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Story title: Secrets

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Aden and Belle

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Any warnings: themes range from abuse, drug references, sexual references

Does story include spoilers: kind of

Is story being proof read: nope

Summary: Belle and Aden flirt then eventually embark on a relationship, will it work?

I'm starting a new story, this is set before Aden and Belle were together.

[...Here is a sneak peek...]

"Oh come you know you want me" Aden winked at Belle.

"Just get back to work or we'll both be in trouble!" Belle yelled at him.

"Oooh… so does that mean I'll have to be punished? Will you punish me?" Aden said in a cheeky voice.

"You're an idiot" Belle resumed washing the dishes.

"You love it" Aden gave a heartwarming smile. Despite Belle's constant bickering with Aden deep down she knew she had a crush on him. He had been working at the diner for over two months; he wasn't exactly a reformed citizen of Summer Bay. But that was about to change.

Let me know what you guys think? :)

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Chapter 1

“Aden…son are you home?” Larry had returned home from his shift, Aden’s dad was a security guard. He would work all day then come home and get trashed.

“Yeah dad, I’m home” Aden replied, he was trying to finish off his homework in his room, the place where years of abuse took place. He didn’t feel particularly safe in his room but it was better than sitting in the lounge room watching his dad intoxicate himself.

“Son” Larry opened the door which made Aden jump. He never knew would be at his bedroom door, was it another predator? Although his father never laid a hand on him he wasn’t able to trust adults, including his father.

“Yeah... Dad” Aden covered his school books with two surf magazines. He knew his father couldn’t give a damn about his studies but not only didn’t his father care Aden never had the time to study, he would either be with his mates causing trouble or taking care of his drunken father.

“What are you doing?” Larry was still wearing his work uniform, but Aden knew straight away what his father wanted but conveyed a curious look to his father.

“Mate, mind you mind going out and getting me a few beers for the night?”

“Yeah sure dad, but listen I have to go to work tonight” he got up and placed his mobile in the pocket of his jeans. He wasn’t even dressed for work, as soon as he got home that day he got straight to work, still wearing his Summer Bay high school shirt. If Aden didn’t get a pass on this current English assignment he would risk repeated year 12 not to mention being throttled by Miles.

“Aden don’t you think your working a bit too much?” Larry walked closer to the desk in Aden’s room.

“No” Aden said strongly, it wasn’t the money the motivated him to go to work it was Belle. The only girl he had ever laid eyes on that seemed so perfect. She was however out of his lead, big time!

“Okay, I’ll go down to the grog shop then I’m going straight to work after that” Aden brushed pass his father and left the room, rubbing his forehead. It had to be at work at six, he had only five minutes to get to the liquor shop and back to his house then to the diner.


“You’re late” Belle said angrily. She had finished grating the cheese filling the container to the top.

“Yeah I know” Aden quickly tied an apron around his waist.

“Well maybe you should get here quicker and maybe you wouldn’t be so late” Belle said in a frustrated voice.

“Well durr” he wasn’t in the mood for smart comments and began tossing a Greek salad.

“G’day love” Irene popped into the kitchen spontaneously.

“Yeah I’m sorry I’m late, just had to finish off an English assignment” Aden said with an honest tone.

“Oh please” Belle’s back was turned. She was now chopping some onions.

Irene didn’t look too convinced either, but decided to let it go.

“Just make sure it doesn’t happened again”

“No I wont I promise Irene” he said sweetly, adding dressing to the salad.

Irene left the kitchen carrying two plates of nachos.

“I don’t think you should be making promises you can’t keep Aden Jefferies” Belle faced him, and gave him a threatening look.

It was getting late and Aden and Belle had been working four hours straight and still had to do the washing up.

“Okay love I’m going to knock off no... Are you right to finish the washing up and lock up?” Irene and Belle were standing in the main eating area. Irene was quickly putting the money away inside the cash register.

“Yeah, yeah go I’ll be fine” Belle assured Irene. Irene was a bit skeptical about leaving her with Aden but knew that if he tried any funny business she would ring his neck.

“Okay see you love, bye Aden” Irene gave Belle a loving hug.

“Bye” Aden yelled from inside the kitchen.

“Thank god she’s gone now we can have so fun” Aden put two rubber gloves on each hand.

“Keep dreaming” Belle said defensively.

Belle was putting on her gloves when Aden thought it was a good idea to squirt her with the dish washing liquid. However he was only able to pump bubbles out of the bottle.

“Were you aiming for me?” Belle saw him in the corner of her eye.

“No of course not” Aden had a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

“Right let’s get to work” Belle said seriously.

Aden couldn’t resist by the seventh plate he decided to splash her gently with a small amount of water, splashing the side of her face.

“Aden!” Belle said with a smile. She couldn’t keep a serious face.

“What, it was an accident” Aden returned by to washing the dishes, pretending as if he didn’t wet her.

“Yeah and so was this” Belle returned the favour. However she wet him much more than he did, soaking the left side of his sleeve.

“No Aden, that was an accide- - don’t even think about it” Belle backed away from him, Aden was preparing to attack.

“Okay I’ll make you a deal, you go out with me for dinner tomorrow night and I won’t splash you” Aden was hoping Belle would give in and say yes to him. But he knew the response she would give.

“In your dreams” Belle protected herself with a tea towel.

“Alright you asked for it” he took a scoop of water with his hands aiming for Belle he missed as she dodged the water. There now was a puddle of water on the floor.

“You better clean that up” Belle ordered him crossly.

“Make me” he teased.

“I’ll make you!” Belle walked closer to him, giving him the impression that she was about to punch him.

They were now standing face to face, both breathing deeply, Belle was almost hyperventilating, he was so furious with him but at the same time so liked him so much that her eyes were pulled like a magnetic, focusing on his smooth lips. They were standing very close now and he too was looking at her lips and then back into her eyes. They both could tell they were thinking about the same thing. Aden finally plucked up enough courage after several minutes to make a move, he leaned closer his eyes staring at her lips. Belle was just about to close her eyes before

“Aden” Roman walked into the kitchen. Belle flinched backwards so Roman wouldn’t be able to see how close they were actually standing.

“What happened to the floor, why are you two both wet?” Roman looked down at the floor then at Aden shirt. He had one eyebrow raised waiting for a reasonable explanation.

“We had a bit of a disagreement” Belle quickly jumped in.

“Yeh” Aden cut in, he was disappointed that Roman had walked in; he was so close to kissing her. But there was that thought in the back of his mind, would she pull away.

“Belle you can go and Aden and I will clean up this mess” Roman said taking the sponge off her.

“You sure I don’t mind” Belle responded hoping she wouldn’t have to leave, as much as she denied it she enjoyed working with Aden.

“Its fine you go” Roman said chivalrously.

“Bye Belle” Aden faced her with a sad look on his face.

“Bye” Belle gave him a friendly smile.

Hope you like it..Thanks for the previous comments. I love reading them. :D

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