almost raped and nearly lost her life. It's now been a year and Belle is still struggling to trust the people around her, among other things. Is she coping? or will she push away the only people who can help her?

I have made a banner and an icon, there will be no video for this fic





On Clueless Kidnapping

“She’s got a clot in her heart, we need to operate…’ Rachel spoke as everyone worked harder and faster this time, literally pushing Aden out of the way and unlocking Belle’s wheel’s and racing her out of the room, just as Irene was making her way back.

“What’s going on?” Irene yelled as she stopped dead in her tracks next to Aden.

“She… She’s got a clot, they need to operate…’ Aden spoke as he watched the only person who meant anything to him, the love of his life being wheeled out the doors to theatre.

“Why is this happening?” he asked as he fell to the floor, finally letting himself break down.

Chapter 1

He awoke in a pool of sweat and looked around the room, it was dark and the only source of light was coming from the crack through the door. Someone must be awake he thought to himself.

Looking beside him at the empty space he sighed and de-tangled himself from the duvet and picked up a t-shirt which was lying beside the bed.

Pulling himself to his feet and opening the door, raising his hand at the blinding light that hit his eyes, he walked out.

"What are you doing awake?" he asked, making his way toward her.

"Couldn't sleep...' she replied as she looked at him for a moment before going back to staring at the blank television screen.

“Did you have another nightmare?” he asked as he watched her head lower in sadness.

“I’m always having nightmares Aden…’ She replied as a tear rolled down her cheek

“Belle… after what you’ve been through it’s no wonder you’re having nightmares all the time. The people you trusted betrayed you and you almost lost your life because of it…’ he expressed as she looked up slightly and saw the worry in his face.

“Aden… don’t… please…’ Belle whispered as she swallowed hard.

Looking back down at her chest she saw the beginning of her scar edging out of her pajama top, quickly pulling her top up before Aden saw anything.

“Belle listen to me…’

“Do you know what tomorrow is?” Belle piped up as Aden looked at her stunned for a moment before walking over and sitting beside her.

“How can I ever forget?” he asked as Belle’s eyes filled with tears and slowly began to fall down her delicate cheeks.

“Tomorrow night will be one year ago that you were taken from that room…’ he finished as Belle let go a loud sob, closing her eyes and letting the tears fall freely from her eyes.

“I’m scared…’ She sobbing as Aden moved closer to her and pulled her into his chest as she sobbed.

“I’m so scared… Who can I trust anymore?” She whispered as Aden held her closely and ran his fingers through her hair.

“You trust who ever you want to Belle... Just remember… I’m not going anywhere…’ he whispered as she looked up at him with such scared, hurt, angry and loving eyes that it made Aden’s heart break.

Ever since Belle had almost died in hospital and had to be rushed to theatre and be operated on, Aden had vowed to stick by Belle’s side through thick and thin but he didn’t know that she would push him away as well. She hadn’t let Aden see her body since she had been operated on, all Aden knew was that she had a scar running from the top of her chest, halfway down to the middle of her stomach.

Belle had also changed a lot since the kidnapping, she had lost contact with most of her friends, even Matilda who had given birth three months ago to twins and had bought the Hunter/Holden house with Lucas.

Every day Matilda would come over to Belle’s in hope that Belle would let her in but as always, Belle refused to see her. The only people had let back into her life was Aden, Irene Geoff and Annie but she had even started to pull away from Aden, mainly because of fear of what he would think if he ever saw her scars.

“Come to bed Belle, you need your rest…’ Aden spoke as he rubbed her arms, watching as she quickly pulled away from him and pushed his arms away.

“Please… don’t…’ she said as Aden nodded slowly as he swallowed hard that his girlfriend wouldn’t let him touch her.

“Ok, sorry I didn’t mean to… I’m going to go to bed, you come in when your ready ok…’ Aden replied as Belle pulled her legs up close to her once again and went back to staring at the television.

Getting to his feet after no reply from the fragile girl he walked back into Belle’s room and pushed the door shut, leaning up against it and running his fingers over his face before sighing. Removing his t-shirt again he climbed back into bed, pulling the duvet up close to him and letting out another breath filled sigh before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO . . . I was going to make you guys wait but I was too anxious to post so here it is, earlier than expected lol . .

Hope you guys like it :)

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:D So glad you guys are all enjoying it . . .

So here is the next chapter :)

Its only a short one but hey, its still a chapter

Chapter 2

She slowly opened her eyes and looked around the dimly lit room. The duvet was completely wrapped up around her. Rubbing her eyes she slowly sat up and looked beside her to see an empty space. Sitting on the pillow beside her was a note along with a rose.

Picking up the rose, she smelt it, smiling slightly at its sweet scent, she then picked up the note and read it.

‘Irene asked me to work for an hour, you were asleep, didn’t want to wake you. Will be back a.s.a.p. I love you’

Smiling slightly once again she sat the rose and the note down on her bedside table before pulling back the covers and climbing over the bed. Making her way out into the lounge, she looked around and saw that the lounge was full of rose petals scattered over the floor and that there was some toast and orange juice and scrambled egg’s sitting on the table waiting for her.

She couldn’t help but smile at all the trouble Aden had gone to for her but that smile soon faded when there was a tapping noise at the door. Jumping what felt like a mile, she swallowed hard and kept a watchful eye at the kitchen door.

After a minute of no movement Belle heard a voice; a familiar voice.

