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Life On The Inside (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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I’m a bit surprised you decided to go down this route Red Ranger. The impression you gave with your posts was that you’d had enough of Aden/Belle/Adelle etc. It will be interesting to see how he copes with life behind bars and how his imprisonment will affect people such as Nicole and Belle. What also intrigues me is if your frustration with the character is reflected in the storyline or whether you try to approach it from a more balanced viewpoint and simply portray him as you felt an impartial writer should have done.

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^^Well, that's the million dollar question, old friend.I like to think I try my best to be impartial but a fiction is always coloured by the author's perception of characters and events.My main reason for writing the story was because, as I've mentioned elsewhere, I felt the writers didn't deal with the consequences of what they'd set up properly so I thought I'd show an alternative way of dealing with it. One of my rules has always been to stay true to the characters as established in the show and I hope everyone will feel, by the end of this, that I've portrayed Aden and others in a way that is fair and accurate.(It's also interesting that I find certain characters a lot less irritating in my stories than I do in the show.Probably because they're doing what I tell them but I do find poking around in their heads and rearranging things quite therapeutic.)

Hope that didn't sound too pretentious.And I've started calling people old friend, as if I'm Optimus Prime or something.Hopefully the next update will be along shortly.

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Optimus Prime??? :unsure: Megatron was far better and besides he crushed Prime with his bare hands.

I haven’t been posting on Back To The Bay for very long and when I started coming here, I only looked at the UK Discussion Thread. I thought your posts did stand out because they were quite informative and more importantly impartial. Where a lot of people (myself included) would express emotion in regards to certain characters you would generally tend to stick to summarizing the episode and perhaps give a balanced view of certain events. I thought they were so unbiased, at first I couldn’t tell which characters you liked and which ones you didn’t. And I had thought you had been impartial up until the last few weeks when I noticed you complain (more than once) about certain characters *cough* *cough*. Then to my surprise I saw the deprecation thread with your name as the starter. What was even more surprising was reading what you had to say. Don’t get me wrong because everyone is entitled to dislike whoever they wish as the characters are ficticous but because you had been so impartial previously, I didn’t think it was possible for you to dislike a particular character so much. Anyway, each to his own.

In regards to the actual storyline what will also be interesting to see what the hardcore Aden/Belle/Adelle fans think of this. This will probably give some indication of how well the characters have been portrayed, although I hope there isn’t too much disappointment if the ending doesn't go according to how they'd hoped.

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