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Help With Avatars

Guest Adelle_fan1000

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So im sure alot of people dont have photoshop or any other sort of Method to make avatars.. well from the ones ive seen so far are great..

And i was just wondering if sum1 could make a thread and people can help themselves to all different avatars.. Whether it be Adelle avatars or Geoff and Nicole ones..

As long as they give the credit to the person who made it... Im sure it will help lol

I dont have photoshop and wouldnt mind some different avatars lol.. same with other people..

Please dont delete my topic or lock it for now.. just wondering about my Suggestion and all..

Thanks :)

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To be honest, we don't need one IMO, if you want a new av you can browse around the threads in there and ask the artist to use one, or you could use one from the gallery, or you could get one from another forum if you hace permission, so I don't really see the need to have a specific thread tbh...

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