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Power Rangers Summer Bay Series Five

Guest Red Ranger 1

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We're back!

What do you mean, who are you?

Story Title: Power Rangers Summer Bay Series Five

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Joey, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Tom, Justine plus Michael and Nicola

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Increasingly strange sci-fi

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content:None.Violence:Mild to moderate.Language:Some appalling last lines.

Summary: The Power Rangers of Summer Bay find themselves overrun when the attack of the Machine Empire is followed by the arrival of a new enemy, Divatox.Just why does every intergalactic conqueror target this town?

And for any newcomers, Michael is the Blue Ranger who's more or less stopped bouncing between Sally and Chloe and is also Olivia Richards' father in this version.Nicola is the Green Ranger who's dating Jesse.

EPISODE ONE: “Power Into Turbo”

Michael was wandering along the beach when he saw Tom sitting nearby, looking glum.He went and crouched by him.“What’s up?You’re looking pretty down.”

“I split up with Justine,”Tom replied.

“Mmm.She told me.I got the feeling you were never that keen on the relationship.”

“I still like her as a friend though.I’ve probably lost that.”He paused.“At least you’re still speaking to me.”

Michael grinned.“Hey, we Power Rangers have got to stick together.”

Queen Marlena looked at Louis Kaboom scornfully.“Leader of the Machine Empire.Ha!What chance do we have of defeating the Power Rangers with you running things?”

“I expect a more civil tone from you,”Kaboom snarled,“Your vessels are powered by ion drive.Is that not so?”

Clegg nodded.“It’s correct, sir.”

“Then I have a plan to destroy the Power Rangers once and for all.”

Sally and Nicola had gone round to see Chloe at the flat she shared with Michael.“You know we’ve been hearing some disturbing rumours,”Sally noted.

Chloe looked innocent.“What?About who?”

“About you,”Nicola replied,“And Michael.And that ring on the third finger of your left hand.”

Chloe smiled.“Well, I believe it’s called an engagement ring.”

Sally gave her a mock severe glare.“And you didn’t think to invite us to the wedding?Shame on you.”

Chloe shrugged.“It’d be a pretty poor wedding if my bridesmaids didn’t attend.”

They all laughed and hugged.

Kaboom turned to Prince Sprocket.“Have the Cogs been prepared?”

“Oh, yes, sir,”Sprocket replied sarcastically.

“Good!While Clegg is preparing the ion drive, the Cogs will attack.”

Alarms blared in the Power Chamber.Zordon looked down from his screen.“Quickly, Alpha.Summon the Power Rangers.”

“At once, Zordon,”Alpha confirmed.

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola and Tom materialised in the Power Chamber.“What’s going on, Zordon?”Joey asked.

“A full force of Cogs are attacking,”Zordon replied,“Furthermore, we are detecting a substantial power output from the Moonbase.”

“This is probably a diversion from something bigger,”Alpha noted.

“I’ll monitor the power output,”Jesse told them,“I’ll let you know the moment there’s a change.”

“Okay,”Joey snapped,“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Zeo Ranger I:Pink!”cried Sally.

“Zeo Ranger II:Yellow!”shouted Chloe.

“Zeo Ranger III:Blue!”announced Michael.

“Zeo Ranger IV:Green!”summoned Nicola.

“Zeo Ranger V:Red!”snapped Joey.

“Gold Ranger power!”ordered Tom.

The Power Rangers materialised facing the Cogs.“Let’s make this quick,”Joey ordered,“We wanna be ready for the main event.”

The Power Rangers tore into the Cogs with kicks and punches.Suddenly, Tom collapsed, clutching his chest.“Feel weak…can’t control my…”

Michael spoke into his communicator.“Jesse, teleport Tom back to the Power Chamber now!I think he’s in trouble.”

Tom materialised in the Power Chamber, still looking weak.Alpha rushed to his side.“Ay ay ay.His body is rejecting the Gold Ranger powers!”

Tom looked at him in horror.“But-that means the powers will either be lost forever or consum me!”

“We must contact Trey,”Zordon decided,“He must take on the powers again.”

Energy crackled over Kaboom as he was exposed to the effects of the ion drive.His metal form easily absorbed the ion energy and converted it.“More power!More power!”he screamed,“I must have the energy to destroy the Power Rangers!”

The Cogs lay in smouldering heaps on the ground.Joey spoke into his communicator.“We’re finished here, Zordon.How’s Tom?”

“His condition is serious,”Zordon noted,“And our problems are only just beginning.Return to the Power Chamber immediately.”

The Power Rangers activated their teleporters and vanished…

…to reappear in the Power Chamber.“Okay, Zordon,”Sally sighed,“Break it to us gently.”

“Tom’s powers must be transferred immediately or he will die,”Zordon replied,“Trey is on his way here to settle matters.”

“And the problem that’s only just beginning?”Chloe asked.

Jesse gestured to a reading on his console.“This.A concentrated source of ion energy-en route to Earth.”

“We should get visual any moment now,”Alpha rebealed.

An image appeared on the viewing globe-of a giant robotic figure rampaging through the streets. “Kaboom!”Nicola cried,“I didn’t think he’d show his face again.”

“He’s exposed himself to ion energy,”Michael realised,“He’ll be far more powerful than before.”

Joey turned to Tom.“I’m sorry.We’ll have to leave you.”

Tom nodded.“It’s okay.I’ll be fine.”

“I hope so.”Joey addressed the others.“All available zords are to be readied for combat.Back to action!”

Joey sat at the controls of the Red Battlezord.“Okay, fellas,”he snapped,“Let’s give him all we’ve got.”

Michael and Chloe were manning the Super Zeo Megazord.“Power up the weapons!”Michael ordered.

“Adopting battle mode,”Chloe reported.

Sally and Nicola controlled the Zeo Megazord.“All systems activation,”Sally snapped.

“We have full power,”Nicola confirmed.

Joey spoke into the communicator.“All zords-commence firing.”

Streams of laser energy hit Kaboom.He laughed.“You fools!You think you can withstand the power of ion energy?”He sent beams racing back at them.

Joey contacted the Power Chamber.“Jesse, despatch the Warrior Wheel!”

“Already on it,”Jesse confirmed.

The Red Battlezord hurled the Warrior Wheel at Kaboom.Any normal adversary would have been obliterated.With Kaboom it just bounced off.

“You don’t understand, do you?”he bellowed,“I’m indestructible!This is the end of the Power Rangers-for good!”

Trey had arrived at the Power Chamber and stood, waiting patiently, as Alpha waved a device over him. “All scans check out,”he reported,“Your body is capable of receiving the Gold Ranger powers.”

“And mine isn’t,”Tom added.

Trey nodded.“I understand.It is time to resume my duties.”

“Tom,”Zordon instructed,“give Trey the staff.”

Trey gripped Tom’s staff and power flowed through him.Jesse smiled.“Arise, Trey of Tipheria-Gold Ranger.”

Joey signalled the other zords.“There’s only one way to do this.A kamikazi attack.”

“There has to be another way!”Sally cried.

“I can’t think of one.”

“Joey’s right,”Michael sighed,“Chloe, set all systems on overload.”

“All systems set,”Chloe reported.

Sally hesitated then turned to Nicola.“Do it.”

“Destruct sequence keyed in,”Nicola confirmed,“Power levels approaching critical.”

