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I don't know if there is a thread on here for teenagers so if there is feel free to delete this one.

I thought I would make one as there aren't as many teenagers on here as adults I don't think and I thought us teenagers can have a place to talk. So feel free to say what you want about anything.

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My sister gets off on the 23rd of December and goes back on the 7th of Janurary. It's ****. We always used to get off then too. The day before Xmas eve? Come on...

I miss Australia. Christmas in the Summer is so much cooler than Christmas in the winter.

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I'm from Australia. and in primary school and up till year 8 we got off on the 23rd, which sucks, it leaves no time for Xmas shopping or relaxing before the Xmas rush <_< but i much prefer getting off around the 5th of Dec. even if we do have to sit through 5 exams...

and Cerise i totally agree. i spent Xmas in England a few years back and i much prefer Australia in the Summer then England in the winter, a white Xmas was a nice thing to experience, but in the summer there's picnics, swimming and just being outside :)

i don't know if it's just me, but do things seem so muchh happier when it's sunny :P:lol:

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