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Cockle Shells

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Title: Cockle Shells

Characters: Aden, Nicole, Geoff, Roman, Morag.

Story length: One-shot.

Rating: (T)

Genre: Family, Comedy

Warnings: None.

Spoilers: None

Summary: It's christmas morning at the beachouse, Nicole gets a gift she never wanted, Aden gets a gift that wasn't his and Roman and Morag will be getting two new residents under their roof.

A/n- This is just a small one-shot to join in with the christmas spirit, hope you like it :)


“Hide me!”


“Hide me!”

Roman looked up confused as Nicole bolted into the house and vaulted over the couch to hide behind his back. Roman did his best to turn and look at her oddly, “Hide you from what?”

“Shh, he won’t know I’m here.”

Roman shared a look with Aden who was sitting, still in his sleep shorts and a Santa hat spread-eagled under the faux Christmas tree. “What is she talking about?” Roman asked.

“I thought you were at Geoff’s?” a third voice interceded as Morag entered the room nursing three cups of hot chocolate with pink marshmallows and a pair of antlers firmly in place across her head.

“Yeah,” Aden added with a grin, shaking a small wrapped box next to his ear and trying to work out what lay inside, Roman had a strict rule, ‘no presents until after breakfast' policy and his French toast was still browning. “What did BibleBoy get you?”

Nicole glared at him through a gap in Roman’s arms, “None of you business.” She snapped.

Aden grinned wickedly, “Ooh, something you can’t talk about in front of the ‘rent’s huh?” he jerked his head in Morag’s direction as she placed down their mugs.

“Right?” Nicole asked sarcastically, “So for what exact reason did you not come home last night? Early Christmas present much. Belle’s a great gift giver.”

Aden opened his mouth to snap back a reply when there was a knock on the door. Nicole squeaked dropping to the ground and instead hiding behind Roman’s legs. Morag looked at her with a quizzical frown. “Don’t let him in.” The blonde squeaked.

Aden grinned, yelling loudly, “I’ll get it.” He practically skipped over to the door and opened it wide, Geoff stood at the threshold, looking like a fish out of water. “Geoffery!” Aden cried, “Do come in.”

“Uh…is Nicole here?” he asked softly, his hands were behind his back and he was squirming uncomfortably.

“Yes.” Morag, Roman and Aden all answered at the same time.

Nicole winced, muttering under her breath, “I hate you all.”

“Nic?” Geoff started slowly and gently

“Don’t!” she cried bouncing to her feet and holding out a hand. “Don’t.”

“For goodness sake,” Morag cried her half empty stocking in her hand. “What is it?”

Geoff blinked at her innocently, before noting the curious looks form the other men in the room and slowly moving his hand to the front of his body and revealing the small fluffy bundle that filled his hands.

“Ack!” Nicole cried, stepping backwards hastily, “Keep it away from me.”

“Aww, Nicole,” Aden gushed, stepping forward and gently taking the prize that Geoff gingerly dumped into his hands, Aden pursed his lips grinning down at the small orange kitten with black stripes across its back and front, small socks of black covered each foot and the crown of the kitten’s head.

“He’s so cute.” Aden whispered, nursing the kitten into his arms like a baby and rocking him gently.

He didn’t notice everyone staring at him oddly until Geoff stuttered, “Its-it’s a girl.”

Aden looked up to spy, Roman, Morag and Nicole all looking at him with a mixture of fear and concern (and the slightest bit of disgust from the last) he frowned before looking back down at the kitten and bobbing him a bit more, “Hello Aden Junior.” He cooed.

Nicole stared at him scandalised, “It’s a girl!” she yelled.

Aden looked up at her slowly, pouting, he covered the kittens ears gently, with his hand, “Shh, she doesn’t mean it.”

“I thought you’d like her.” Geoff muttered, tucking his hands into his pockets.

Nicole looked at him, saying dryly, “I’d like, to throw her in a sack and then off a bridge.”

Aden gasped. She glared at him before pointing to the kitten, “Take it back.” She said.

Aden gasped. “You can’t take it back,” Geoff said, “It doesn’t come with a receipt.”

“Geoff,” she said through gritted teeth, “either you take it back or I leave it in the middle of the road and see if it knows the way home.”

Geoff gulped, Aden glared, tucking the kitten closer into his chest. “Okay, “ Roman held up his hands, “How about a compromise?.” He suggested.

“Only if Nicole stays.” Aden said.

“I’m not going anywhere you idiot.” she said sarcastically.

They all looked at him confused; he nodded to the kitten, “I meant her.” He said

“You can’t name it Nicole!” the human version snapped.

“Yes I can, she’s very catty you see,” there was a silence.

Crickets chirping.

A truck going by.

“As it catty, like bitchy but a pun, as in cat, it’s a kitten and its catty get it?” he asked defensively.

“I get it.” Roman said, “I’m just still trying to figure out why you said it.”

Crickets chirping

“Do you smell something burning?” Morag asked, titling her head up.

Roman jumped, “The toast,” he bolted form the room, following the source of smoke.

Nicole looked back at Geoff passing a disgusted look at Aden as he stood whispering into the kittens ear. “Get rid of it.” She said.

Geoff held up his arms protectively, “I’ve got a better idea.”


The three of them left the building happy, Aden still carrying Nicole (the feline version) Geoff had an arm around the other Nicole’s shoulders, her head resting on his chest, “He’s cute, how’d you know?”

Geoff grinned, “If you not a cat person your a dog person.” He smiled, Nicole grinned back at him, holding the puppy gently in her arms, his wet nose dampening her shirt.

“What are you going to name him?”

Nicole grinned wickedly across at Aden, “Guess.”

“Uh-oh,” Geoff sighed, “Nicole and Aden are going to get long like cat’s and dogs.”

Nicole looked at him, he winced, “That…came out wrong.”

“No pun intended,” Nicole offered, Geoff sighed as the puppy spied the kitten and his eyes narrowed, “Next year I’m getting you a gift card.” He sighed.


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