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Best Way To Save Avatars

Guest champagne_char

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Hey guys,

sorry if this is a really obvious question and has been answered already but what is the best way to save a photo to an avatar? I know there are a couple of websites you can use, but I have seem to have forgotton them and Im really not great with computers so any help would be appreciated! (what im trying to do is copy a pic from one of these threads onto my avatars!)

Any help appreciated, thanks guys!

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Right click the picture, select save picture as, select a folder in my pictures, give the file a name (the file type will be a .png )

Then using Photobucket (www.photobucket.com) login or register

then once you are logged in, click on the upload button, select the avatar. Once it is uploaded you will probably be prompted to add tags (i always skip this step). All you do then is copy the link Not the img info and paste it into the edit avatar thingy. (Be careful that you check you only have 1 lot of the "http://" or it won't work).

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