“Belle… Open up it’s Mattie…’

Sighing loudly Belle slowly moved toward the kitchen door and with shaking hands, unlocked the door and pulled it open a fraction.

“What are you doing here? I don’t want you here…’ Belle started as Matilda pushed her way inside and into the lounge and looked around.

“Belle I’m your best friend…’ Matilda started as Belle shook her head.

“No Matilda, you stopped being my best friend when you got with Lucas…’

“Belle I love him and he made a mistake…’

“NO…!’ Belle screamed as the tears welled up in her eyes once again.

“He helped… KIDNAP… me and I can never… ever forgive him for that and I… I don’t know how you can…’

“Belle he helped save your life and he is so sorry for what he did…’

“THAT’S NO EXCUSE MATTIE…’ Belle screamed as Matilda looked a taken back that Belle had just yelled at her.

“I… I almost died. I… was kidnapped by people I trust and held hostage by people I… I loved… you don’t have a clue how that feels…’ Belle yelled as the tears started trickling down her cheeks.

“I… I am so scared… all of the time and the people I loved… I let into my heart, betrayed me… How am I meant to forget that?” Belle said as Matilda watched on in sadness at her best friend’s heartache.

“Belle… After you were kidnapped… you became my inspiration ok… I love you… you’re my best friend and I will not… walk away from our friendship and forget…’ Matilda replied as Belle looked up at her with a tear stained face.

“Please… just… go!” Belle replied sobbing, swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat.

“Ok… I’ll go, if that’s what you want…’ Matilda replied as Belle nodded slowly.

“It is…’ she whispered looking down at the floor.

“You know Belle… You can’t hide away forever, and if you keep pushing people away… You’ll have nobody left but yourself…’ Matilda replied as she walked past Belle and left, closing the kitchen door behind her.

Looking around the house once again, feeling once again alone and scared, Belle let go a loud sob before falling to her knees and burying her head in her hands, crying.

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Here it is . . . hope you like :)

Chapter 3

“You can finish off now darl…’ Irene called from the kitchen just as Aden walked in with two hands full of dishes.

“Are you sure, I mean your pretty busy today and it might be a while before you get Belle back in…’

“I’m sure…’ Irene laughed to herself turning to face Aden.

“I’ve called one of the casual’s and Geoff offered to help out for a while so go… Make sure Belle hasn’t wrecked the house…’ Irene spoke, turning back around and setting back to chopping a cucumber as she heard Aden chuckle to himself.

Setting the dishes on the bench, Aden removed his black apron and hung it back up next to the fridge.

“Ok, I’ll see you later Irene…’ Aden spoke as Irene looked behind her and smiled.

“Ok darl… Oh Aden…’ Irene yelled as Aden back up as Irene spun around.

“Roman wants to know when you’ll be around to pick up the rest of your stuff, now you’re not living there anymore?” She spoke as Aden nodded and thought for a minute.

“I’ll go around after I check on Belle…’ Aden replied as Irene nodded.

“Ok love, see you later…’ she replied as Aden waved goodbye and left.


She knocked on the door and waited, hearing a noise from inside the house she waited. Just as she was about to tap again the front door opened.

“Hi…’ she said as her long blonde hair swayed lightly and her stick thin frame showed her bones but made her look attractive along with her tanned skin.

“I was hoping to book a caravan…’ she said as Ric looked her up and down, unable to take his eyes off her as she looked so much like Matilda.

“Ummm, sure… come… come in…’ he said opening up the door and walking over to where the registration was to book a caravan.

“Thanks…’ she said, lowering her voice.

“Do you have… ummm… ID?’ he asked as she nodded and reached into her bag, shuffling about before pulling out her pink purse.

“Here…’ she said as she handed it over as Ric studied her last name closely.

“Hunter… are you related to Matilda Hunter by any chance?” Ric asked looking up as the girl nodded.

“Yeah, I’m her cousin…’ she replied as Ric looked a taken back before looking at her again.


Aden unlocked the door and removed the key before pulling it open and stopping in his tracks for a moment before racing through the kitchen into the lounge and skidding to his knees beside her.

“Belle…’ he spoke, fright and worry evident in his voice as he saw her look up at him, puffy red eyes from where she had been crying.

“Belle what…’

“She’s right…’ Belle sobbed as she slowly pushed herself from the fetal position on the floor and sat up so she was right in front of him.

“Who’s right?” Aden asked as Belle wiped her now teary eyes once again.

“Mattie…’ She whispered as she started sobbing again and fell against Aden as he wrapped his arms around her, moving his legs to the side as she sobbed into him gently. Keeping his arms firmly around her he kissed her hair and started rocking her back and forth slowly as she cried softly.


“Luc… I’m home…’ Mattie yelled as she walked through the front door and looked around.

“Luc!” she yelled again as she walked over to the table and saw a note. Picking it up she opened it and read it carefully.

‘Babe, taken Summer and Jake for a walk, be back soon. I love you xx’

Smiling she sat the note back down and walked over to the fridge and got a bottle of orange juice from the fridge, picking up a glass from the sink she walked over to the couch and sat down, making herself comfortable she picked up the television remote and turned on the t.v and settling herself down.

Not even 2 minutes after making herself comfortable she looked at the door and saw Ric standing there.

“What… what are you doing here?” Matilda asked getting up from the couch as Ric looked down and then back up.

