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Opening Credits / Opening Theme Discussion

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Since it's the 30th anniversary next year I'd be pretty surprised if they didn't make some sort of change to the theme. Then again, they've had the same end cards for about 7 years and essentially the same theme song arrangement for 10 years.

I wish we'd have proper credits again. I never understood the timing concerns, hasn't the show been running on the same 20-25 minute timeslot for the past 29 years? They managed the long titles fine in the beginning.

On 28/11/2017 at 06:22, CaptainHulk said:

As long as Israel Blinking Cannan doesn't sing again, I don't care who does!:lol:

Call me weird but I actually liked his version. Both the singing and the arrangement, when they changed it they sort of watered down the instrumentals a bit.

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It’s better than nothing and nice that us international viewers may get a new closing theme. Whatever happened, they couldn’t use “Home and Away, with you each day” as it’d have to be ‘Home and A

If they brought the theme back though they'd have to change the lyrics... You know we belong together, You and I forever and ever Forever means the night Until the morning light

I had pretty much the same thought myself 10 years ago when I saw the opening titles to 'headLand'. I've done similar sorts of motion graphics in my own projects over time, and If I had enough of the

"Hoooold me in yoour aaarhms, don't laaat me goooh, Ah want took stay forevaaah, closaasr ich deeeeu... Home and Awaaay"

Alright if you like that kind of thing. Glad they never played the song more than twice a week if that.

Australia was RIGHT to complain.

In its defence, it's fun to listen to on Youtube at half-speed while drunk on a Saturday Night 😂

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Hah i also liked his version and I found it quite current. A lot of the charts were dominated by indie bands etc at the time and it had that kinda vibe to it. 


Regarding time concerns, I think it was said somewhere down the line that the they preferred to use the titles time on a recap instead. (Which personally I feel we could do away width completely, especially the ‘next time’ promo because most the eps are in the half the time. )

-I would settle for just a full closing theme without the promo actually. I do think we will get new title cards though. Finger crossed.

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16 hours ago, dee123 said:

They've made it pretty clear they think it "wastes time" Which is ridiculous. I mean this goes for 30 seconds. 30 seconds is nothing:



These drive me mad. Maybe it's the OCD in me. That they don't much the opening. As they were made to match the 2011, 2012 openings. Even if the ruddy turned the writing orange it would stress me out less. Lol

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Yes 30 seconds is 30 seconds I get that, however get rid of the pointless promo for the next episode that ruins the cliffhanger anyway. And shave off some of the 2 mins recap at the start of the ep and you’ve got your 30 seconds back. 

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10 hours ago, Luke39 said:

I think it is more then that. I Think they need to appease their share holders too. Scheduling constraints are also a factor. 30 seconds does not seem much of a problem. But clearly it is. 

That's their own fault for allowing the AFL basically whatever time slot they like.

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Here is why I think it will almost certainly return:


There are 4 videos, the first, released earlier this month is for the store, featuring a Female Voice, it was all upbeat. The second is the Promo released at the end of the season final Monday night, again featuring the same female voice but slower and less up beat. The third is the second promo released Tuesday Morning, with Male vocals that are slow. The fourth is an ad for plus 7 with that same Female voice, upbeat and the only lyrics in the 20 second video which only has vocals for 3-4 seconds are "You know we belong together." That is evidence. All of these promos are on Facebook and Probably twitter.

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