The Red Battlezord, Super Zeo Megazord and Zeo Megazord crowded around Kaboom, boxing him in, almost touching him.“Hey, what gives?”he demanded.

“Emergency evacuation now!”Joey ordered.

The Rangers dematerialised from the zords’ cockpits, reappearing at her safe distance.Chloe felt a burning around her wrists.“Take off your zeonisers!”she ordered.

Everyone threw their zeonisers away-and instantly their costumes faded away.Their zeonisers exploded, as did their zords.Kaboom screamed in agony.“We did it,”Nicola breathed,“It’s over.”

The smoke cleared to reveal Kaboom still staggering around.“He can’t be,”Michael gasped,“Not after all that.”

Then a vollet of fire struck Kaboom as Pyramidas arrived.With the damage he had already suffered, there was no way even he could withstand such an onslaught.He exploded.

Trey’s voice sounded from the zord.“Thank you, Power Rangers.Farewell.”

As Pyramidas took off back into space, Joey turned to the others.“Come on.”They activated their teleporters and disappeared.

Marlena turned from the balcony.“Louis Kaboom, leader of the Machine Empire, no more.What a shame.”

“So what do we do now?”Sprocket asked.

“Now?We move out, go and find your brother Gasket.Let the Power Rangers enjoy their victory.”

Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe and Nicola had joined Jesse and Tom in the Power Chamber.“It’s over, Zordon,”Joey sighed,“Our powers are gone.Earth’s vulnerable.”

“Ay ay ay ay ay!”cried Alpha,“What a time to choose!”

“Why?”asked Sally,“Are the Machines continuing their attack?”

“Not the Machines,”Jesse replied,“But we detected an alien space probe en route to Earth.It’ll be here in a matter of minutes.”

“Record banks indicate it belongs to Empress Divatox, a cruel conqueror,”Zordon revealed,“The energy expanded when your zords and zeonisers was destroyed has been absorbed back into the morphing grid.It has been reprogrammed to provide you with new powers.Let’s hope we have enough time.”

The probe made planetfall in a nearby lake, levelling out like a submarine.Divatox, a humanoid woman with a red costume and mask, stood inside with her aides-Elgar, a goofy looking albino creature with a pointed head, Rigard, a fierce looking monster wearing blue armour, and Porto, a somewhat immobile white creature who resembled the side of a ship with his face looking like it was behind a port hole.“Earth,” she snapped,“Ripe for the taking.Send out the Piranatrons.”

Tom was handing out new morphers to Joey, Michael, Sally, Chloe and Nicola.“Your new power coins, zeonisers, whatever,”he explained,“You are now Turbo Power Rangers.”

“We’ve got the Turbozords in readiness,”Jesse reported,“But hopefully you won’t need them.”

Joey snapped the order.“Shift into turbo!”They all inserted their energiser keys into their morphers.

“Desert Thunder Turbo power!”cried Nicola.

“Wind Chaser Turbo power!”shouted Sally.

“Doom Star Turbo power!”summoned Chloe.

“Mountain Blaster Turbo power!”ordered Michael.

“Red Lightning Turbo power!”snapped Joey.

The Piranatrons, a group of spiked red-skinned creatures, were storming through Summer Bay.Suddenly, they found their path blocked-by the Turbo Power Rangers.“We’re still in business,”Joey announced, “Rangers-take them.”

The Rangers swung into action, their new powers working perfectly.Soon, not a Piranatron was left standing.Michael laughed.“These new powers really rock.”

In her probe submarine, Divatox nodded slowly.“A good try, Power Rangers.But it’s not over yet.Wait till you get a load of me.”

Next Episode:

Divatox settles in!

Everyone forgets who they are!

And that natural order thing?Bonus!

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EPISODE TWO: “Into the Breach”

Divatox stared at her submarine’s monitor.“We must find a way to destroy the Power Rangers.”

“Right on, Auntie!”Elgar agreed,“We’ll show ’em who’s boss.”

“With you on our side I’m worried,”Rigard muttered.

“Silence, both of you!”Divatox cried,“Porto!There’s something I want you to do for me.”

Joey tapped Michael on the shoulder as he came up behind him in the Diner.“How’s married life treating you?”

“Fine, so far,”Michael replied,“No doubt the arguments, feuds and petty recriminations will start sooner or later.”

Joey nodded but his mind was elsewhere.“There’s something I need to talk to you about.You see…”

Chloe came up.“Hi, what’s up?”

Michael looked quizzically at Joey but he shook his head.“It’ll keep.”

A stasis capsule slid open inside the submarine and a creature emerged, a gaunt, black-armoured, white-skinned being with a question mark on top if its head.“Aminio,”Porto pronounced,“As requested, Empress.”

“Excellent!”Divatox cried,“You-ha-remember what to do?”

Amnio laughed.“Oh yes, Empress.I remember.”

Sally, Jesse and Tom were walking down by the seashore.“It feels odd not carrying a zeoniser anymore,” Tom noted.

“Well you’ve still got your communicator,”Sally pointed out.

Jesse clapped him on the shoulder.“I realised a long time ago that Ranger or not we’ll always be part of the team.”

At that point, Amnio appeared before them.“Why hello there, Pink Ranger and your powerless friends!”he sneered,“Empress Divatox has commanded your destryction.”

The trio took up defensive positions.Amnio fired an energy beam, knocking them all off their feet-then vanished.

Jesse got up, looking dazed, then helped Sally to her feet.“What happened to you?”he asked.

Sally looked confused.“I don’t know.Do I know you?”

Jesse shook his head.“No, I’ve never been here before.Hang on, where is here?”

“I don’t know,”Tom replied,“I live…”He broke off.“I don’t know where I live.”

“And you don’t know who you are.”Sally looked at Jesse and Tom for confirmation and they nodded. “None of us do.We can’t remember anything.”

Klaxons were sounding in the Power Chamber as Joey, Michael, Chloe and Nicola materialised.“What’s the situation?”Joey asked.

“Divatox has released Amnio,”Zordon replied,“He has the power to erase individuals’ memories.He is loose in Summer Bay.”

“Where’s Sally?”Nicola asled.

“Amnio wiped her mind,”Alpha replied,“And Jesse and Tom.”

“It might be unwise to bring them here in that state,”Michael observed.

“Agreed,”said Joey,“So it’s just the four of us.Shift into turbo!”

“Desert Thunder Turbo power!”cried Nicola.

“Doom Star Turbo power!”shouted Chloe.

“Mountain Blaster Turbo power!”ordered Michael.

“Red Lightning Turbo power!”snapped Joey.

The four Power Rangers materialised in front of Amnio.“You’ve hurt our friends,”Joey announced,“We’ll make you sorry for that.”

Amnio laughed.“Puny Rangers!You dare to threaten me?”

“Yeah we do,”Chloe snapped,“And here’s how.”She lunged at Amnio in a flying kick but was hit by an energy blast before she could reach him.She clattered to the floor, her turbo charger de-energised so she was left in her civillian clothes.

“Chloe!”Nicola cried,“Are you all right?”

Chloe blinked in astonishment.“Where am I?What’s going on?What happened?”

“It’s erased her memories,”Joey realised,“We can’t fight this-withdraw.”

Joey and Nicola activated their teleporters and vanished.Michael took a last agonising look at Chloe.“I’ll be back,”he promised,“Trust me.”Then he vanished as well.