Matilda’s eyes suddenly opened as she saw the one person she never wanted to see, the one person she thought she’d never have to see again.

“Hey Mattie… what’s up?” The blonde asked as she stood in the doorway next to Ric.



“Shout all you like, you wont be heard” he said as she sobbed quietly.

“But shout too much and **** us off, you’ll get hurt bitch!” the other spoke as Belle’s eye’s widened when she heard his voice. Sitting up she kept her gaze on the second guy as he looked back at her before they moved out of the way and slammed the door shut. Pushing herself to her feet she walked over to the door and started banging on it.

“LET ME OUT!” She screamed as the tears ran down her cheeks.

*End Flashback*

She opened her eyes and sat up as fast as she could and looked around, the tears trickling down her cheeks as she heard Aden race in.

“Belle…’ he said as he stopped in his tracks and saw the state his girlfriend was in. Making his way over to the bed he crawled over it and pulled her into his chest as she wrapped her arms around his and sobbed gently as he ran one hand over her hand and bent his head down gently on hers.

“It’s ok…’ he whispered gently to her.

“Your ok now…’

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YAY . . . I'm forgiven . . . :D

Here it is guys . . . enjoy...

Chapter 4

“What the hell are you doing here…?’

“Nice to see you too Mattie…’ the girl replied as Matilda’s anger grew.

“What no hug?” the girl asked as Matilda laughed.

“My version of a hug toward you is a punch in the face… How dare you turn up here after what you…’

“Oh cut the bull**** Matilda… You know the truth, you just wont accept that…’

“Will you listen to yourself Jessica… I… Hate… you… I hate you…’ Matilda screamed as she lunged at Jessica and took her to the ground and started hitting her.

“Mattie…’ Ric yelled as he raced forward and pulled his ex off Jess as Matilda squirmed and wriggled to try and free herself, watching as Jess pulled herself to her feet and wiped her now bloody lip.

“Your skitz… You’re ****ing psycho Mattie… you’re going to regret ever doing that… when people find out about your dark past you’ll end up being alone…’ Jess spat as she pushed past Matilda and Ric and stormed off out of the house as Ric let Mattie go and watched as she brushed herself down and looked at him with dirty eyes and watched him turn around and walk off.

Taking deep breath’s to control her breathing she looked around the room just as Lucas walked in with the twin pram.

“Hey…’ He said as Matilda looked at him and smiled.

“I saw Ric and some girl leaving here, she looked angry and he was chasing after her, who was it?” Lucas asked as he took Summer and then Jake out of the pram and walked over to the play pen, sitting them inside before turning around and looking at Matilda.

“No one, she was with Ric… It doesn’t matter now…’ Matilda replied walking over to him and hugging him gently before looking at him and giving him a soft, passionate kiss.


“What was all that about?” Ric yelled, chasing after Jess as she ran along the street.

“I haven’t seen Mattie attack someone since Belle first arrived…’

“Belle, who is this Belle?” Jess asked spinning around and stopped as Ric almost ran right into her.

“Her best friend… She’s been…’

“Take me to her…’ Jess demanded as Ric looked shocked at how bossy this girl was.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea…’

“TAKE ME TO HER…’ Jess screamed this time as Ric took a step backward.

“Fine…’ Ric replied as he walked off in front of Jess, walking as fast as he could with her not far behind.


“I cant believe how busy the Diner was today…’ Geoff beamed as he, Annie and Irene walked down the path toward their house.

“I know, it was packed…’ Annie exclaimed as Irene laughed.

“Well it’s good for my business so I’m not complaining…’ she replied as they all walked through the kitchen door.

“Hello….’ Irene yelled as Geoff and Annie made their way over to the couch.

“Belle… Ade…’ Irene stopped as Aden quietly emerged from the closed door, making sure it was fully shut before walking out into the lounge.

“Ssshhh…’ Aden said as Geoff and Annie looked up.

“I’ve only just got her back off to sleep…’ he said as Irene saw the wet patches on his shirt.

“Has she been crying again?” she asked as Aden nodded.

“Her and Matilda had a huge fight today, the Belle had a nightmare… She’s got no energy Irene, and she’s refusing to see a councillor” He replied as he sighed and took a seat on one of the stools as Irene walked over and filled the kettle up and put it on.

“Today’s the first time in… well since she got out of hospital she’s let me hug her that closely…’ he replied as Irene leant up against the sink and nodded.

“Has she been outside at all this week?” Irene asked as Aden shook his head in disappointment.

“I don’t think she has been past the back door… She’s just so… scared that people are going to hurt her and I don’t blame her but she’s going to lose it eventually…’ Aden sighed in frustration as Annie got to her feet and walked over to him, resting and rubbing his back in reassurance.

“We just have to keep reminding her that the bad people are behind bars now… she’ll come around…’ Annie reassured everybody as Irene made four cups of hot chocolate.

“She thinks… she thinks that if I see her scar that I wont want to be with her, that I’ll think she’s unattractive, but how can I convince her that I’m not going anywhere Irene?” Aden asked as Irene looked up.

Just as she was about to speak there was a knock on the lounge room door.

“Who the flippin heck is that?” Irene asked as Geoff got to his feet and raced to the door, opening it up he saw Ric and some reasonably tall, blonde, tanned girl standing there, who he thought was Matilda.

“Ric… Mattie he…’

“This isn’t Matilda…’ Ric replied as Geoff slapped his hands up to his mouth in embarrassment.

