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Story Title: Forgiveness

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

How do we change the past?

Edit those moments that shouldn’t have occurred, take back those words that shouldn’t have been said?

We can’t, all we can do is hope for forgiveness.

The sound of cheerful voices roused me from my trance. I rose gradually in an endeavour as to not cause any more pain to my already throbbing head, I searched around for my worn navy sandals. Brushing the warm sand off , I carefully positioned them on my feet as I ambled towards the peaceful ocean.


Party, music, alcohol, what a combination, an instant recipe of regret.

I was sitting down on the cream chaise longue in the corner of the room, in an attempt to rest my feet, when she tottered up to me in her 5 inch turquoise heels. Her confidence was appealing, she guided me into the heart of the room, placed her arms delicately around my neck as we started to dance.

The song finished, clasping her hand gently in mine and she whispered into my ear. I could feel myself nodding in agreement, and before I knew it she was leading me up the spiral staircase.

The double bed lay before us, the crimson sheets looked harsh against the pastel walls. I felt her hand tenderly stroke my chest as she captured my black shirt and tossed it onto the lavender carpet. I reached for the fastener of her azure dress and began gently unzipping it, as she slide it delicately down the curves of her body, I heard the howl of another, stumbling noisily down the hallway.

I glanced down at the gorgeous blonde in front of me “sorry” I whispered barely audibly, at that moment I knew she wasn’t the one I wanted, I gathered my shirt swiftly and scampered after the figure.

Outside the bitter air caused me to gasp, I stared out into the darkness, but she’d disappeared into the night. The one girl I truly desired, had I now destroyed any opportunity I would ever have had with her?

The 6 or 7 cans of Fosters didn’t excuse my behaviour, I’d hurt her.

End Of Flashback.

The sea was gently caressing my feet when I caught a glimpse of her in the distance, gazing out over the tranquil, blue waters, camera in hand. My one remaining thought, would she be able to…


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