Joey, Michael and Nicola looked up at the giant face of Zordon.“We’ve got to do something to help Chloe!”Michael cried,“Have you any ideas?”

“Only one,”Zordon replied,“We must activate the cystalline net.”

“Come again?”Nicola asked.

“It is located in the nearby hills,”Alpha replied,“It will set up interference rays that should allow us to reverse and resist Amnio’s abilities.”

“Sounds good,”Joey agreed,“Send us to the general area.Back to action!”

Divatox laughed evilly as she observed events from her submarine.“So much for the Power Rangers!”she cried,“They ran at the first sign of trouble!”

“So what do we do now?”Rigard asked.

“We make our monster grow!Launch the torpedoes!”

Torpedoes fired from the submarine, on their way to release the energies that would increase Amnio to giant size.

Chloe wandered around the park, disorientated.Then Sally, Jesse and Tom appeared.“Hey!”called Sally, “Do you know who we are?”

Chloe shrugged.“I don’t even know who I am.”

“You too?”Jesse asked,“This is definitely weird.”

“Well I can’t be sure,”Tom interrupted,“But I don’t think that’s an everyday occurrence either!Look!”

He pointed upwards.Amnio was looming over them.

Joey, Michael and Nicola were trekking through the gukka, “‘Put us down in the general area,’”Michael repeated irritably,“I take it you don’t consider this urgent, then?”

“Come on, Michael,”Joey soothed,“Don’t tell me you’re scared of a little walk?”

“Actually,”put in Nicola,“I think he’s worried someone might try and stop us.”

Porto looked up from a display.“Er, Divatox.The remaining Power Rangers are attempting to activate the crystalline net.”

“What?”cried Divatox,“They could ruin everything!Elgar!Despatch the Piranatrons!”

As Joey, Michael and Nicola approached the cave entrance to the hidden control room, Piranatrons appeared, blocking their path.“It seems you were right to worry,”Joey admitted.

“I wish I’d been wrong,”Michael replied,“I’ll keep them busy-you find a way through.”

As Michael tore into the Piranatrons, Joey and Nicola slipped past them into the cave.There they found Elgar.“Hi there, Rangers,”he smirked,“Gimme all you’ve got.”

Joey nodded a silent instruction to Nicola then dived at Elgar.Nicola ran to a console and began hurriedly manipulating controls.The net above their heads glowed with energy which then shot from the cave.

Energy poured all over Summer Bay, negating the effects of Amnio’s work.Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Tom suddenly found their memories returned.“Joey and Michael!”Chloe cried,“They must’ve done something.”

Jesse looked at Tom.“We’d better get back to the Power Chamber.”

“And we’ll find our friends,”Sally decided,“Shift into turbo!Wind Chaser Turbo power!”

“Doom Star Turbo power!”

Sally and Chloe materialised by Joey, Michael and Nicola, looking up at Amnio.“Sorry, guys,”Sally apologised,“We were out of it for a while.”

“Never mind,”Joey replied,“You’re here now.We need Turbozord power-now!”

The five vehicles that comprised the Turbozords came speeding towards them.The Rangers leapt inside and performed the complicated sequence that formed them into the Turbo Megazord.

“You cannot stand against me!”Amnio cried,“I am invincible!”

Amnio fired an energy beam at them.Nicola took out a control box and activated the crystalline net remotely, forming a shield in front of them that caused Amnio’s beam to bounce back and strike him.As he staggered around confused, his memory erased by his own powers, the Turbo Megazord went into a spin, building up power, then obliterated him with its sword.

Divatox turned from her screen and looked for someone to blame.She saw a likely candidate immediately. “Elgar!Why did you break off your battle with the Red Ranger?”

Elgar searched for a reason.“Well, Auntie D, the Green Ranger had already used the net.We’d already lost, hadn’t we?”

“Amnio could still have destroyed the Rangers!You could have put the net out of action!Why am I surrounded by these idiots?!”

Joey and Michael were back at the Diner, discussing the encounter.“Before this began,”Michael remembered,“You wanted to talk about something.Is now the right time?”

“Now’s the right time,”Joey confirmed,“I’m going away.I’ve been given a chance to do a lecture tour. There’s not a lot to keep me here, all my friends are gone-Liam, Tiegan, Aaron, Casey…Stephanie.I need you to resume command of the Power Rangers.And after the way you dealt with those Piranatrons, I know you can handle it.”

Michael nodded.“And I think we both know a candidate for the new Red Ranger.”

Michael held aloft the Sword of Power, for the first time in a long while.“I call upon the power of good, to transfer the power of red from one worthy candidate to another worthy candidate.Arise, Jesse MacGregor, Red Ranger.”

Jesse grinned.“It’s great to be back.”

“Yeah,”Tom observed,“and I guess this makes me chief operator.”

Chloe smiled.“Don’t worry, Tom.Your time will come.”

Joey coughed.“Well, if you guys will excuse me-I’ve got a farewell to attend.”

Joey glanced at the faces of his friends-Sally, Nicola and Justine.“Well, guys,”he sighed,“To be blunt, I’m going to miss you, but this is a fabulous chance and, well, I’d just like to thank all of you for being such great friends.”

“And thank you for saving the world a couple of times,”Justine replied.

“And being such a great colleague,”Nicola added.

“And letting me be second-in-command,”Sally finished.

Joey laughed.“It was nothing, really.Now, if you’ll excuse me, my public awaits.”He walked over to the waiting car and they all watched him drive away.

Next Episode:

A Mongolian hoarde technique!

A base under siege!

And someone being either very brave or very stupid.

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Michael sat back in his chair and started reading his paper.Chloe came in and looked at him amused.“Can I get you anything, sir?”

Michael laughed.“I can think of a few things.”He took her hand and gave her a quick kiss.“It’s good to be in charge again.I never resented Joey but I enjoy the responsibility.”

“Mmm.”Chloe looked doubtful.“I’ll remember that next time you forget to do the washing up.”

Divatox stormed angrily through her control room.“Monsters, monsters, why do I need monsters?Useless, every last one of them.”

“It isn’t my fault,”Porto complained,“I construct them according to specifications…”

“Silence!I don’t need a champion, I need an army!”

“I volunteer to lead your army, Empress,”cried Rigard.

“Excellent!Prepare to manufacture Piranatrons.Hundreds of them.”

Sally and Jesse were clearing away the breakfast things back at their place.“So, what’s it feel like to pull on the morpher again?”Sally asked.

“It feels great,”Jesse replied,“Although I’m a bit worried about the communicators going off.”

Nicola came in.“Hmm, I can understand that.And how are you coping with running the shop floor, Sal?”

Sally laughed.“I’ll manage.”

Divatox chuckled as row after row of Piranatrons marched through the control room into the transporter and disappeared.“Go, my beauties!”she laughed,“Decimate Summer Bay-and destroy the Power Rangers!”

Tom looked up in astonishment from his panel in the Power Chamber.“I’m picking up multiple traces. There are scores of Piranatrons materialising on the beach.”

“Ay ay ay!”cried Alpha,“Can the Power Rangers cope?”

“They must,”Zordon replied,“Dispatch them immediately.”

Michael and Chloe entered the surf club and went over to join Jesse and Nicola, sat by the Bonza Burgers kiosk.Sally came over.“What can I get you?”

Chloe paused to think.“Two bumper burgers with a side order of fries and relish, please.”

“You can tell you’re married,”commented Jesse.