“This is her cousin, Jessica…’

“Jess… please…’ Jess replied stepping in front of Ric and inviting herself in the house as Ric rolled his eyes and swiftly followed.

“I’m here to see Belle… Belle Taylor…’ Jess said as she held her head high and looked at everyone.

“It’s not a good time…’ Aden started as Jess held her fingers up in silence, which Aden soon fell silent to.

“Maybe I didn’t make myself clear…’ she repeated looking at him as Ric stood behind her waving for Aden’s attention and clearly pulling faces behind her back.

“I… demand to see Belle Taylor…’ she repeated.

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FINALLY I have some time to update so I thought I'd start here with this fic

Hope no one has run away on me

hope you enjoy it, its only short but atleast its a chapter right :)

Chapter 5

She typed away at the keys as fast as she could before pressing the enter key and looking over at Lucas who was watching t.v

Looking back at the lap top she noticed she had got a reply.

Reading it carefully she chuckled to herself before typing back and sending it off again.

“Hows Henry?” Lucas asked from the couch as Matilda looked at him and smiled.

“He’s good, he said to say hi and hope your treating me well or he’ll have to make a trip down and beat you to death…’ Mattie chuckled as did Lucas.

“Tell him you’re my princess…’ Lucas replied as Matilda smiled at him and turned back to her lap top to find a message back.

‘Don’t worry sis! She’s not worth believing :)

Smiling to herself she typed back to Henry and then shut the lap top before getting to her feet and walking over to Lucas, jumping beside him on the couch as he pulled her close and wrapped his arms protectively around her.


“I don’t think you get it lady, your not seeing Belle… so **** off!” Aden said jumping to his feet and taking a step toward her as she gasped at how rude he was toward her, no man, or boy had ever spoken to her the way Aden just did.

“You must be the boyfriend…’ Jess spoke as Aden smirked and nodded.

“Yeah and I’m not going to fall for a prima ballerina princess like you now… get out…’ he spoke as she gasped again and looked over at Irene who was standing there smiling, along with Geoff and Annie.

“I… well… you are very, very rude you know that…’

“Yeah and you are very spoilt and pig headed, did you know that?” Aden spoke over the top of her as her mouth dropped open in shock and horror.

“Now I’ll say it again, nicely…’ Aden spoke as he took another step forward as Jess took a step back.

“Get… out!”

Jess spun around and saw Ric also laughing, as she stomped up to him he suddenly stopped and looked her in the eyes.

“Are… are you going to let him talk to me like that…?’ she spat in anger that Ric hadn’t defended her like he did when Matilda attacked her.

“Hey… it’s his house, and I cant stop him…’ Ric replied as Jess huffed in anger, storming past him and out of the house, slamming the door shut behind her as Aden then looked at Ric.

“What did you bring… her… here for, you know what Belle’s going…’

“Hey mate, I tried to tell her but she wouldn’t have a bar of it, that attitude… remind you of someone?” Ric replied as every nodded in frustration.

“Yeah, bloody Nicole…’ Aden spoke as he heard a creek coming from the bedroom, watching as the door slowly opened and out walked Belle.

“Who… who was that?” she asked as she looked at everyone for an answer.

“How are you feeling Belle?” Aden asked as she walked over to him and stood beside him, looking at Ric.

“Ok… I guess…’ she replied as Ric smiled gently.

“Hey Belle…’ he said as she smiled gently.

“Hey Ric… so who was just here?” Belle asked as Ric shuffled on the spot.

“That… was… Jess. She’s Mattie’s cousin and I tried to stop her from coming but she’s just so…’

“Spoilt, bratty, selfish, stuck up, pig headed…’

“Ok Belle…’ Ric cut her off.

“Yeah all that, listen I gotta go so see you all later…’ Ric explained as Belle covered her dressing gown over her chest and smiled.

“See ya!”

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Hey guys, Im glad your still liking and reading this fic, I didn't know it would be such a hit, being a sequel and all :)

Here is the next chapter, hope you all like

Chapter 6

As the night progressed on, Annie and Geoff had gone to Melody’s for a movie night, Irene was working that night and Belle and Aden were lying together on the couch as the movie of ‘Hamlet’ played on.

“Aden…’ she whispered as Aden looked at her while stroking her hair.

“I… I don’t think I can sleep in… in there… tonight…’ Belle replied as Aden kissed her hair and resumed stroking her hair.

“Belle I understand but… you will have to face your fears sometime otherwise you’ll never get your life back, you’ll never feel safe again…’ he replied as she slowly looked up at him as the caught each other’s gaze.

“How though… how can I face my fears?” she asked silently as Aden smiled sweetly.

“Start by letting your friends back in…’ he replied gently.


Morning soon dawned over Summer Bay as the sweet sound of chirping birds sung gently in the wind. As the residents started to rise and do their daily duties or running along the beach, opening their businesses, getting kids ready for school and all that, some residents were just lazing around in bed, enjoying the sounds and each other.

Matilda and Lucas lay in each other’s arms, kissing delicately, passionately and tenderly, holding one another as a new day dawned and just enjoying the peace while the twins slept peacefully.

“This is nice…’ Matilda gently spoke as Lucas kissed her again and smiled at her natural beauty, even when she had just woken up.

“It sure is…’ Lucas replied with a smile.

Leaning in and kissing him tenderly she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him toward her.

