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Opening Credits / Opening Theme Discussion

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Channel 5 have blocked it already. :angry: 

They just want to punish fans who go to the effort of making videos for the enjoyment of others. Why then don't they upload episodes from days gone by and miscellaneous videos themselves? 

ETA: Found a way to watch it (:wink:) and great stuff! :) The recap music was much more effective just a few short years ago, it's a shame it's so watered down now. :(

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It’s better than nothing and nice that us international viewers may get a new closing theme. Whatever happened, they couldn’t use “Home and Away, with you each day” as it’d have to be ‘Home and A

If they brought the theme back though they'd have to change the lyrics... You know we belong together, You and I forever and ever Forever means the night Until the morning light

I had pretty much the same thought myself 10 years ago when I saw the opening titles to 'headLand'. I've done similar sorts of motion graphics in my own projects over time, and If I had enough of the

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It would be great if we had brand new and better titles in 2016. However I'm not holding out much hope. I wonder if they'll at least change the short title sequences this year. - They went back to the 2013 ones for some reason. Great video of the recaps by the way. They were much better back then. 

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Correct me if I am wrong H and A no longer has an opening sequence credits. Like they did in the early 2000's? Be cool if they went back to that format. I do miss that H and A theme song from early 2000's, what is it "Hold me in your arms, Home and Away.." haha.

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Bring back the cast in the opening credits. It makes the show a lot easier to follow for less frequent viewers if they know the names and faces of the cast, as well as who they are associated or commonly interact with. 

Does Dan have any input into the credits? maybe he can bring some common sense to the table

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