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Finding The Truth

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: Finding The Truth

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Justin and my own characters

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Fluff

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Read and find out :P

A one-shot that I couldn't resist writing, it was just too irresistible I think this is what I wanted to happen if a show was made about Aden and Belle. There is a flashback in this but it isn't a flashback of Belle or Aden. It is a flashback I added to make things more believable. I hope you all like and I may do more one shots in the future. Enjoy!

Finding The Truth

Aden was a young athletic but emotionally fragile person. He had been through so many traumas in his life and now he had to find the positive in his life and the way to move forward. His life since he was 6 consisted of sleepless nights as his father spent all of his time drunken stupor knocking things over meaning that he would have to clean them up.

No one seemed to care whether he got to school or whether or not he was around as long as the house was clean otherwise he was for it, there was no escape. Aden sometimes wondered what life would be like if he had been a successful writer or passed his HSC which he did but the underlying problem was he didn't feel clever enough to make something of himself.

To put himself out there, allow himself to be involved physically and emotionally strong enough to deal with the world. At the age of 14 he was violently raped by his grandfather in a total of 15 times in a day which carried on for about 3 years, every single day, it was a miracle that he was still strong enough to be around his father, despite all of his faults he had managed to get help and be a good enough dad to his kids.

Justin was his brother and he loved him, Justin who went through the same life as Aden had survived it better and now had twin girls. Twin girls who always got spoilt by Aden, he always gave them gifts to make them feel loved and wanted like he never truly got a chance to experience. His wife has died during childbirth and while Justin never got over it, his two daughters always wanted him to be happy and so they said that he has their blessing to find happiness wherever it may be.

"Are you ok Uncle Aden" asked the youngest girl of the two twins. Her sister was sat on the couch curled up asleep.

"Yes I am fine, darling. Go on and enjoy yourself"

"its no fun without Sarah' she whined and pouted.

Aden was a sucker for his niece's grin. He put her on his lap and said "Watch some Tv and then when your sister wakes up we will go out for food"

'Can we have ice cream?"

Aden laughed; these girls loved their ice-cream. Sarah stirred slightly and poked her neck up as she woke up. Her sister named Kelli got some water for her.

Aden just watched them both as Kelli gave her the water and then hugged her. The two girls had been through everything together and they had so much to show for it.


Justin arrived home about 2 hours later and saw Sarah and Kelli watching tv. "hey girls. Where's your uncle?"

"He went to make something in the kitchen" Kelli replied turning back to watch the television screen.

Justin went into the kitchen to see Aden taking something out of the oven. "Hey Justin, just made some vegetable lasagne for you all"

"Oh, I was going to order in but thanks"

"No problem. Will leave you and the girls to it, enjoy it and there is some garlic bread ready to be heated, just don't heat it for long"

"Why don't you stay here?"

"Well you want to spend time with them don't you?"

"Yep but they need both of us with all they have been through"

"Are you sure?"

Justin grinned and said "Lets ask the girls" he called out to the girls "Girls come here a minute"

Sarah and Kelli came to the kitchen and glared "What I was watching tv"

"You are 14 not 4, stop complaining" Justin reprimanded

"Sorry dad" they both replied solemnly "What did you call us for?" Sarah asked

"Do you want your Uncle Aden to eat here?"

"Yep, of course. Why can't he move in, we have loads of room?"

Justin saw through his or her rouse "and someone you can bribe out of money"

"Not bribe just a means of getting what we want...."

"Bribery" Justin countered.

Justin turned to Aden "What do you say?"

Aden was bemused "to what eating or moving in?"

"Both." Sarah said jumping in

"Yep. Both" Justin and Kelli agreed

Aden pondered it for a moment, just a moment "Ok! I will move in"

All 3 Jefferies smiled and hugged Aden, at that moment in time Aden had his family around him


Justin worked in an office. He had been hiding something from Aden. When Aden was 18/19 he went out with a girl in Summer Bay, a young feisty girl named Belle Taylor.

He has never got over her despite his cries that he did Justin knew him and he hadn't. Nearly 3 months ago, she had joined his office as their spokesperson and while Sarah and Kelli knew she was around; Aden didn't.

He didn't want Aden to miss out on reconciling with the woman he had always loved, so he set up a casual meal. Justin invited Belle to meet his family.

Belle knew he was a Jefferies but she didn't know he had links to Summer Bay which is why she hadn't asked questions about him or got to know him in that way which he would have expected from any other person.

She was unique, she never judged people on their actions and only said it how she sees it, she was a feisty individual and he loved that about her.

He could clearly see why Aden never got over her. How could you get over someone that had everything you could ever possibly hope for? It wasn't possible

"So tonight?" Belle asked

"Yep, do you need directions?"

"Nope, I think I got it."

"Good, will see you then. You aren't vegetarian?"

"No. tried it and couldn't hack it!"

Justin laughed "My type of girl"

Belle froze and Justin winced as she did "Its not a date, it was just a joke. Are you ok?" he saw Belle's ashen face and was really confused

"I'm ok. I just have to check to see if my daughter is ok"

"Oh ok... Why don't you bring her along?"