As he intensified the kiss, both their breathing deepened as did their kisses. Lucas trailed his hands over her petite frame, over her chest before moving down toward the lower part of her body as she moaned with pleasure.


He opened his eyes and saw the bright light illuminating the room, signalling for the new day to begin. As he rolled over he saw a petite, blonde, tanned girl lying next to him. Matilda… He thought to himself as he watched the girl inventively.

Moments later she slowly opened her eyes as she darted them around the room. The unfamiliar surroundings made her feel somewhat uncomfortable; slowly she rolled over and saw him looking at her.

As they saw each other and realised who they were with, both jumped out of each side of the bed and stared at each other.

Jess quickly grabbed the duvet and held it over her frame as Ric stood there, naked and blushing like a bright red tomato.

“What… how… did we?” Jess asked as Ric grabbed a photo frame and covered his privates.

“Ummmm.’ He replied.


“Come on… get dressed…’ Aden spoke as he walked in the bedroom as Belle was sitting on the bed in her pyjamas.

“What…why?” she queried as Aden smiled and pulled her off the bed as she quickly wrapped her dressing gown over her chest, covering her scar.

“Because… you’re going outside… to the beach… with me…’ he replied as Belle looked a taken back but slowly began to shake her head.

“No… Aden I… I cant…’ Belle replied as Aden nodded his head.

“Yes… Belle… you can…’ he replied as Belle looked at him with fearful eyes.

“Aden no… I… I don’t have any tops to wear…’ she exclaimed as Aden rolled his eyes at her.

“Put one of your shirts on, I’m sure you have plenty…’

“They’re all in the wash…’ she exclaimed as fear overtook her.

“Then find something Belle… your coming with me… were going in 10 ok…’ he replied as he turned and walked out the bedroom, closing the door behind him, leaving Belle to ponder over what to find to wear. Hearing a small whimper he ran his hands through his hair outside the bedroom door before walking into the bathroom.

Chapter 7

Will Aden get Belle outside the house?

Did Jess and Ric sleep together?

Annie confesses something to Melody

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awwww thanks guys :)

Here is the next chapter and I'm dedicating it to all of you . ..

Chapter 7

She rummaged through her draws, throwing shorts, skirts, dresses, even shoes all over the room as she searched for a top that would cover her scar, a top that would cover her basically.

Sighing in loud frustration as she found nothing but low cut tops, she dipped her head in her hands and stomped her feet on the ground in frustration.

Picking up a purple low cut top she sighed and slipped it on over her head, pulling over her chest and down her stomach as it ended at her hips. Opening up another draw she rummaged through that, pulling out more shorts and finally pulled out a long white skirt. Stepping into it she pulled it up over her hips, where it rested gently. Grabbing her top she pulled it over her skirt and let it rest over it.

Walking over to her wardrobe she opened it and scanned all the pieces of clothing inside it, skirts, dresses, more clothes along with some of Aden’s stuff. Finally she smiled gently as she found what she was looking for.

Undoing the buttons she put her arms in the sleeves, buttoning up the three buttons. Her white over top was perfect. It was only half a top, that covered her top half along with her sleeves and with that covering her scar, she felt much better.


“So I was thinking of having a party…’ Melody piped up as Annie’s ears shot up, along with her face.

“What… what about your mum?” Annie asked as both girls sat in Melody’s room on her single bed, facing each other eating some Burger Rings.

“Don’t worry, mum’s going to be out of town all week from tomorrow… some… meeting she has to go to in the city…’ Melody replied as Annie looked a little uneasy at where this conversation was heading.

“Mel… I don’t want you doing this…’ Annie replied as Melody rolled her eyes and giggled.

“Your such a worry wort Annie… you don’t need to worry ok. It’ll be fun…’ Melody replied as Annie sighed.

Once again the room fell silent as the only noise was the c.d player going in the background, playing to the song ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ by Brad Paisley which also featured Alison Krauss.

“Mel…’ Annie began as Melody looked up.

“Yeah…’ she replied.

“I think I like Aden Jefferies…’


“So we did sleep together… did you come onto me?” Jess asked as both her and Ric had now gotten dressed and were sitting downstairs in the caravan park discussing what had happened.

“Yes we did sleep together and No I didn’t come onto you… you came onto me…’ Ric replied as Jess’s mouth dropped open and she clasped her hands over it.

“Did you use protection?” Jess asked after a moment of silence…

Ric looked at her for a moment, thinking back to last night before he looked at her once again.

“No…’ he replied sheepishly.


“That’s it babe, your doing great…. Just keep taking one step forward…’ Aden encouraged the brunette as he stood facing her, holding onto her hands as she was shaking uncontrollably.

“Aden I don’t… I don’t think I can…’ Belle started as Aden hushed her quiet.

“Belle, look behind you and see how far you have gotten…’ Aden replied as Belle swallowed the lump that had been sitting in her throat for what felt like hours.

Aden stopped as did Belle. Slowly she turned her head behind her, noticing just how far they had come from the Beach house.

“I...’ Belle stumbled as she turned to face Aden again, her heart still racing a million miles an hour.

“Yes… you did it Belle…’ Aden replied smiling sweetly at her.

“Do you want to go further… or have you had enough for today?” he asked as she looked around, looking up at the beaming sun above her, hitting her skin and warming up her insides as she kept looking around, slowly she took one foot out of her shoe and pressed it into the sand, feeling its warm particles manoeuvre around her foot in comfort.

