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Advanced Downtime Warning

Guest Chris J

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I'm going to be moving the forum (and the rest of the site) to a new host in the coming weeks. Sadly, this means there may be some significant downtime while this is carried out. We've never had to move the forum to a new server when it's been this large, so I don't have any idea how difficult a task it's going to be. But I'm estimating a good two or three days of downtime... knowing this site and its luck it could well be more... while everything is moved over.

I'll give more details nearer the time, but the process will most likely begin within the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience of this, but hopefully it'll mean we'll be able to start the new year on a newer, faster host with less downtime and less IPB Server Errors. And that can only be good. :)

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Can I just recommend that any fanfic authors, graphic makers etc back up their work on their own PCs. I doubt we'll actually lose anything but if in the unlikely case that we do, at least you have your things to repost them. Please pass word on to the people who's work you regulary read, look at etc also. Like I say it's unlikely but I'd rather everyone took precautions rather than lose precious work.


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