"My 17 year old daughter you sure?"

"Yep, my daughters would like her to come. They are quite feisty"

"How old are they"

"14 but 15 in two weeks"

"Ok. I will drag her along tonight"

Justin smiled and retreated out of the door. Calling back to her "see you then"



Belle went to the comfort of her own house. She went into the shower, as she retreated out of the bedroom all ready 1 hour and 15 minutes later, she heard the door bang and her phone beep. She went to her phone walking down the stairs. Opening her phone and reading the screen, it said 1 missed call Justin J. She rang him. Justin answered on the first ring. "Hey I just wanted to ask, do you mind if all of us eat out. My treat?"

"Yep, that's fine. Which restaurant?"

"Erm. I have booked the Clapham one but whichever one you want to go to will be fine"

"Clapham's fine, I will meet you there"

"1 hour?"

"Yep, bye!" Belle hung up the phone as soon as Justin put his phone down.

She went into the lounge to see her daughter just sitting there watching tv, she went to turn the tv off.

She showed signs of complaining, but she glared at her "not now. Just go and get ready and then we will talk"

"Ok, fine" she got up and stomped off

Belle thought back to herself. "Why do they grow up so quick?"


"I'm pregnant" she whispered to herself as she rocked back and forth with the pregnancy test in her hands.

She didn't have control over her feelings and hated the lack of control that it gave her. She needed reassurance but the father wasn't around.

He had left quite a while back. She didn't think she could be pregnant after all this time but it turned out she could.

Irene walked into the house as Belle was sat on the step outside her room. "What's wrong girlie" but she stopped in mid sentence when she saw the pregnancy test in her hands.

"I don't know what to do" she burst into a fresh round of tears. Irene quickly took her into her arms and rocked her back and forth "We will work it out"

Belle mumbled "I don't what to do without Aden" Irene closed her eyes. Despite everything Aden was always going to be number one in Belle's heart, she needed him yet she couldn't have him

"He's moved on darl. You told him to"

"I know, but right now I cant do this alone" Belle pulled away from Irene and wiped her tears away.


Aden was nearly 25 miles away from Summer Bay that day when he stopped and pulled over at the side of the road. Life had a funny of way of coming back at you when you least expected it.

He had paused at that moment in time to assess whether or not he was doing the right thing. He didn't know if he was meant to do this.

He was a big believer in karma and destiny. Life took you to the places you were meant to be and nothing truly could stop you if you believed in it.

Belle had dumped him and in that split moment he decided to move on, it was the best thing to do and most importantly of all it was what Belle wanted him to do.

End Flashback


"So who is it that we are having a meal with again?"

"A colleague from work and his family"

"Ok. Do we have to stay long?"

"Adele we will stay as long as I want to stay, understood?"

'Fine, but I don't have to be nice to them'

'Well if you want your car and laptop back soon then you will be nice to them all'

Adele gasped 'You didn't'

'Did. Car now'


Adele stormed off into the car and Belle drove all the way there. She got there first and was led up to a table for 6 people.


The waiter nodded 'Do you want a menu or shall you wait for the other guests?'

'We will wait thank you'

Belle and Adele stood there waiting for about 15 minutes when Justin arrived. 'Sorry for the delay

'No problem'

Justin smiled 'Let me introduce my two daughters Kelli and Sarah Jefferies'

'Hey' belle and Adele both said

'.. And my brother Aden'

Adele felt Belle tense up and realised she was looking at her father, her mother had always said who her father was but she never thought she would actually be looking at him.

Aden was frozen; he didn't know Belle had a daughter. She looked so like Belle, the eyes and the shape of her nose.

'Aden, sit down' Justin ordered

'Relax and sit down' he repeated before Sarah dragged him into his seat 'Sorry, I wasn't myself then'

Belle didn't say anything but Adele did 'So you were my mother's boyfriend in Summer Bay?'

'Yes I was not for a long time but yes I was'

Belle still looked a bit uneasy but she stayed at the table and smiled 'its good to see you'

Aden smiled 'you too, its is really good'

Belle looked at Adele and said 'Aden, it's been a while but I think it only right that you know. She is yours'

Aden didn't look surprised 'I know…'

'.. She found me a couple of years ago'


'Yes, I thought you knew?' he turned to look at a sheepish Adele 'why did you never tell your mother you knew who I was and where I was?'

'It was dragging up old wounds that she never got over, I was sparing her the pain'

Belle put her hands on her daughters' shoulder 'its ok' turning to Aden 'she brought us together again'

Aden smiled 'and Justin'

'… hey.. what about' Kelli started

'… us' Sarah finished

'Ok' Adele 'don't do that its creepy.

Aden and Justin laughed out loud 'It is, but you get used to it'

'.. and we all will' Belle finished taking Aden's hand in hers 'together forever'

'Together forever' they all agreed as Aden took Belle into his arms and kissed her. Even Adele didn't complain. They both finally found each other.


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