“I forgot… what this feels like…’ she commented as she looked at Aden, a smile plastered across her face, that perfect smile that Aden had first fallen in love with.

Kicking off her other shoe, she carefully let go of Aden’s hand, closed her eyes and forced herself to take another step forward, feeling the gentle breeze flow through her hair and past her body.

“Aden…’ She whispered gently as she crossed her arms across her own body, feeling Aden behind her, wrapping his arms gently around her waist.

“I… I love you… so much…’ She whispered again as she kept her eyes closed, feeling Aden rest his head on her shoulder.

“I love you too…’ Aden whispered in her ear.

Together they stood there, holding each other as the gentle breeze brushed past them, through their hair. The white, warm sand eating at Belle’s toes as Aden held her closely around the waist. The brightly lit sun beaming down at them as the light blue sky reflected from the sea as it washed in and out; eating the sand gently and leaving dark soft diamond particles shimmering back up at the sun.

Together they felt as if nothing else mattered, but that moment and just for that moment Belle felt happy, safe, secure, loved and envied, even somewhat normal, like nothing over the past year had ever happened.

Chapter 8

Belle finally takes another step toward recovery

Someone kisses Matilda... Who?

Jess tells Ric about Matilda's secret past

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Thanks so much for all your lovely comments, sorry it took so long but here it is :)


Chapter 8

Two days had slowly passed by and a little more Belle was taking more and more steps to recovery and Aden was finally starting to see the girl who he fell in love with last year.

Belle had even gone so far as to call Matilda and Lucas over, as far as talking was concerned, it was kept at a minimum, only flaring up when each one was apologising to Belle or telling her how truly amazing she was, dealing with all this.

Belle was even starting to let Aden touch her more, which meant a lot more kisses, cuddles, extended hugs and so on.

Annie had kept her distance, scared that if Aden found out that she liked him, he may tell Belle, so she spent most nights at Melody’s where both girls ate, gossiped, giggled and tried on clothes.

Melody had also confessed a secret to Annie which left the girl in shock but was sworn to secrecy that they wouldn’t talk about it when her family was around, Annie reluctantly agreed.


“Melody, I’m leaving now sweetheart. Both you and Annie behave yourselves and your father and I will be back in a week on Sunday ok…’ Mrs Jones spoke as Melody agreed and kissed her mother goodbye.

“Bye Mrs Jones…’ Annie spoke as the short, frumpy, brown hair, middle aged woman smiled slightly.

“Bye Annie…’ The woman named Christine answered back.

Both girls waved Melody’s parents off and watched the car drive down the street and disappear around the corner. Shutting the front door Melody looked at Annie and smiled.

“Lets plan this party…’ she said as she skipped off down the hall, Annie watching her and rolling her eyes before reluctantly following.


“Me and Mattie used to be really close, inseparable, always hanging out, doing stuff… one day some mates of mine started mucking around with her and she told them to leave her alone…anyway… I was feeling guilty because I’d gone behind her back with her boyfriend at the time, her first boyfriend ever and I told her… She went off her head, calling me a backstabbing bitch, a cow, a slut and then I told her what Gavin had said and well…’ Jess’s voice trailed off as Ric sat next to her.

Taking her hand, she looked carefully at him as he looked at her with reassuring eyes, telling her to continue.

“The fight moved into the kitchen of her house and there was… A pot full of boiling water on the stove, she picked it up and threw it at me…’ Jess said as Ric looked shell shocked at what he had just heard.

“Twenty eight skin grafts I had… two years I saw a councillor for it and Mattie never… ever apologised for it…’

“She done that, because of a boyfriend…’ Ric spoke as Jess looked up at him.

“He was also her best friend…’ Jess finished as she looked at the shocked face on Ric.

“How long…well do you know Mattie?” Jess asked as he looked at her.

“I dated her…’ Ric replied as Jess’s mouth dropped open.


He knocked on the door and checked the piece of paper again to make sure he had the right house. He waited as there was movement behind the door, before it was pulled open. Looking at the shocked face on the petite blonde girl; her blues eyes widening at the sight of him.

“G-Gaven…’ she stumbled the words as he smiled at her before stepping toward her, grabbing her head and pressing his smooth lips against her cherry pink, glossy lips before she pulled away.

“Hey Mattie…’ he replied once he had pulled away


“Aden…’ Belle yelled form the bathroom as she pulled her pants over her legs, along with another long skirt.

“Yeah…’ she heard back as she looked in the mirror, staring at herself with the towel wrapped around her body, covering her top half.

“Can you come here…’ She yelled back as she heard swift movements before there was a light tapping noise on the door.

Opening the door Aden popped his head around it and looked at Belle staring at the mirror.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as she turned and looked at him.

“Nothing is wrong… I just… I want to show you my…’ Belle’s voice trailed off as she looked down and back up at Aden who was smiling. Opening the door he walked into the bathroom, closing it behind him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked as Belle took a deep breath and nodded as she slowly un-wrapped the towel from around her body, before letting it drop to the floor in a heap, leaving her bare chested and a little uncomfortable as Aden stood, staring at her.

Looking up and down her chest with his eyes, he trailed the scar as it started just above her perky breasts and ran straight down the middle of her chest, finishing about 20 centimetres from her belly button.

Walking over to her, he trailed the scar with her finger before looking at Belle.

