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My Hand In Yours

Guest LauraPhilly!!

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Story Title: My Hand in Yours

Type of story: One shot

Main characters: Aden and Belle

Genre: Romance

BTTB rating: G/T

Any warnings: No

Does story include spoilers: No

Is story being proof read: No

Summary: Aden and Belle are enjoying each other's company

Belle sat down on the warm sands and stared out at the clear blue ocean, in front of her. She smiled and closed her eyes, letting the warm air fill her entire body. She giggled to herself quietly, as if she was a school girl having just been tickled. A grin crept across her face as she felt someone's warm, soft, smooth arms wrap themselves gently around her waist. She exhaled gently, letting her body relax completely, before lying back into Aden's chest.

Someone's in a good mood today, said Aden, running his fingers through Belle's hair.

Well, I've an excuse to be happy, seeing as the love of my life just proposed to me, she said, swirling her engagement ring around her finger.

And who might that be? he asked, teasingly.

Oh, i think we both know who that is, said Belle, turning around and kissing him, softly.

No, I still don't know who your talking about, he said, grinning from ear to ear.

Belle leant in and kissed him, this time with more meaning. As their kiss grew more passionate, Aden put his arms around her back and pulled her in close, slipping his tongue in and out of mouth every few minutes. Belle pulled away, remembering that they were on a beach.

You want to continue where we left off back at your place? Aden asked, a slight puppy dog look on his face.

Belle nodded, vigorously and they stood up, and began to head back to the beach house, walking hand-in-hand.

Hope you like it

Let me know what you think :D


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