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I Am Not Dead

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Story Title: I am not Dead

Type of story: Short/Medium Fiction

Genre: Action,Drama

Main Characters: The Hunters plus their wife/husband

BTTB rating: G/T

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: May have a little bit of blood but that about it

Summary: The aftermath of the car crash, set in 2007-2009.

Hi I am new also I love writing!! espeically when I end up on a forum like this :lol:

As much as I love the hunters this fic will resolve around Beth Hunter for the first part, then Robbie,Mattie,Scott,Kit,Henry after.

Part 1 'Where am I, Who am I?'

Narrator (Beth): As some of may know me as the loving mother of my kids and also use to work at the surf club. On 23rd April 2007 (if anyone could tell me when Beth died it would help) I was involved in a tragic car accident which could of have cost my life, but thank to the lady who died by saving me, Wish she was here though if I died, I wouldn't be here telling you the story of that horrible tragic day.

4 months later.

Beth Hunter was lying in the coma after the car crash which almost took her life, she all of sudden opens her eyes but then she starts screming.

Beth: Get me out of here! please

Nurse jumped around to see Beth, running to calm her down

Nurse: You are in hospital

Beth: What? but I was in bed with Jack

Nurse: Do you know what your name is?

Beth: yes, Jane Parker

Nurse: I am going to give you some tablets which might help your head

Beth: Ok

Narrator (Beth): I couldn't believe it! I didn't know where I was, Who I was, it felt like if I have been brain wash, 6 months later I was finally better and already to go but one thing on my mind was Summer bay, nah since too much drama for me.

Christmas 2007.

I was lonely,sad,tired but my son Henry txted me which was very odd! didn't he know I was dead? maybe he got hopes that I am alive and well!

Well I guess I better go and try and think about talking to my son Henry!

Love you, Beth xoxox

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Thanks guys, I feel speical, thanks for the date Red Ranger 1 =)

Part 2: Robbie's story (life after Summer bay)

Narrator (Robbie): My name is Robbie Hunter as some you may know me as the geeky,smart and intelligent guy back home in Summer bay. (well it what my wife Tasha says hehehe) What a tragic day it was losing someone you really love and your mum =( but you know what they say, making sure you enjoy life while you can and that is what my mum did, she cared for us,lose her temper (some of the time) when she is upset or crazy,teachs us how to be indepent,loyal,trust the ones you know, Ok I'll shut up now and talk about New York.

Well life isn't the same here in New York than it was back in Summer bay! because of the lifestyle and more safer enviorment New York has (trust me Summer bay is scary with crazy killers on the loose)

Well I better go and catch up with the rest of my family.

PS: I Know my mum is watching me

Part 3: Mattie Story (Life in Perth)

I remeber the first day I came to the lovely seaside town as a 13 year old (14 couple months later though) and the brat of of all, then 4 years later down the track I lost my role model (my wonderful caring mother) so I was lost,going off the rails but I came round and started to move on, My Ric is perfect because just about everything is in him (sorry girls but he mine so you might have to find your Ric) but we did have up and down during our relationship but eventally he came to Perth and made out in my room at uni.

Well that all from me

PS: Can't believe how short life really is! =(

Part 4: Scott story (Life in France)

Some of you may know me as Scott Hunter? It's been two years since me and my wife hayley left summer bay, I know ay time goes fast! when I first heard my mum died i thought it was a joke but it wasn't! she was really dead and gone from us far too early, anyway let go to happy news! me and Hayley are expecting child number two it is also a girl (calling her beth after my late mother)

Anyway I know I haven't got much to say, but we will keep in touch soon ok

PS: I can't wait for our baby

Part 5: Kit Story: Life in the city

Hello my name is Kit Hyde (nee Hunter) and I am now married and have one son called Archie, he was born on the day my mother died (what a sad day to remeber someone you know died on your birthday!) but I didn't take it too well because one I was giving birth to my baby boy and the next thing I hear that my mother died so I haven't had the best year anyone has ever got!

Better go, baby Archie is hungry

PS: If someone dies that you love on your birthday, try and have fun on your birthday because that what I did when Archie turned 1.