“It’s beautiful… your beautiful… I love you…’ Aden said as he cupped her cheeks, watching the tears build up in her eyes and trickle down her cheeks.

Leaning in he pressed his lips against hers and held it there for a moment, letting the kiss linger before he slowly pulled away from her and looked her in the eyes.

“So…your not… disgusted… in me…?’ she asked as she wiped her eyes and watched as he shook his head.

“I could never… ever be disgusted in you Belle… scar or no scar your still beautiful…’ he finished off as she smiled at him before leaning in to kiss him once again, wrapping her arms around him, keeping her bare chest pressed up against his shirt as they stood there, kissing passionately, both completely fixated in each other.

Chapter 9

What is Gavin doing in the Bay?

Belle recieves a phone call that sends her back downhill...!

What did Melody tell Annie that shocked her so much?

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Hmmmm well I dont think I'm going to be very popular then :D

Coz it gets much worse before it gets better . . .

Enjoy *runs away and bolts her letter box and door and windows shut*


Chapter 9

“Melody, how many people did you invite…?’ Annie yelled as she pushed through the crowd, finding her best friend as the music blasted throughout the house.

“Just a few… the rest… just came…’ Melody yelled back as they both turned around as more people piled through the front door of the ‘Jones’ house hold.

“We have to get them out of here… they weren’t invi…’

“Oh chill Annie it’s just a party…’ Melody yelled as someone bumped into her as she stumbled backward into Annie as Annie caught hold of her friend.

“Ok come with me…’ Annie ordered dragging her friend toward her bedroom, pushing their way through the crowd and down the hall. Pushing the door open they both stood there in shock at the two people undressing each other on Melody’s bed.

‘OUT!” Annie screamed as the two individuals looked up, quickly re-dressing themselves and swiftly leaving the room. Annie pushed Melody in and closed the door, making sure to lock it behind her.

“What is with you Mel?” she asked as Melody shrugged her shoulders.

“Nothing why…’ the blonde girl replied as Annie rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Well you slept with a teacher for one… and now the party… what’s this really about Melody?” Annie asked as Melody’s face fell in disappointment before she walked over and collapsed on the bed, tears trickling down her face.

“I don’t know what to do Annie…’ Melody sobbed as Annie’s facial expression changed to worry for her friend.

“About… what?” Annie asked, concerned as Melody looked up.

“I’m… Pregnant…’ Melody stumbled, swallowing a hard lump that had formed in her throat as Annie stood there, completely bewildered and shocked at her friends latest revelation.


She slapped him hard across the face as he stumbled backward from the force and clutched his cheek. Stepping forward she slapped him again and the took another step forward and kneed him in his groin as he fell to the floor, tears evident in his eyes and his cheeks going a bright red.

“What… the hell… are you doing here you piece of… scum?” Matilda threateningly asked Gavin as he struggled to regain his mainly hood and get over the fact that Matilda was so bitter toward him.

“I… I came to see you… obviously a bad idea…’

“Oh you don’t know the half of a bad idea so I suggest you leave… right now… before my fiancé gets home…’ Matilda lied as Gavin looked up at her with shocked eyes.

“Your… your engaged…?’

“Yes and I have two children…’ she replied as his eyes widened.

“But your only 19…’ he blurted out as her eyes deepened with anger and resentment towards him.

“And you’re a complete jerk and an asshole… so rack off…’ she spat back at him as she pushed him out the front door, slamming it in his face, inches away from his nose as he couldn’t believe what he had just heard.


They lay under the duvet cuddling each other, toying with each other’s hands and tracing each others fingers over there body.

Belle kept kissing Aden’s neck, which was seriously starting to turn him on but he didn’t say anything to scare her just in case so he just lay there enjoying the tingling, passionate feeling of her kissing his neck.

Looking him in the eyes she smiled sweetly and took his hand, travelling it down her body with her own until it reached her pelvic area.

Looking at her determined eyes he saw the lust in them as she kept hold of his hand, moving it between her thighs.

“Are you sure you want to… do this…?’ he asked carefully, just in case he was getting the wrong idea.

“I want to… I want to be with you… tonight…’ she replied back gently as she removed her hand away from his and grabbing hold of his body, edging him to climb on top of her which he did, with such gentle force.

Trailing his hand up her thigh’s he gently slipped them down her underpants and pulled the down her legs while keeping his gaze firmly on her.

Trailing her hands down she pushed his boxers down his legs taking hold of what she wanted.


“Melody why didn’t you tell me?” Annie asked as both girls had managed to get rid of everyone from the party, both girls had started to clean up.

“I don’t know… I was scared…’ Melody replied as she fell on the couch, the tears threatening to spill down her cheeks once again.

“Mel… you know you can talk to me… about… anything…’ Annie interjected as Melody looked up at her friend standing just metres away.

“What am I going to do?” Melody choked once again.


She moaned gently as she kept her arms wrapped around his body, feeling him inside her. The room had now become a little hotter and she could feel her hair beginning to stick to the back of her neck.

He leant his head down and trailed kisses all over her neck, the simple sexual fantasy taking over his body, being so long since he had, slept with anyone since overcoming his problem.

He let go a small moan as Belle let go a much louder one, stopping when they heard the house phone ring for the fourth time since they had begun.

Waiting for a moment the phone went silent, looking at Belle Aden smiled gently and kissed Belle’s moist pink and warm lips.

