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Opening Credits / Opening Theme Discussion

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It’s better than nothing and nice that us international viewers may get a new closing theme. Whatever happened, they couldn’t use “Home and Away, with you each day” as it’d have to be ‘Home and A

If they brought the theme back though they'd have to change the lyrics... You know we belong together, You and I forever and ever Forever means the night Until the morning light

I had pretty much the same thought myself 10 years ago when I saw the opening titles to 'headLand'. I've done similar sorts of motion graphics in my own projects over time, and If I had enough of the

15 minutes ago, TheFlaminGalah said:

Or they could just cut the recap to 20 seconds, I don't need a minute to be reminded of what happened last episode, thank you very much. The recaps are what's taking the most time, and if it's time they're worried about, well something has got to give and it's not the opening credits.


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On 2017-02-05 at 11:37 AM, cadyctslover said:

Surprise! Absolutely no changes for 2017.

The current recap music has now been in use since 2014 (4 seasons) and the current title card style has been in use since 2013 (5 seasons).

As we know, H&A tend to debut new credits/recap presentation at the beginning of a season, so we can expect the same opening for the rest of the 2017 season. So with the current title card style carrying on through 2017, this is now Home and Away's longest-serving opener ever.

The theme tune (now only played over the closing credits for International broadcasts) has been is use in its current form since 2009 (9 seasons). However for the 2009 theme, half of the vocals (Luke Dolahenty's) and some of its musical roots are carried over from the 2007 version, which now stands at over 10 years old! This is now the longest-serving version of the theme tune ever.

Is this really the identity the show wants to portray with its opening in 2017, tired and out of date?


Having said all that, Neighbours this year decided to scrap a well-regarded format for a green-screen mess that would have looked old-fashioned in 2002.

And viewers took notice! Let that be a lesson to anyone at Home and Away or Network 7 who believes that credits are no longer important to the modern viewer.

I'm still holding hope. They did not renew the titles straight from the new year in 1989, 1990, 2005.

And I agree, Home and Away song version in closing titles is very dated now.

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If they brought the theme back though they'd have to change the lyrics...

You know we belong together,

You and I forever and ever

Forever means the night

Until the morning light

And from the very first moment I saw you

I never felt such emotion

I'm walking in shame

Just because (just because), 

I don't know your name.

Hold me in your arms, don't let me go,

Oh look my wife is calling

A new bed each day,

Home and Away

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Least it's not the incredibly awkward green light Neighbors has hahah. IF Home and Away do it. revamp the whole opening and closing sequences. Like to do it properly. I see a new one for the 30th anniversery in 2018 too. 

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