Part 6: Henry Story: My life in the city

Well let say you guys would hardly even know me! because I left summer bay a year later after I first came here, When I got news that my mother died I refuse to believe it, my mother is tough,strong and won't give up without a fight so I began a little search, so far I havn't got anything or news about my mum

Catch you later

PS: Mum is still out there but don't know where.... wait it's a txt message... It mum

Beth catches up with her son

Henry tells his family to come for a meet up, but they don't know what shocking discovery they will see at Henry's flat

I hope you like my fic?

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Thanks guys for the lovely comments =)

Part 7: Beth & Henry meet up

Henry's flat: Nightime

Beth knocks on the door as Henry comes to open it, shock to see beth standing there. The two hugs

Beth: Look at you, all grown up and well!!

Henry: Thanks mum, you change too, what happened with that hair it's all brown & blonde and long!

Beth: Thanks sweetie, so can I come in?

Henry: Yes of course mum

Henry's lounge

Henry makes cup of coffee for Beth as she tells Henry the events of that tragic day.

Beth: You know on the news when they showed the arm?

Henry: Yea

Beth: That was the lady's arm who died by saving me

Henry: Woah so who was driving

Beth: Me, instead the lady jumps in front of me so I couldn't get hurt, eventally I did

Henry: man so I was right you would be alive

Beth: Yea you still don't give up hope don't you! But this is between you & me ok

Henry: Sure why?

Beth: Because everyone thinks I am dead!

Henry: True, maybe I'll invite everyone for dinner?

Beth: Maybe save that for Kit baby birthday!

Henry: Mum you know, Archie was born on the day you 'died'

Beth: really! poor Kit she must have found it so hard

Henry: Yea, eventally she came round

Beth: I better go

Henry: Why don't you stay here?

Beth: really? I don't want people to see me espeically Tony Holden!

Henry: Ok, Who Tony Holden by the way?

Beth: Never mind

3 months later (Archie's birthday)

It the day of another birthday, Henry opens the door and there was




Mattie & Ric

Henry: Ok guys take a seat in the lounge, Henry close the door so Beth can go upstairs

Mattie: Henry who was that just ran upstairs?

Henry: What? oh that a friend of mine

Kit: You hiding a serect are you? you got a new girlfriend?

Henry: Yea right!

Robbie: Well where the cake Henry?

Henry just getting it

Scott: Hey Henry any idea what you going to say for Archie? I thought we take him to see mum's grave?

Kit: Good idea

Henry: Nah maybe we shouldn't do that, wait I got to txt someone

Mattie: Ohh so you do have a girlfriend, is she hot?

Henry: Yea in your dreams

Beth is waiting for Henry to give the birthday cake, beth knocks on the door

Henry: Wait, I have a suprize for Archie

Henry opens the door, as beth walks in

Everyone is shocked.

Beth ask if Tony is single? she gets shock when she hears that he is married

Lucas arrives at Henry's and sees Beth! but what else has Beth got hiding?

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Thanks =)

Everyone is still looking at beth, as Hayley faints, Mattie is in tears and hugs her mum, Robbie,Kit,Scott stare looking still

Henry: I told you I was right arn't I!

Mattie: Mum, I miss you

Beth: I miss you to sweetie (giving mattie a kiss on the head)

Scott: Is this a dream or true?

Mattie: Shut up, it's real mum doesn't look dead

the rest of the Hunter clan and their spouse hug Beth as they all in tears.

the next day

Beth's room

Mattie wakes up cuddling beth, Mattie gets a question she doesn't want to answer

Beth: Mattie when I left did Tony go out with any girls?

Mattie: Umm no not a single one

beth: Woah! I was thinking that I should go back and tell him I want to marry him!

Mattie: I don't that is a good idea?

Beth: Why.. has he left Summer Bay?

Mattie: No he is still there expect for Lucas, Tony is married to Rachel

Beth: What!! but he said he wait until I got back

Mattie: yea but you died so he moved on

Beth: Well at Lucas can see me!

Mattie: Why?

Beth: You remeber when your aunty Joyce lost her baby at birth?