At that moment their communicators sounded.They retreated out of sight round a corner and Michael answered the signal.“What’s the trouble, Zordon?”

“Piranatrons are massing on the beach.Report there immediately.”

Michael nodded to the others.They activated their teleporters and vanished.

The five of them materialised on the beach, still in their civillian clothes, in front of the Piranatrons.The two sides charged at one another.At first the Rangers seemed to be succeeding but ultimately they were weighed down by sheer force of numbers.

“We can’t stop them!”Michael shouted,“Everyone get to the Power Chamber immediately!”

They activated their teleporters and faded away.

They reappeared in the Power Chamber.“There were too many of them!”Sally gasped.

“But where are they all coming from?”Jesse wondered.

“We have a further problem,”Zordon told them,“Elgar and Rigard are leading an army of Piranatrons and approaching this position.”

“We’ll deal with them,”Michael vowed,“Shift into turbo!”

“Desert Thunder Turbo power!”cried Nicola.

“Wind Chaser Turbo power!”shouted Sally.

“Doom Star Turbo power!”summoned Chloe.

“Mountain Blaster Turbo power!”ordered Michael.

“Red Lightning Turbo power!”snapped Jesse.

The Power Rangers materialised outside the building.“All right, Elgar,”Michael snarled,“What’s your game?”

“Game?”Elgar repeated,“Well, er, I quite like a round of Scrabble…”

“Enough of the frivolity!”Rigard cried,“We are here to destroy you, Power Rangers!”

“You can try,”retorted Nicola.

“But you won’t get very far,”promised Chloe.

The villains dived to the attacj.The Rangers fought back but once more they found themselves overwhelmed.“Withdraw!”Michael ordered.They disappeared.

Divatox laughed evilly as she watched the events on her monitor.“Perfect!The Turbo Power Rangers are in full retreat.Porto!Is my machine ready?”

Porto shuffled forward.“Yes, Empress.Everything is as you ordered.”

“Then activate!Soon those Power Rangers will have nowhere to run to.”

Michael paced back and forth in the Power Chamber.“We were unprepared,”he remarked bitterly,“We were overconfident.”

“What I don’t understand is what the Piranatrons are doing,”Tom observed,“They’ve surrounded the Power Chamber and seem to be waiting for something.”

“What’s the situation in Summer Bay?”asked Sally.

“Grave,”replied Zordon,“The Piranatrons are destroying everything they find.”

“We’d better teleport there,”Chloe noted.

Alpha looked nervous.“I’m afraid that won’t be possible, Rangers.Divatox has set up an atmospheric compression field around the area.Teleportation is impossible.”

Nicola realised what was going on.“So if we want to leave the Power Chamber, we have to get past those goons outside.”

“That’s what they’re waiting for!”Jesse concluded,“Us!”

Michael turned to address them all.“You’ll have to take the Turbo Karts.It’s the only way to reach Summer Bay in time.I’m going to try and lure them off.”He handed Sally his sword.“Take this.You’ll need it to activate the Turbine Laser.”

“Understood.”Sally nodded.“Good luck.”

Chloe was aghast.“You can’t!Five of us couldn’t handle the Piranatrons-what chance do you stand on your own?”

“None at all-so you’d better finish up quickly and come to my rescue.”He gave her a weak smile.“I’m counting on you.Now-back to action!”

Outside, Elgar was getting impatient.“How long do we have to stand around here?”he grumbled.

“Until those Power Rangers show up,”Rigard replied,“They won’t just stand around and allow their town to be destroyed.”

At that moment, Michael dashed out of the Power Chamber’s concealed entrance among the rocks.He downed the nearest two Piranatrons then made a break for it.“Come on, you losers,”he muttered, willing them to follow.

Rigard quickly spotted him.“The Blue Ranger!Quick-after him!”

The villains gave chase.As soon as they were out of sight, the hatch opened again and Sally and the others appeared driving their Turbo Karts, colour-coded powered go karts.“Come on!”Sally cried,“The sooner we get there, the sooner we can finish this.”

Michael had stopped to face the Piranatrons.Rigard grinned in anticipation.“Pulverise him!”

Michael had already decided on his strategy.He put all his energy into defence, attempting to hold the Piranatrons at bay as long as possible.He just hoped it worked.

Sally, Chloe, Jesse and Nicola jumped out of their transport and stood in one of Summer Bay’s country roads.“Any idea where the Piranatrons are?”asked Nicola.

“No,”Sally replied,“But I’m betting Divatox won’t pass up the challenge.”

“Seems you were right,”Jesse observed,“Here they come!”

A swarm of Piranatrons came charging down the roads towards them.Sally snapped her orders.“Turbine Laser power now!”

The Rangers joined their swords together to form the Turbine Laser, an intelligence weapon capable of identifying a target itself.They opened fire again and again, allowing the laser to handle the actual aiming. Most of the Piranatrons were blasted before they even reached the Rangers.The remaining few were easily dealt with by a series of martial arts moves.

Chloe leapt back onto her Turbo Kart.“Come on!Michael’s counting on us!”

Michael was still trying desperately to hold off the Piranatrons.“Destroy him!”Rigard roared,“There’s only one of him!”

“So where are the others?”Elgar wondered.

Rigard suddenly realised what was going on.“It’s a trick!They’ve escaped from our siege!”

The realisation caused the Piranatrons to attack with renewed vigour.Michael found himself overcome.He was held by several Piranatrons and battered repeatedly against the ground.One of them prepared to deliver the killer blow-and was instantly blasted by a laser beam.

“Sorry we took so long!”called Sally.

The Rangers held their position and sent out a steady stream of fire at the Piranatrons.Soon they all lay in a crumpled heap on the floor.Seeing they beaten, Elgar and Rigard activated their teleporters-and nothing happened.

Michael went over to them.“You’re hoist on your own petard.”

“With,”hissed Chloe.

“Whatever.Unless you want to face some very angry Power Rangers you’ll tell us the frequency for that compression field.”

“0.06 MHz!”shouted Elgar.

Michael raised his communicator.“You guys getting all this?”

In the Power Chamber, Zordon gave a ghost of a smile.“Yes, Michael.Well done.”

“All equipment ready,”Alpha reported.

Tom manipulated the controls.“Sending pulse-now!”

In the submarine, the field general exploded.“What happened?”Divatox drmanded.

Porto looked contrite.“It seems the Power Chamber transmitted a pulse beam along our frequency and destroyed it.”

Elgar and Rigard appeared.“Hi, Auntie D!”Elgar greeted her,“We’re back!”

Divatox glared at him.“You idiots!You told the Power Rangers the frequency!They were trapped-we could’ve sent reinforcements!But no, you had to ruin everything, didn’t you?”

Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola and Tom had gathered for a drink at Michael and Chloe’s flat.Michael lifted his glass.“To the end of the siege!”

“The end of the siege!”they chorused.

Chloe hit Michael on the arm.“And if you ever try to take on Divatox’s army singlehanded again, I’ll want a divorce.”

“Still, it was incredibly brave,”put in Tom.

Michael grinned.“Not really.You see, with friends like you to rescue me, I was never really in danger.” They all clinked glasses.

Next Episode:

More new transport!

More Piranatrons!

And quite possibly the worst closing line ever!

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EPISODE FOUR: “Driving In My Car”

Michael teleported into the Power Chamber and went over to where Tom and Alpha were working the controls.“Problems?”

