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Title: Questions

Type: oneshot

Main Characters: Belle Mainly

Rating: G

Spoilers: No

Warnings: None

Summary: Death and Moving On!

Sorry it is so short but lack of inspiration!


Doesnt everyone have loads of questions? Dont people go through life with so many questions but not enough answers?

How do we live and love if we don’t know the actual truth about our future or past. What if the life we have lived is just a lie?

How do we correct the wrongs that cant be corrected? Seems impossible doesn’t it? Here’s my story...

Doesn’t everyone have loads of questions? I always say to myself...

Belle walked through the sun towards a dark shack that had been built nearly 20 years ago, it had been 2 years since she moved away from Summer Bay, she watched the shack move away and away, she ran towards it and kept on running till she woke up in a pool of sweat.

She tried to get back to sleep but she couldn’t. She didn’t know why for a split second and that split second was bliss but then the memories came back in a flood.

She had lost the one person who understood her and despite it all he died loving her that was the one thing she knew.

Everybody has questions and none of mine had been answered but then I don’t believe all questions can be answered. If they were then what would we be here for? Some questions were meant to be unanswered

Irene heard movement and made her way down the stairs to see Belle sat on the sofa with her baby looking at a photo of Aden.

Her heart broke again, how much more pain was this girl to go through, her eyes fluttered trying to combat the awakening of sleep.

Belle turned saw Irene and then the tears came flooding out trickling down her face, Irene didn’t comfort her as she knew that Belle wouldn’t want it.

Aden died in tragic circumstances but she knew that Belle was strong enough to make her own life make sense without him because she knew the day was going to come


Aden looked so peaceful and tragic as his paled face which had its blood draining out every second managed a smile in the last few minutes of his life. He had battled cancer for so long and now he was happy to be rid of the pain that had plagued him for so long.

Belle held his hand dearly and said close to his ear so no one but him could hear ‘I love you and our baby will love you’

Aden held her hand and she moved it towards the bump. The baby kicked for the first time and Aden felt it.


‘What?’ Belle asked

Croakily he replied ‘rose’

‘If it’s a girl?’

He nodded ‘yes’

‘And if it’s a boy?’


‘Leo Aden Jefferies’

Aden frowned with difficulty yet he smiled at it ‘We aren’t married?’

‘We are in spirit. I am yours forever babe, never forget that’

Aden smiled ‘Love you, bye..’

Belle’s eyes began to well up as Aden said for the last time in pain ‘never give up on love’

End of Flashback:

Belle looked at the photo before seeing a ghost like image in front of her ‘Never give up on love’ she looked solemn, 'I never will, I love you forever' cradling her baby boy Leo...


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