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Speed - Any Better?

Guest Chris J

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To be honest, at times I find access inordinately slow. At home, I’ve got an 8 Meg Broadband connection however it is competed so I don’t actually get 8 Meg but it is still slow because I can get downloads of up to 600K per second at other sites. At work they are using an 8 Meg business line (which is not competed) and access again is slow, so you would have to infer that the problem is with the site, although access to the main site seems ok.

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Well things have improved dramatically since this afternoon where the forum was virtually at a standstill! I had just written a post and wanted to preview it but the page just kept hanging or throwing up an error message (I didn’t note it down). I had to keep hitting the back button and then trying again. Eventually I got a screen loading saying that the database was being updated or something and then it redirected me to the main site page. Luckily I copied and pasted my post onto notepad beforehand so I was able to go back to the thread and repost it.

Oh and as I’m sure you are aware the erroneous IPS driver errors have resurfaced….

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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