“Hardly worth dragging you out of bed but.”Tom gestured to the control panel.“We’re picking up some kind of fluctuation in the dimensional barrier.”

“You mean something’s trying to get through from another dimension?”

“Not necessarily,”Alpha replied,“But it is possible something is being teleported here.”

“Be on your guard,”Zordon instructed,“We may be under attack.”

Divatox glared angrily through her periscope.“What is happening?”she demanded,“What is this thing entering our dimension?”

“I don’t know, Empress,”replied Porto,“It could be some sort of…message or something.”

Divatox glared at him.“Well find out then!Take Rigard and the Piranatrons and get out there!Maybe it will help destroy the Power Rangers…”

Chloe walked into the Diner, pushing Olivia in her pram.She found Sally and Nicola sitting nearby and went over to join them.“How’s married life?”Sally asked.

Chloe smiled.“We’re managing.”

Nicola tugged at Olivia’s hand.“Well, after playing with this little one, I should think looking after Michael was a doddle.”

Sally and Chloe exchanged a glance.“Try living with him,”Chloe suggested.

“Yes,”Sally agreed,“Sometimes he’s the biggesr baby of all.”

Porto, Rigard and a group of Piranatrons were marching along a deserted country road.“This is a waste of time,”Rigard complained.

“Divatox was very keen to find out what it was that came through,”Porto reminded him.

“Yeah I know,”accepted Rigard,“But it’s…”

At that moment, two cars appeared from thin air-one red, the other blue.They came speeding towards the villains, even though no-one was driving them.Then they stopped, paused for a moment and drove off in the other direction.

“Hey!”cried Rigard.He turned to the others.“Follow those cars!”

Michael and Jesse were walking along the beach.“How are things with Nicola?”Michael asked.

“Okay,”Jesse replied,“But, well, I dunno, I don’t think she’ll ever be the love of my life.”

“I know what you mean,”Michael agreed,“Sometimes I wonder if me and Chloe would have got married if it wasn’t for Olivia.”

The communicator went off and Tom’s voice came through.“Good news, guy.We’ve found out what came through the barrier.Cars.”

“Cars?”repeated Jesse.

“Affirmative,”came Zordon’s voice,“Sentient cars.They are being pursued by Rigard and Porto.You must investigate.”

“Okay.”Michael nodded to Jesse then gave the order.“Shift into turbo!Mountain Blaster Turbo power!”

“Red Lightning Turbo power!”cried Jesse.

The two Power Rangers materialised in the path of the two cars.The vehicles stopped, almost as if they were puzzled.Michael stepped forward.“Can you understand us?”There was a pause.“I am Michael Billinghurst, Blue Ranger.”

“And I’m Jesse MacGregor, Red Ranger,”Jesse put in.

At that moment, Rigard, Porto and the Piranatrons came running up.“Power Rangers!”cried Rigard,“Get them.”

Jesse sighed.“Looks like the negotiations are gonna have to wait.”

“Agreed,”Michael confirmed,“Let’s make this as quick as possible.”And they dived into battle against their enemies.

Sally’s communicator went off.She glanced at Chloe and Nicola and they followed her outside.“What is it, Zordon?”she asked.

“Michael and Jesse are under attack,”Zordon replied,“You must assist.”

“Understood.”Sally glanced at Chloe.“What are you going to do about Olivia?”

“I’ve spoken to Irene, she’s going to keep an eye on her.”

“Okay.Shift into turbo!”

“Desert Thunder Turbo power!”cried Nicola.

“Wind Chaser Turbo power!”shouted Sally.

“Doom Star Turbo power!”snapped Chloe.

Michael and Jesse were still battling the Piranatrons when their colleagues drew up in their Turbo Karts. “Need a hand?”Chloe asked.

“Keep them busy!”Michael ordered,“We’ve got to talk to the cars.”

“To the what?”Nicola repeated.But they were already gone.

The two Power Rangers ran up to rthe cars.“I don’t know if you can understand us,”Jesse began,“but we need your help.”

The two cars opened their doors.“I think that means ‘Get in’,”Michael commented.

The other Rangers were almost overcome by Piranatrons.“Get the other two!”Rigard ordered,“And those cars!”

At that moment, a blast of lasers from the sky bowled him off his feet and scattered the Piranatrons.The two cars were flying above them, Michael and Jesse at the controls, weapons firing.

Porto tugged Rigard’s shoulder.“Now may be a good time to leave.”

Rigard growled.“Very well.Fall back!”The villains disappeared.

The two cars landed.“What happened?”Sally asked.

Michael patted the blue car’s bonnet.“I think we made some new friends.”

Divatox glared at her two henchmen.“Well, you certainly found out what was being transported.And then you let it fall into the hands of the Power Rangers!What were you thinking?”

“You tell ’em, Auntie D,”put in Elgar.

Divatox glared at him.“And you can shut up too!What have you done today?”

The Rangers were gathered in the Power Chamber.“The vehicles you recovered are Lightningcruiser and Stormblaster,”Zordon explained,“It appears they were sent by our allies.”

“They will be very important in the battle with Divatox,”Alpha added.

“So what was it like driving them?”Tom asked.

Michael shrugged.“I guess I just like driving in my car.”

Next Episode:

Another departure!

Another monster!

And a long-running motif finally comes to an end.

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EPISODE FIVE: “Separation”

Sally, Jesse, Nicola, Tom and Justine were seated round the table at Michael and Chloe’s.“This had better be important, guys,”Sally told their hosts.

“It is,”said Michael,“We’ve got some important news for you.”

“Oh-are you leaving?”joked Jesse.

“Yes,”Chloe replied.There was silence.“We’re leaving.Tomorrow.”

Divatox glanced over her latest recruit, Eymloch, with a professional eye.He was a hulking monster with dark mottled skin.“Oh yes.Very good.You’ve outdone yourself, Porto.”

“Thank you, Empress,”Porto glowed.

“Now, Eymloch.What are your instructions?”

“I am to use my powers of corruption to turn the minds of Summer Bay’s residents.They will gladly welcome you as ruler.”

“Excellent.Now go.And if the Power Rangers interfere, destroy them.”

Michael, Sally, Chloe, Jesse, Nicola, Tom, Justine and Olivia had returned to the Power Chamber.“I find your decision regrettable,”Zordon told them.

“I know,”apologised Michael,“If there was another way, we’d stay.But we have to put Olivia first.And Summer Bay is effectively on the front line.”

“We understand, Michael and Chloe,”Alpha replied,“We’ll just miss you.”

“We’ll miss you too, Alpha,”Chloe assured him.

“So we need two new Power Rangers,”Nicola noted.

“Tom can take over as Blue Ranger,”Michael replied,“And we were thinking of Justine as Yellow Ranger.”

Zordon looked at the pair.“Are you in agreement?”

“You bet!”Tom cried.

“Count me in,”Justine added.

“Very well.We will prepare the ceremony.”

Eymloch appeared on the beach.Horrified crowds began backing away.“Wait,”he cried,“You don’t want to be afraid of me.I’m on your side.”

“You work for Divatox!”cried someone.

“That’s right.We all work for Divatox.Hail to the Empress!”

Slowly, the cry was taken up.“Hail Divatox!Hail Divatox!Hail Divatox!”