Mattie: Umm no

Beth: I found a really twisted discoverey

Mattie: Mum don't tell me that Lucas is your son or atleast related to us in a away

Beth: Yes sweetie he is my nephew and is your cousin, and Tony isn't his father it's your father

Mattie: What? Lucas going to be really hurt now

Beth: I know, anyway better get dress.

2 hours later.

Lucas Holden has just completed Uni for the day, but also he gets a shock when he finds his steap mum (Aunty) is alive.

Henry's flat

Lucas knocks on the door.

Beth opens it, Lucas is shock

Lucas: It's really you?

Beth: Yep, I am back from the dead

Henry's Lounge

Beth and Lucas talk about life after Summer bay and also beth tells him a serect which she wishes she hadn't found out

Beth: So how are you going in Uni?

Lucas: Really well, hard but you know it hard waking up so early

Beth: yea well you ask me what Uni was like! I was terrfiyed on my first day, Lucas I am going to tell you a serect that I just found out a year ago

Lucas: Ok sure

Beth: You can get angrey with me if you like?

Lucas: Sure, right? Beth I never thought of something I'd be angrey at you about

Beth: Well maybe you might this time round? When you were born my sister Joyce had a baby right at the same time as Kate, but couple of minutes later, the baby died

Lucas: So you are saying my mum is your sister, which makes you my aunty?

Beth: yes it does make me your aunty, but something else along the line, Jack who is my dead husband is your father

Lucas: Right, that is twisted because Tony will always be my dad

Beth: I understand that, and yes it a huge shock but if you need anything come and ask me

Lucas: Sure thanks aunty Beth, oh you think you could call me real mother?

Beth: Umm sure


The family all gather round and enjoy a good laugh & drink

Joyce comes to the city to meet Lucas, Beth also receives a shocking truth from Joyce about the night she got preganat

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I am not sure whether I should break up Tachel (since the Tachel fans will upset lol) because they I can do the last part where Beth actually returns to Summer Bay? anyway we will see how this goes :lol:

City Centre (The Park)

Beth,Lucas and mattie go for a walk to the park where they will meet Lucas real mum, Joyce.

Beth: Hi little sis

Joyce: hey Beth, long time no seen, I miss you so much when I thought you were dead

Beth: I miss you to, this is Lucas

Joyce: Hi Lucas

Lucas: Hi

Mattie: Hello Aunty Joyce

Joyce: Well look at you, hasn't my lovely niece grown up so fast

Beth: yes she has

Joyce: Ok enough talking ay, maybe me and Lucas could chat?

Beth: Yeah sure

Park seats

Lucas & Joyce sit down and chat about Lucas childhood

Lucas: When my mum died i thought I never have a proper mother, until Beth came along

Joyce: I felt the same too, I didn't know my son was alive, so how was school life?

Lucas: Great, got picked on alot when I was little, High School wasn't too bad

Joyce: Ohh poor you I wish I was there for you when you got picked on! but aleast you sorted them out

Lucas: haha yep, did you ever like school?

Joyce: Yea I was just the same as you when I was younger, but hated English & Infomation Managment gosh you ask me, zzzzzzzz Boring

Lucas: Haha just the same again, expect a teacher told me I couldn't write so I went very low

Joyce: What! did you tell the school? I am so sorry to hear that, as I am your mother I can just tell her to get lost

Lucas: You seem to be interesting, who my dad

Joyce: Well.... umm.. I think we should leave it until I tell Beth? since she is going to get upset

Lucas: Don't tell me it Jack!

Joyce: Yep you pretty much said it, but it the case that I liked him or not, he ws very mean to me

Lucas: Why what did he do to you?

Joyce: he raped me, but I never told Beth about it but I'll tell her once she gets back

Lucas: I am sorry you had to go through all that! it must be really hard

Joyce: yea, tell me about this Tony guy

Lucas: He is really cool, best dad I could ever ask but there one thing if you want him then you and Beth could fall out

Joyce: Far as I know Beth loves him, but I would like you meet my other kids

Lucas: Right, how many kids do you have?

Joyce; you wanna know? 6 kids and including you

Lucas: So that 7 altogether, woah do you ever know when to stop

Joyce: Haha I wish

Beth & mattie arrive back from the shops, Joyce gets ready to tell beth the night when he got preganat!, Lucas & mattie go for a walk

Joyce: Lucas is a really nice boy, so lovely and never thought he was ok about it

Beth: Yeah, so you want to tell me something?

