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It's Not Over

Guest Traceve

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Story Title: It's Not Over

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Eve (Zoe), Tracey, Jazz, Charlie, Jack, Angelo and Peter.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama, lots of Drama.

Does story include spoilers: Unforunatly not.

Any warnings: The only warning is that this fic obviously contains a lesbian pairing, I understand some people feel uncomfortable reading that kind of thing, so this is your warning. :wink:

Summary: Set two years after the explosion at Jack and Martha’s wedding. What if they had of survived and what if they had been planning their return all this time?


I made the banner, hence why the blending sucks. :blush:

I made a video to help promote the fanfic… I love making videos though and I was going do a Eve/Tracey one anyways… lol but I made this one especially for this fic.

You can watch it here on youtube.


Two years ago…

Eve opened her eyes slowly, her hand reached up to her head, she felt as though she had hit her head when she ducked. She rubbed it softly. Panic suddenly went through her body, Tracey, where was Tracey! Eve sat up slowly and looked around, it was then she saw her, limp and lying beside her.

Eve gently shook Tracey, “wake up,” she thought, “wake up.”

Then it hit her, if anyone from the Bay saw she was alive, she’d certainly be locked away with the rest of her life, and most likely separated from Tracey. Eve glanced up at Martha stumbling around and immediately laid down beside Tracey, trying to act dead. She had already lost Sarah, she didn’t want to loose Tracey too. Eve watched as Martha eventually went to the other side of the barn looking for Jack. Eve shook Tracey one more time. Tracey slowly opened her eyes and coughed.

“Ssh, we have to get out of here before anyone sees us. Come on, I’ll help you,” Eve stood up and gently pulled Tracey up.

“I hope Peter’s finally dead, stupid moron," Tracey muttered.

“We have more important things to worry about than Peter being alive or not.”

Tracey nodded, “You’re right, let’s just concentrate on getting out of here alive.”

Eve guided Tracey though the debris, past the residents who were too busy worrying about their numerous injuries to notice them walking right past them. Eve lead them right outside, just a few metres from the Police car Tracey had stolen.

“Wait, let me get a good look at you first to see if you’re all right.”

“That can wait till we get into the car,” Tracey took a few steps towards the car, when she realized Eve wasn’t following her, she stopped and turned around.

“Not till I see if you’re all right,” Eve told her.

“Trust me, I’m fine. Hurry before someone sees you.”

Eve paused for a few moments, but followed Tracey to the car. As they climbed in Eve gently rubbed her head again.

“Did you hurt yourself? Let me take a look,” Tracey brushed Eve’s mop of curls out of the way and ran her finger very gently over the cut, “You’ve got a nasty cut.”

Eve winced, she pulled down the mirror and had a look herself,” I’ll fix that later on. One of the many wonders of being a nurse,” Eve smirked, she paused and then continued on. “Are you sure you’re all right? Any cuts?”

“None, I guess I was out of it for a moment there, but other than that I’m fine.”

“Did anyone see us leave?”

Tracey shook her head,” Not that I saw.”

“Good, we’ll go on a little holiday, just you and me and then we’ll come back just when they start to think their safe again.”

“Haven’t you just had your revenge?” Tracey asked, she didn’t want to ask this question as she knew Eve would get all defensive, but she had to ask.

“Yes, but almost everyone just walked out of there. No one died.”

“What about all the emotional scars you just gave them?”

“Not the same thing, I’m doing this all for Sarah.”

“What about me Eve?”

“Trace, you know I love you,” Eve smiled gently, she then kissed her and said, “But, I won’t rest until every single one of them is six feet under.”

Tracey nodded,” All right, we’ll come back here with a whole new plan and try again. Where shall we go for our holiday?”

Eve lent back into the seat,” Darwin."

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Yay! A new Eve story. It's been such a long time since I've seen one.

It's always good to see more Eve/Tracey since we got nothing on the show.

Zoe was a smart little one pretending to be dead when Martha walked past.

Love Eve and Traceys relationship. Especially how Eve was so worried about her. It was so sweet how she didn't want to move till she saw her properly. Also love that you didn't forget Sarah as well.

I laughed at how they were talking about going on holiday then coming back to get revenge. Especially the way Eve said that like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Please update soon.

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Especially the way Eve said that like it was the most normal thing in the world.

:lol: I didn't even realize till you said that... now it just makes me think Eve is even more evil than we were lead to believe.

Thanks guys for the comments :) This is my first Eve/Tracey fic in almost a year... I haven't forgotten them... :wub: ... :(


Two years later....

It was the 14th of July when Eve first approached the subject of going back to Summer Bay. Tracey wasn't too keen on the idea, she had hoped Eve had forgotten all about it.

"Think about it Trace, we can finally get rid of Peter Baker!" Eve laughed, she was excited at the opportunity to visit her favorite detective.

Tracey looked puzzled," I thought he died?"

"I read a newspaper article on the Internet, he was in Witness Protection," Eve explained.