Sally had taken up the Power Sword.Michael and Chloe were standing in position, as were Tom and Justine.“Are you ready?”she asked.

Michael paused before giving his answer.“Yes.We are.”

“Then let’s proceed.I call…”

“Wait!”Jesse was standing by a panel.“I think we may have a problem.”

“With the transference?”Tom asked.

“No-with the world.If these readings are right, we’re the only free minds in Summer Bay.”

Divatox sat on a makeshift throne in the surf club.“Well, this is grand,”she gloated.She glanced from Elgar and Porto on one side of her to Rigard and Eymloch on the other.The residents of Summer Bay stood in front of them.

“We are yours to command, Empress,”they chorused.

“Then go forth and spread my word-and destroy the Power Rangers.”

Michael turned away from the viewing globe.“We’ve got to get down there!”

“We can’t!”Chloe protested,“We have to go!”

Michael turned on her angrily.“We can’t abandon them!”

“Look,”Sally put in,“if we do the transference, you can go and Tom and Justine can come with us.”

“But there isn’t enough time.”

“Nicola and I will go,”Jesse interrupted,“The others can follow us later.”

Michael sighed.“Okay.Good luck.”

“Desert Thunder Turbo power!”cried Nicola.

“Red Lightning Turbo power!”shouted Jesse.

Jesse and Nicola appeared in the surf club.“All right, Divatox,”Jesse snarled,“It’s time to take you down!”

“You and your pet monster,”Nicola added.

Divatox smiled.“Well.What do you say to that, everyone?”

“Kill the Power Rangers,”said someone.The cry went up.“Kill the Power Rangers!Kill the Power Rangers!”

“What do we do?”Nicola asked,“We can’t fight them!”

“Stop!”Jesse shouted,“We’re your friends.”

But the crowd advanced and began beating them.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”Michael stepped away from the ceremony.“I can’t leave them.”

“But we have to go!”Chloe protested again.

“My friends-our friends-are in trouble.It’s my responsibility.I’m still leader of the Power Rangers.”

“Michael, if I have to leave without you-I will.”

“Understood.”He turned to Sally.“Transfer Chloe’s powers then follow me down.Shift into turbo! Mountain Blaster Turbo power!”

Michael materialised in a corner of the surf club.He could see the crowd beating Jesse and Nicola.Divatox laughed at the sight of him.“Blue Ranger!And what can you do?”

“I can give them something else to aim at,”Michael replied.

Sure enough, some of the crowd spotted him.“Another Power Ranger!Destroy him too!”

Michael darted over to his colleagues.“That monster’s the key.We’ve got to put it out of action.”

“What are you doing here?”Jesse hissed,“You’re meant to be on your way to the city!”

“All the same,”Nicola put in,“we’re very pleased to see you.”

Sally raised the Power Sword, glancing from one of her friends to the other.“I call upon the power of good, to transfer the power of yellow from one worthy candidate to another worthy candidate.Arise, Justine Welles, Yellow Ranger.”

Chloe stepped back.“It’s all yours.Good luck.”She and Olivia dematerialised.

“Hurry, Rangers!”Zordon cried,“All five are needed to defeat Divatox.”

Sally grinned.“Welcome aboard.Shift into turbo!Wind Chaser Turbo power!”

“Doom Star Turbo power!”cried Justine.

Sally and Justine appeared in the surf club.“Down!”Sally shouted and fired her blaster at Eymloch.

Instantly, the spell over the crowd was broken.They looked confused for a moment, then turned tail and fled.

“No!”cried Divatox.She raised a communicator.“Piranatrons-fire the torpedoes!”

Eymloch grew to giant size, bursting out through the surf club roof.“Just think how far he can spread his powers now,”Justine gasped.

“Well, he won’t get a chance,”Jesse retorted.

Michael nodded.“Turbozord power now!”

The Rangers quickly assembled the Mega Turbozord and confronted Eymloch.“Petty Rangers,”he cried, “You don’t want to fight me.Destroy Summer Bay.”

Inside their helmets, the Rangers’ faces glazed over.“Destroy,”they murmured.The Turbo Megazord turned away from Eymloch.

“Weapons cleared for firing,”Nicola reported.

“Activate spin,”Michael ordered,“Prepare to deliver charge with Turbo Sabre.”

“Spinning now,”Sally reported.

“Prepare to…No!”Suddenly realising what they were about to do, Michael pulled a lever-and the blast from the Turbo Sabre struck Eymloch, vapourising him completely.

In the surf club, Divatox and the others heard the explosion.“Time to go,”Rigard commented.

Divatox nodded.“Yes.But I will be rid of those Power Rangers.”

Chloe was waiting at the bus stop with Olivia when she saw Michael walking towards her.“You came!”she gasped,“Look, there’s still time for you to come with us.We can ask Sally or Jesse to send your stuff on…”

Michael shook his head.“Everything’s here for me.My friends, the Power Rangers…when push comes to shove, I chose them over you.That’s no basis for a marriage.”

Chloe smiled weakly.“Tom’ll be disappointed you’re not leaving.And Sally-she was looking forward to being the new leader.”

“I’m taking over the caravan park-someone’s got to keep an eye on Justine and the others.”He paused as a bus drove in.“I do love you.Just not enough.”

“Story of my life.”Chloe looked at Olivia.“Say goodbye to Daddy.”

Michael kissed his wife and daughter then stepped back, watching them leave for their new life.Without him.

Next Episode:

More enemy armies!

An attack at the heart of the Rangers' base!

And someone else can save the day this time...

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EPISODE SIX: “The Assassin”

Michael stood in the middle of the caravan park, looking around.He smiled at the nostalgic memories.Tom and Justine came up behind him.“Glad to be back?”Justine asked.

Michael nodded.“Yes.It’s my home.I just wish Chloe and Olivia were here.”

Tom clapped a hand on his shoulder.“I guess we’re family now.”

Michael grinned.“I guess we are.Come on.Let’s go inside.”

Divatox sat preening herself.“What is it that gives the Power Rangers their powers?”

“Their power coins,”Porto replied.

“Yes but where does that power come from?”

“The morphing grid,”Rigard answered.

Divatox sniffed dismissively.“But how could we make them weak, powerless, disorganised?”

“Break into the Power Chamber and shoot Zordon?”chuckled Elgar.

Divatox glared at him.“Of all the stupid…”She softened suddenly.“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you weren’t stupid.What a splendid idea…”

Sally sat down next to Nicola at the breakfast table.“Are you okay?”

Nicola shrugged.“You mean after breaking up with Jesse?It was my own fault.At least he’s letting me stay on here.”

Sally laid a hand on her arm.“I’m glad he did.The place wouldn’t be the same without you.”

Divatox was issuing her instructions.“This shall be our plan.We shall launch an attack, drawing the Power Rangers into battle.While they are busy, an assassin in the Power Chamber will kill Zordon.”

“But who will the assassin be?”asked Rigard.

Divatox smiled.“Someone the Power Rangers trust implictly.”

Tom walked away from the caravan park.Suddenly, Piranatrons materialised around him.“All right,”he snarled,“Give it your best shot.”

Tom fought as best he could but he was soon overwhelmed.The Piranatrons seized him-then dematerialised.

Tom found himself on the bridge of Divatox’s sub.The Piranatrons forced him to sit in a chair and a machine strapped around his head.“What is it?”he demanded,“What do you want from me?”

Divatox stepped into view.“We want you to do a little job for us.”

