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Story title: Tiffany

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Tiffany plus regulars

Genre: Drama (I guess)

BttB Rating: A

Spoiler: No

Is story being proof read:

Any warnings: violence lanuage sexual content

Summary: Roman's sister Tiffany arives in town and causes trouble for Roman Nicole and Aden

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"he Roms" Roman herd a female voice say behind him he knew it could only be one person

"Tif" he replied and turned around

"I need help" she said


"Eric's been gambing and now we're in debt"

"Tif i told you to stay away from him"

"Please Roms thety threatened my life"


"How Much?" he asked



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Ooh, sounds interesting - I wonder how Roman will react! :) Looking forward to reading more; one small suggestion [if you don't mind] is to describe the setting a little, like, where was Roman when she spoke to him - and where did she come from, did she come down to town alone? if they threatened her life, is someone following her, etc?

Ooh, I can see this becoming really good :D

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Aden was in the diner washing dishes

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum" he heard a girl say

"Do i know you?" he said turning around looking at her

"Not yet but all in good time" she said flirtishly

"Tif, what do you want now more money"

"No actually i came to give it back"


Because i lied Eric doesn't really have a gambling problem. Well me might but i wouldn't know we broke up months ago"

"Then what did you want money for"

"My friends and i were going to Italy but i was having coffee with them this morning and i was just thinking why am i friends with these girls they,ve made me become this terrible person and i hate it"

"I'm proud of you Tif" Roman told her

"For what coning you into giving me money"

"N o for realising you're not a cheap tart"


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