"Oh yeah, I remember he told me about that before the wedding. Eve what makes you think he'd still be in the Bay now? After all, all this happened two years ago."

"We both know Sally will still be there, she'd never leave the Bay."

"What do you have against Sally?"

"I didn't like the way she talked about Sarah," Eve bitterly said.

Tracey sighed, she hated how she always felt as though Eve would never love her the way she loved Sarah.

"Trace? What's wrong?" Eve sat down next to Tracey on the bed.

"Am I always going to be second best to you?"

Eve smiled gently, "You're not second best. Sarah is in my past. You're my present and future."

"If Sarah is in your past then why not let it rest?"

"I will, once Summer Bay has paid."

"Promise me something," Tracey said softly.

Eve nodded," Anything."

"If we go back and make them pay, will you let it rest?"

Eve nodded again," Yes."

"Ok then, we're going back to Summer Bay," Tracey smiled.

Two days later their apartment was empty and the car was packed. Tracey climbed into the driver’s side, and Eve the passengers side. Eve handed Tracey a box.

Tracey looked at Eve," What's in it?"

"Open it."

Tracey ripped off the wrapping paper and frowned.

"What's wrong?"

"Wigs, you bought me wigs."

"Once we leave here we’re going to need them."

"Even though everyone thinks we're dead?"

"Of course, someone might recognize us."

"Right. I would have made a pretty lousy cop," Tracey laughed.

Tracey pulled the red wig on and Eve put the dark brown one on.

An hour later Eve turned on the radio, she changed channels at least six times before finally settling on one. She tapped her fingers on the dashboard in time with the song that was playing. It was times like these that reminded Tracey how much energy Eve had.

Eve turned to Tracey, "How long have we been on the road?"

Tracey glanced down at the clock, "An hour."

"Are you sure it's only been an hour? It feels like it's been sixteen hours. Maybe the clock is broken," Eve tapped the clock gently with her finger.

"Eve, it's only been an hour, if it had been more than sixteen we wouldn't still be in the Northern Territory.”

Eve sighed and changed the radio station again.

“Do you want me to pull over so you can run laps around the car till you’re out of energy?”

Eve laughed, “No, sorry, I just get really bored during car trips.”

“I know, last time we drove this far it was at night and you ended up turning on the headlights up to full beam to annoy on-coming cars.”

“We only ended up scaring one though,” Eve pointed out.

Tracey laughed. Eve undid her seatbelt and lent into the backseat, she began going through the garbage bags. She emptied two before Tracey saw what she was doing.

“I spent ages packing them. What are you doing?”

“Looking for something,” Eve replied as she tore open another garbage bag and tipped it upside down.

Tracey rolled her eyes,” Looking for what?”

“My red nail polish, I thought I might paint my toes and fingers. I’m bored.”

“It’s in the small black case in the boot. All the make-up is in that case.”

Eve sat back down and grinned, “You’re so organized.” She kissed Tracey on the cheek.

“No kissing the driver, it’s distracting!”

“How long have we been on the road?”

“You asked me that ten minutes ago,” Tracey groaned. It was going to be a long drive.


I only just realized how much of that is just pure talking :o Next update I'll try to minimize the amount of just talking and focus on actual writing.

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I love how normal they are with each other. Like Tracey being insecure about Eves past girlfriend, laughing together, Eve wanting to paint her nails and getting bored with the long drive. You kinda forget for a while that they are two pyshcopaths planning on terrorizing a whole town. You make them seem more human. And I can't help but want them to succeed with their plan for Summerbay.

Loved Eves excitement over seeing Peter again.

My favourite part was the talk between them about Sarah.

I love lots of dialogue. So that made this update even more better.

Quick question. Is Peter with Amanda in this fic?

I'm really enjoying this fic. Please update soon.

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Peter will defiantly be with Amanda, they're one of my favourite couples :D

Thank you for such a thorough review! This update is full of dialogue again, but I can't really help it, it's just the way I write. :lol:

I hope everyone enjoys this chapter :) I'm updating soooo soon because I just love this pairing and am excited to be writing about them again after such a long break.


Tracey and Eve drove past the "Welcome to Summer Bay sign" at half past twelve. They had taken twice as long as they should have because Tracey had to keep on stopping for Eve's permanently overflowing bladder.

"Can you pull over?" Eve asked.

Tracey frowned," We pulled over an hour ago. Can't you wait till we get to the house?"

Eve shook her head," No, there are some public toilets right over there," she pointed out the window.

"Fine, last stop before we get there. I swear, you need to have some tests done," Tracey parked the car and climbed out. She watched as Eve raced over to the toilets. Tracey adjusted her wig and glanced around at their surroundings, it looked exactly the same as it had when they were last here. Tracey watched a young blonde teenager, an older woman wearing a police uniform and a man who Tracey assumed was the girls Dad walk along the sand talking in depth.

"I feel better now," Eve wrapped her arms around Tracey and nuzzled her neck.

"Do you remember them?" Tracey asked nodding towards the pair.