Tom shook his head as vigorously as he could inside its containment.“I’ll never work for you!Never!”

“I think we can chane your mind.”She clicked her fingers.“Activate.”

Michael and Jesse were walking along the beach.“How are you coping without Chloe?”Jesse asked.

Michael sighed.“As well as can be expected.And Olivia…You hold on to that daughter of yours, Jess.”

“I know.Every moment is precious.”

The communicator went off and Michael answered it.“What’s the problem?”

“It’s Tom,”came Alpha’s voice,“He never turned up for a maintenance job and he isn’t answering his communicator.”

“There he is!”realised Jesse, pointing further down the beach.They ran over.

“Hey, Alpha’s been looking for you,”Michael told him.

Tom nodded.“Yeah, sorry.I was just a little preoccupied-forgot all about it.Don’t worry though-I’m fine now.”

Divatox examined events through her periscope.“Yes, everything’s proceeding nicely,”she observed,“Now, Rigard-take the Piranatrons and create havoc.I want those Rangers out of the way…”

Tom and Alpha were working the controls in the Power Chamber when the alarms went off.“Ay ay ay!” cried Alpha,“What’s hoing on?”

“The Piranatrons are attacking Summer Bay,”explained Zordon,“Divatox must have sent them.And also Rigard, Porto and Elgar.”

Tom nodded.“I’ll alert the Power Rangers.”

Michael, Sally, Jesse, Nicola and Justine were sitting around the table at the caravan park.“Should be safe meeting here,”Nicola commented,“A base of operations.”

“So long as Gypsy and Peta don’t walk in,”Justine reminded them.

Michael’s watch communicator went off and he answered it.“Michael.”

Tom’s voice came through.“Rigard’s attacking down by the east side of town.You’d better get down there.”

“Understood.”Michael got up and nodded to the others.“Shift into turbo!”

“Desert Thunder Turbo power!”cried Nicola.

“Wind Chaser Turbo power!”shouted Sally.

“Doom Star Turbo power!”summoned Justine.

“Mountain Blaster Turbo power!”ordered Michael.

“Red Lightning Turbo power!”snapped Jesse.

The Power Rangers materialised in a deserted park, facing Rigard, Elgar, Porto and a group of Piranatrons. “Okay, Rigard,”Michael snarled,“It’s time to put you and your buddies down.”

“You can try, Blue Ranger,”Rigard sneered,“If you’re good enough.”

Michael swung at the villain, taking him on in a kung fu fight.Sally concentrated on Elgar, pummelling him.Jesse, Nicola and Justine fought with the Piranatrons.

Porto raised a control box.“They’re distracted.Now!Kill Zordon!”

Tom drew a blaster and aimed it at Zordon’s life support capsule.“No!”cried Alpha.He pushed Tom’s aim wide and the blast hit a console.

Tom hurled Alpha aside.“Get out of my way!I must kill Zordon!”

“Stop, Tom!”Zordon called,“You are under Divatox’s control.You must not do this terrible thing!”

Alpha pressed the communicator button.“Rangers!Emergency!Tom’s been brainwashed!He’s going to kill Zordon!”

Michael backed away from Rigard, stunned by the message they’d all heard.“One of us needs to go there and stop him.”

“I’ll go,”Justine replied,“He’s most likely to listen to me.”


Justine operated her teleporter and vanished.

Justine appeared in front of Tom.“Tom, stop!”she shouted, positioning herself between him and Zordon.

Tom seemed confused for a moment but then his resolve returned.“Get out of the way, Justine,”he ordered,“Or I’ll kill you too.”

Justine swallowed hard.“No, Tom.I can’t let you do this.And if I have to die to stop you, I’ll do that.”

“Yellow Ranger!”Zordon cried,“This is not necessary!”

“Shut up, Zordon!”Justine snapped.She turned her attention back to Tom, talking slowly.“You don’t want to kill me.You don’t want to kill him.”She held out her hand.

“I…I’ll kill you, I…I have to…”Tom passed her the gun, then collapsed, sobbing, into her arms.“Justine, I’m sorry.I don’t know what came over me.”

Porto stared in astonishment at his control box.“I-I don’t understand it.We’ve lost contact with the assassin.”

The news caused Michael and Sally to attack with renewed vigour, beating Rigard and Elgar again and again.Jesse and Nicola similarly laid into the Piranatrons, leaving them battered and beaten.

“I’ve had enough of this!”Rigard decided,“Let’s get out of here.”They vanished.

Some time later, Justine was waiting in the lounge when Tom came in.“How are you?”she asked.

Tom shook his head, looking uncertain.“Fine, I think.Alpha’s managed to remove all trace of that conditioning from my mind.It shouldn’t happen again.I’m sorry I…”

“You’ve nothing to be sorry for,”Justine replied,“It wasn’t you that tried to kill Zordon.It was you that had a gun pointed at me and didn’t fire.”

He sat down next to her and kissed her tenderly.“I could never hurt you.No matter what they do to me, I could never do that.”

Next Episode:

A new villain!

Some new zords!

And probably the Rangers' worst day ever.

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This one marks the end of the fifth series and having got here without receiving a single comment I have to ask whether anyone wants to read the sixth.Speak up if you do, if you don't, don't worry, I won't be offended.

EPISODE SEVEN: “Wrecking Havoc”

Tom entered the Power Chamber and smiled at Alpha.“Well-I’m here.Time for our weekly systems check.”

“It couldn’t come sooner,”Alpha replied,“This thing was built in a bit of a hurry.”

“System failure is rife,”Zordon added,“We may have to shut down to carry out repairs.”

Tom sighed.“Let’s just hope Divatox doesn’t launch an attack in the meantime.”

Divatox glared at her underlings-Elgar, Rigard and Porto.“Run that by me again, Porto.”

“Someone is travelling here inter-dimensionally,”Porto replied,“But we don’t know who.”

“When will they get here?”asked Elgar.

At that moment, a uniformed green-skinned humanoid appeared.“Round about now.”

Divatox stared at him.“Brother?”

The newcomer saluted.“General Havok at your service.”

Jesse was working at his garage when Sally and Nicola came in.“How are things?”Sally asked.

“Pretty good, actually,”Jesse replied,“Things are picking up.”

Nicola smiled.“I just hope nothing hideously terrible happens to disrupt things for a while.”

Divatox and Havok strode down a corridor in the sub.“So what can you do?”Divatox asked.

“I will use my Havokzord to attack the Rangers,”Havok replied,“I will destroy them for you.”

“Oh, attack by all means,”Divatox agreed,“But I have another scheme.We will attack the Power Chamber while the Rangers are occupied and destroy them all.”

Michael was wandering through the caravan park, checking everything was all right.Justine came running up.“Hi, Michael!So-how does it feel being master of all you survey?”

Michael grinned.“Yeah, it’s good to be running the place.Although I have to remind you I’m only part owner.”

“Well, you’re my new guardian so I guess that makes you all owner of me,”Justine added.

Michael was about to answer when his communicator went off.He answered that instead.“Michael here.”

Zordon’s voice came through.“There is a problem, Michael.Report to the Power Chamber.”

“On my way.”Michael glanced at Justine and they both worked their teleporters.

Michael and Justine appeared in the Power Chamber.Sally, Jesse, Nicola and Tom were already waiting. “So, now we’re all here, what’s the panic?”asked Jesse.