“I love you…’ Belle spoke gently as Aden began stroking her hair, gently pulling himself away and lying down beside her.

“I love you…’ he replied.

Once again the phone started ringing, sighing Aden pulled his boxers back over himself and jumped out of bed, racing out the door.

A minute later Belle heard Aden say her name, telling her that the phone was for her. Pulling the sheet loose she wrapped it around her body and made her way out into the kitchen where Aden was standing.

“For you…’ he whispered as she took the phone. Placing it to her ear.

“Hello… Belle Taylor speaking… what!...NO…’ She dropped the phone and collapsed to her knee’s as Aden picked up the phone.

“This is Belle’s boyfriend can you repeat that…’ he spoke as he nodded slowly before his eyes widened, shock over taking all systems he went to put the phone back on the hook, not noticing that it had fallen back to the floor as Belle screamed as the tears ran down her face.

Falling to his knees he pulled Belle into his arms as she slowly hit his chest and didn’t bother keeping to herself. Screaming again she cried uncontrollably as Aden kept hold of her as she kept hitting his chest.

Chapter 10

What was the phone call about?

Jess and Ric take things further...

Melody considers aborting her pregnancy

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Thanks guys, here is one chapter, will try and post more tomorrow :)

Chapter 10

Irene raced through the door of her house closely followed by Geoff, Annie and Matilda. Racing through the kitchen Irene stopped in her tracks when she saw Belle and Aden both on the floor, Aden holding Belle closely as the inconsolable girl grieved.

“What the flippen heck is going on?” Irene wailed as Aden looked up at the woman and the three teens standing each side of her.

Just as Aden was about to speak there was a knock on the door, turning her head Irene saw two police officers standing there with sorrowful looks on their faces.

“What…?’ Irene started as Belle let out loud sobs, gasping to catch her breath as Aden kept hold of her, watching as the veins were visible from her neck as she tried pushing away from Aden.

“Irene Roberts?” One police officer asked as Irene nodded, looking back and forth from Belle to the police officers.

“Can we come in?”


She sat in her bedroom staring at the blank walls, in front of her was a poster of the man himself, the one who ‘created’ this world, that bought people into this world, that made everyone equal, a man named ‘Jesus Christ’.

To her left was another poster of a church choir that Melody was a part of before she moved to Summer Bay, she had enjoyed singing for the church so much that she decided she wanted to be a priestess if she could.

Next to that poster was a poster of a band called ‘Hanson’ it was her favourite band and she had even been lucky enough to meet Taylor who was the second eldest boy. She had always had a little crush on Taylor and remembered that when she met him that she actually fainted.

Looking back at the poster of Jesus, the tears swelled in her eyes. Looking at her stomach, she rested her hands on it as the tears trickled down her cheeks and before she knew it she was throwing her lamp towards the poster.

Scrambling to her feet she hurried out of her room and down the hall to find the house phone. After a couple of minutes of searching for it she found it, picking up the phone book she sifted through the pages before stopping and trailing her finger down the page.

Picking up the phone when she found the number, she dialled and waited, listening as someone picked up the phone and spoke; she only sounded like a young woman, Melody then spoke.

“Is this where I can book an abortion…?’


She lay in his arms, feeling the warmth, safety and love surround her, after everything she had been through with Matilda, her family disowning her, skin grafts and much more she felt… safe… for the first time in her life, even after all the guys she had dated, this was different.

“Ric…’ she whispered softly as she listened to the soft snores escape his mouth every minute or so. He looked so cute when he slept, so peaceful.

Slipping carefully out of his arms she climbed out from under the duvet and started searching for her clothes. Minutes later she snuck out the bedroom door, careful not to wake him as she closed it gently and crept down the stairs and out of the Caravan Park.

Pulling out her phone she started typing.

Meet me at the beach, we need to talk

Pressing the send button she searched through her phone and found the number she had been looking for, her finger lingering over it for a moment as she took a deep breath and quickly pressed the button as it sent.

Looking around, all she saw was a short stumpy lady with grey hair waling toward her carrying a basket. Watching as the lady looked at her and waved gently, Jess waved back before turning her head and racing toward the beach.


“I cant believe this…’ Irene spoke, the shock ever president in her voice as her hands were clasped over her mouth.


“We don’t know how it happened, the police were called to the house at 2am where we found that they had been murdered…’ one officer spoke as Aden shockingly emerged from Belle’s bedroom.

Looking up Irene saw the discolouration in his face and the sadness in his eyes.

“How is she…?” She asked as Aden shrugged.

“Not good… as you can expect…’ he replied softly as he had no energy left, none at all. He had been drained of his energy just trying to calm Belle down and to stop her from hitting his chest, which was now very sore.

He looked at the police officers as one lowered their heads.

“You know who killed them…’ Aden accused as Irene also looked at the officers.

“Were not 100% sure sir…’

“Don’t sir me, your not telling us everything… what is it?” Aden threatened.

Pulling out an evidence bag from his pocket, the first officer handed it to Irene who scanned the piece of paper before gasping as Aden raced over and snatched it out of her hands and also read it.

“Why are you keeping this from her…?’ Aden asked as the second officer looked up.

“Aden… Belle’s mother and step father were brutally murdered last night and that note was left, if she reads that I don’t think she’ll cope…’ Irene spoke as Aden looked at the piece of paper, scanning the note again as the words ticked over in his mind.

No matter what happens, you’ll never be safe

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