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I've been really missing them lately. It's such an iconic song and it's almost impossible to tell who is and isn't a regular without them.I feel like it just comes down to laziness and them not caring tbh.Ten seconds isn't going to make any real difference to anything. There's not a legitimate reason not to have them. 

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Been watching 2013 episodes recently, and discovered that 2013 opening cards aren't identical to 2015. 2013 has extra drumming that continues into recap music. It has disappeared because of the recap music change in 2014.

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Now that Dan is back, do you think it is likely the titles may reappear at the beginning of next year?


Nah, script producers don't call the shots about opening titles. It's either up to Lucy or Seven.

I refuse to believe that Seven have enforced a rule that means there can be no opening titles. Especially when they have remained silent on the matter all these years...

H&A is an iconic show and it's not the same without the iconic song being present on the show

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