“General Havok,”replied Zordon,“Divatox’s brother.”

“We’re detecting his presence nearby,”Alpha explained,“It seems he’s about to attack Summer Bay.”

Michael nodded.“Right.We’ll wait it out.Tom, prepare the Turbo Megazord for action.”

Havok sat at the controls of the Havokzord.“Power up.All systems operational.”He smiled.“More than a match for the poor Power Rangers.”

The alarms went off in the Power Chamber.“This is it!”Tom cried,“Havok’s using his own zord to attack Summer Bay.”

“Then we’ll deal with him,”Michael replied.

“Be careful, Blue Ranger,”Zordon warned,“Havok is a fearsome adversary.”

“Understood.”Michael adopted a suitable pose.“Shift into turbo!”

“Wind Chaser Turbo power!”cried Sally.

“Desert Thunder Turbo power!”shouted Nicola.

“Doom Star Turbo power!”summoned Justine.

“Mountain Blaster Turbo power!”ordered Michael.

“Red Lightning Turbo power!”snapped Jesse.

The Turbo Megazord appeared in front of the Havokzord.“You haven’t a hope, Havok,”Michael cried, “Stand down and surrender.”

Havok laughed.“No chance, Blue Ranger.”

The Havokzord opened fire.The Turbo Megazord dodged the blasted and loosed off a shoulder cannon. The beam ploughed into the Havokzord but barely scratched it.“It’s got some sort of armour!”Nicola cried.

“Is there any way of penetrating it?”asked Sally.

Justine checked her controls.“I’m trying to find one.”

Suddenly, the Havokzord whipped out a cable which attached itself to the Turbo Megazord.“I don’t know how,”Jesse admitted,“but it’s draining our power!”

The Turbo Megazord dropped to its knees.“Evacuate!”Michael ordered,“Immediate evacuation!”

The Rangers vanished from their collapsed zord.

Divatox laughed maniacally as she saw what had happened.“Perfect!I might not even need to destroy the Power Chamber.”

“Shall we call off the Piranatrons?”asked Rigard.

“No,”Divatox replied,“Continue assembling them.I shall lead the attack myself.”

In the Power Chamber, Michael looked up at Zordon.“We couldn’t stop him, Zordon.He drained our energy.”

“He drained your energy because you attacked as one,”Zordon replied,“Five may stand a chance.They may.”

“We don’t understand, Zordon!”Sally cried.

“He means the Rescuezords,”Tom explained,“We developed them recently.They function individually, not as a Megazord.”

“It’ll be hard fighting that thing separately,”Jesse noted.

“But it’s our only chance,”Justine pointed out,“Otherwise he could drain us.”

“We have to try,”Nicola insisted.

Michael gave the order.“Back to action!”

The five Rescuezords, which were shaped as rescue vehicles, zoomed into battle against Havok.“It’s no use, Rangers,”he called,“Surrender now or you will die!”

“Never!”Michael shouted,“Fire all weapons!”

The Raners fired but to no effect.“Concentrate the fire!”Justine shouted.

“Aim for the right knee!”Jesse added.

Five energy beams struck home bit it barely scratched the Havokzord.“We need to find a weak spot,”Sally realised,“Or we’re doomed.”

Divatox, Elgar, Rigard and a squad of Piranatrons appeared next to the Power Chamber.“So what do we do?”Elgar asked,“Blast our way in?”

“Don’t be a fool,”Rigard retorted,“The Power Chamber’s in another dimension.”

“But the old Command Centre building is the gateway,”Divatox reminded them,“And with Porto’s gadgets and with the defences down we should be able to walk straight in.Let’s move out.”

Nicola looked up from her controls and gave a cry of joy.“Michael, I’ve got it!I’ve got the weak point!”

“Well don’t keep us in suspense!”Michael encouraged.

“That thing it used to drain the Turbo Megazord-it’s a power syphon.If we can channel enough power into it, the thing will explode.”

“But where do we get all that power from?”Sally asked.

“From the town’s power lines,”Justine realised,“We’ve got to link them into the Rescuezords.”

“Leave it to me,”Jesse told them.He used his zord to drill a hole in the ground, exposing power cables.The zords all extended levers into it, tapping into the power.

“Now!”Michael shouted,“Concentrate your fire, continuous burst.”

The zords all fired at the power syphon.Havok struggled with the controls.“Warning!”sounded a computer voice,“Systems are overloading.”

“Gotta get out!”Havok realised.But before he could do anything, the Havokzord exploded around him.

Tom cheered.“They did it!”

“Indeed, Tom,”agreed Zordon,“Another victory for the Power Rangers.”

At that moment, the doors blew inwards and Divatox, Elgar, Rigard and the Piranatrons entered.“Oh, hurrah,”Divatox sneered,“But I’m afraid you haven’t won this time.”

“What are you doing here?”Alpha demanded.

“We’re putting an end to your interference,”Rigard snarled.

“Starting with the mighty Zordon.”Divatox took out a device and fired it at Zordon’s life capsule.Zordon’s features disappeared and reappeared inside the device.

“What have you done with him?”Tom demanded.

“Zordon is my prisoner.And I know some people who would be very interested in him.”

“Right!”Elgar cried,“Now let’s tear it apart.”The villains sprung into action, smashing everything they could find, while Tom and Alpha watched on helplessly.

The Power Rangers stood over Havok’s remains.“So much for General Havok,”Jesse noted.

Suddenly, their costumes disappeared.“What’s going on?”Sally asked.She quickly checked herself over. “Our morphers are gone.So are our communicators.”

“That means we can’t teleport,”Nicola realised,“We’ve lost all contact with the Power Chamber.”

Justine gestured to the empty space behind them.“Even our zords have disappeared.We’ve got to get out there.”

“We’ll have to go by car,”Michael decided,“Come on, follow me.”

The Rangers drew up at the former site of the Power Chamber.There was no sign of the building-only Tom and Alpha surrounded by Divatox and her cronies.“What have you done?”Michael demanded.

Divatox laughed.“I’ve destroyed the Power Chamber.I only have to destroy you-and then Earth is mine.”

Suddenly, a voice boomed around them.“Divatox!There is no time for this!”An enormous black horned being materialised, looming over them.

“What is that?”Nicola asked.

“Dark Spectre,”Alpha replied,“Lord of evil.”

Dark Spectre continued speaking.“The conquest of Earth is unimportant.Bring Zordon to me immediately.”

“But, Dark Spectre,”protested Divatox.

“I said immediately!”

Divatox sighed.“Next time, Rangers.”She and her followers vanished.

“They’ve gone!”Tom realised,“They’ve left Earth.”

“Yeah,”Justine confirmed,“And they’ve taken Zordon with them.”

“And I can’t see this Dark Spectre being much good to anyone, anywhere,”Jesse added.

“We’ve got to get after them,”Sally decided,“But how?”

“The Power Shuttle,”Alpha replied,“The Power Chamber silo’s untouched, it’ll still be there.But what will we do?How can we stop them without your powers?”

“We’ll improvise,”Michael decided,“You’d better show us.”

Michael, Sally, Jesse, Nicola, Tom, Justine and Alpha sat at the controls of the Power Shuttle.“Goodbye, Earth,”said Michael as they lifted off,“We’ll be back soon, I promise.But first we’ve got a job to do. Wherever you are, Dark Spectre-we’re going to stop you.”


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