"No, they must have moved here after we left."

“I’m starting to have second thoughts about just wearing our wigs, what if someone does recognize us?”

“Trace, no-one will be looking for dead women, but we can buy some reading glasses or something soon just to be safe, ok?”

Tracey nodded and turned around. She kissed Eve, "All right, now that you've emptied you're bladder can we go to the house now?"

"Yes," Eve laughed as she climbed back into the car.

Tracey drove up the driveway and parked the car. She stared at the house and raised her eyebrows.

Eve looked at the house and frowned, "The brochure made it sound a lot more exciting."

"They always do, which is why this house looks like someone’s regurgitated breakfast."

"Maybe we could fix it up... for starters put the front door on its hinges."

"On one condition," Tracey smirked.

"What's that?"

"You wear overalls."

Eve laughed," You're so bad."

Tracey grinned and climbed out of the car, “It’s in a good spot though, not too far out of town to be in no mans land, but not too far into town so we have to see a lot of people every day walk past.”

“The perfect location then,” Eve smirked, “We should start our planning soon.”

“We? You planned the whole thing last time, apart from being arrested and getting blown up for the second time. If things had worked out the way they should have we wouldn’t be here right now.”

“This time nothing like that will happen, it’ll be fool proof.”

“I still can’t believe they put sparklers on their wedding cake,” Tracey muttered shaking her head.

By three o’clock Eve and Tracey had finished unloading all the boxes and bags into the house. They had unpacked the bare essentials and were now hungry. Tracey has suggested they go to the diner and buy some take away food, but be in and out without talking to anyone. Eve wasn’t sure it was a good idea, what if someone recognized them?

“We’ll just order some food, we’ll be in and out,” Tracey pleaded with her. Eve gave in.

They walked over to the diner, but it wasn’t there.

“Someone’s moved the diner,” Tracey looked puzzled, “It used to be right here.”

A young blonde teenager who was carrying a surfboard under his arm walked over to the two women.

“I’m Geoff, are you looking for the Pier Diner?”

Eve looked at Tracey,” I guess so. Where is it?”

Geoff pointed to his left,” It’s about a five-minute walk that way. Are you new in town?”

“Yeah, we got sick of living in the city. Isn’t that right Erin?” Tracey gently put her foot on Eve’s.

“Yes, the city is too noisy. Isn’t it Terry” Eve smirked at her. Tracey pulled a face at her fake name.

“We’ll I guess I’ll see you guys around then,” Geoff turned to leave.

“Wait,” Eve called after him,” Does Sally Fletcher still live here?”

Geoff shook his head,” She’s left. Why? Are you friends of hers?”

“No, we’ve just heard so much about her is all.”

Geoff ran after a young brunette girl and walked beside her.

Eve turned to Tracey,” Erin? Seriously?”

Tracey rolled her eyes, “It was the first name that popped into my head that started with E.”

Five minutes later Tracey and Eve were in the pier diner waiting for their order to be cooked. They only recognized three people in there, Belle, Irene and Leah.

Eve sat down at one of the tables and nodded at the other chair for Tracey to sit down.

“I guess after two years I should have expected to see new faces, but I never thought Sally would have left,” Eve said, her voice barley above a whisper.

“She probably got sick of all the drama,” Tracey laughed.

Belle walked over to their table,” Excuse me, have you both ordered?”

Eve nodded,” We’re just waiting for it to be ready.”

“I’m sorry about the wait, we’re a bit understaffed today. The flu’s going around at the moment,” Belle explained.

“It’s fine, can you please add a flat white to the order?” Tracey asked.

Belle nodded, “You’re order should be ready in about ten minutes.” She quickly disappeared back into the kitchen.

“How did you come up with Terry?” Tracey whispered.

“I just used a couple of the letters from your name and rearranged them. Similar to Maxine.”

“It took Peter ages to work out what Maxine Trood meant,” Tracey laughed.

Belle came out of the kitchen carrying their order. She placed the bag on the table,” Here you go.”

“Thanks,” Tracey replied taking the coffee from Belle.

Once Belle had disappeared back into the kitchen again Eve smirked at Tracey,” Let’s start our planning after we’ve eaten. I’m famished.”

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“I still can’t believe they put sparklers on their wedding cake,” Tracey muttered shaking her head.

I burst out laughing at that one. Wasn't expecting the cake to get a mention.

Seriously the way you are writing this two I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a fluffy fic about their relationship only. Love the way they tease each other and the humor you add in it. The interaction between this two is truly a pleasure to read.

Belle made an appearance. Thats always a good thing for me.

Once again I enjoyed all the dialogue.

Good to know Peter and Amanda are going to be together. If I can't see or even hear about them on the show atleast I have them in fanfiction.

Please update soon. Looking forward to it.

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Same as Jody, didnt expect the cake to get a mention neither :P What did Maxine Trood mean again?

Maxine Trood was the name Eve used when she came back the last time around. Peter spent ages trying to figure out what it mean't. It was an anagram for I AM NEXT DOOR.

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