Joyce: It's a long story, and you are not going to like this!

Beth: Umm ok, tell me

Joyce: You remeber when I got preganat, it not like I plan to have kids

Beth: Well it looks like something i haven't heard

Joyce: Yes! jack wasn't nice to me far as you know! when we I was coming out of bar Jack came towards me

Beth: Joyce did he hurt you?

Joyce begins to cry

Joyce: No he... raped me

Beth: Oh Joyce why did you tell me!

Joyce: because I was worried that you would hate me

Beth: Jack might be a good liar, but I would never take side with him, espeically when something horrible happens

Joyce: I was just so worried that he hurt me

Beth: Hey come here, is this why you never came to the farm

Joyce: Yea in a way

Beth: Well I am glad you told me!!

Joyce: Any plans going to summer bay?

Beth: Hell yes, Tony ask me to marry him

Joyce: Lucky you!

Beth & Joyce hug

Beth returns to summer bay, Tony gets the shock of his life when beth appears at the wedding who will Tony choose the mother of his kids? or his true love Beth?

preview for the next part

The Church

Tony & Rachel are about to do there vows, unkown to everyone Beth says 'Stop right there'

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Next part is up

Return to summer bay

The Hunters and Joyce & Lucas are shock when Beth says she is going to return to summer bay, but unkown to beth is that Rachel has kids and they are Tony's

Mattie: Mum whatever you do don't ruin Tony & Rachel wedding day!

Beth: Why? I love him, and that is not stopping me

Lucas: Just becaful aunty Beth, everyone thinks you are dead

Beth: Well thats good, anyway I better get going

Joyce: Sis are you sure, because I haven't forgot the last time you confess love to your ex boyfriend!

Beth: Well he isn't my ex

Robbie: Mum we don't want you end getting hurt again, espeically after that scum bag Sutherland did to you

Beth: Tony isn't like him, besides Tony is a millon times better than him

Beth takes the car and drives to summer bay

The Church

Tony & Rachel are about to do vows but an unexpected visitor stops it.

Beth opens the door and yells

Beth: Stop right there

Everyone looks behind them and gasp

Irene: OMG tell me this is a dream

Colleen: Ahhh is a ghost

Beth: I am back from the dead

Tony: Beth

Beth: Tony

tears flow down Beth & Tony's cheeks as they run towards eachother and hug, rachel looks upset

Rachel: Ok I am going to wait until this is sorted

Back of church

Beth & Tony chat

Beth: I miss you, I just couldn't let you go

Tony: Me too, but how did you know I was here?

Beth: Lucas told me, Remeber that day you ask me to marry you!

Tony: Yes I do, I have still got the ring but Kit has it

Beth: I love you so much, miss your hugs,kisses even when we are on the couch watching TV

Tony: Good old days, I am sorry I moved on! but you are my number one

Beth: I know, so are you

Beth gets a little box out of her pocket, it was the box that Tony has given Beth 2 years earlier

Tony: Can't believe you still got it

Beth: Tony Holden will you marry me?

Rachel see what is going on, she begins to cry and walks off

Beth: Rachel I didn't mean it!

Rachel: You notice that I am having his kids

Tony: Rachel just calm down, I am really sorry you have to go through this but I will always love Beth

Rachel: I know it just we are having kids

Beth: Rachel I am really sorry to do this on you

Rachel: It fine

Rachel walks off

Tony: Yes Beth I'll marry you

They both kiss and hug

5 months later

Beth & Tony marry in a white wedding tradition, Rachel gives birth to her baby

Beth: I am now Beth Holden and will always be until the day we both die

Tony: Let make a fresh start in the city

Beth: Actually I've got 2 plane tickets we are going to New Zealand

Tony: Woah ok sounds good

Beth: Also I am preganat, means we are having a baby

Tony: yay, Beth you are my perfect soulmate

The end

I have ran out of ideas for the next part because I felt that was the ending =) if it proves good ratings I'll think about a possible spin-off which will resolves around Robbie,Tasha,Ella


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