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Barefoot Jodi Spruiks Shoes

Guest **Julie**

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Barefoot Jodi spruiks shoes

Herald Sun

December 16 2008

COLLINGWOOD-based fancy footwear seller Tony Bianco has found a novel way to sell shoes - don't show them.

As this exclusive picture shows, Home and Away hottie Jodi Gordon is Bianco's first celebrity ambassador.

Gordon shot the ad in Melbourne on Saturday.

"I am definitely one of those Sex and the City girls," she said. "I work my outfits from the shoes up, so this is perfect for me."

Gordon said she and her boyfriend, media heir Ryan Stokes, were planning a Christmas break overseas.

"We are going somewhere cold and that is all I will say," she said. "Ryan is great. We are both great. We are happy and are looking forward to Christmas and New Year and spending time with our friends and family.''


I'll scan the photo that's in the paper as soon as I get a chance. :)

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Jodi Gordon stokes up media options

The Sunday Telegraph

January 25, 2009


Like Sarah Murdoch and Erica Packer, Jodi Gordon is on track to become a member of Australia's elite group of media mogulettes.

The actor and former model is the squeeze of Ryan Stokes - heir to a media empire that includes Seven Network and Pacific Magazines.

Such is their dynamic and passionate relationship that they are regularly surrounded by speculation of marriage proposals.

"If my boyfriend says I look beautiful, I don't need anything else for the whole night,'' Gordon has said.

She put her model career on hold to play Martha in Home and Away in 2004, but is now back at it, as this shot shows, promoting Tony Bianco heels.

"I love modelling and I love acting,'' Gordon, 23, said. "I think I'm lucky to get to do both. Home and Away is my priority and consumes the majority of my time. However, when great projects come up, you make time for them.''

Gordon has dated Stokes for almost two years. The pair spent Christmas/New Year holidaying overseas.

"Ryan is great,'' she said, of the son of media mogul Kerry Stokes.

"We are both great. We are happy.''


She looks so good... as usual :P

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I take comfort in the fact that that photo has been completely airbrushed otherwise I may just feel a teency bit jealous right now. :P

Yes. Yes. Just keep telling yourself that, keep those jealousy demons away. :P Although on the down side, I don't think Jodi needed that much airbrushing. Damn it. :P

Stunning pic :wub:. Thanks for that article Julie. :)

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