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Wed, 26 Nov 08 – Episode # 4768

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Do You Think That I’d Leave ANYTHING To Chance “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 26 Nov 08 – Episode # 4768]


Tony tells to Lf & Bridget that the police are feting a court order to shut the development site down. One of the 3 also comments at Belle is still in shock over what happened.

after Tony bails, Alf tells Bridget that he is worried that she is taking on too much when she agreed to look after VJ today, but Bridget insist tat its not.

Bridget and Alf talk further bnoputy her cancer – she says that its much easier to take chemo in a pill than via an IV drip, and she insist tat she arranged fro Brian to take her t9o the city for her appointment, and she knows that Alf is occupied with her many bvisuinesses.

Geoff approaches Nicole – things are still ways tense tween them, especially since Nicole still can’t believe stat Geoff is talking Melody to the formal.


Nicole [kitchen] rants to Roman bout this. But she doesn’t like it when he isn’t on her side. Roman insist that Geoff is being soooo “evil” for helping his friend Melody and he reminds Nicole that its only for the one night.

Nicole goes into main area and she sees Melody – who is glad that the “ran into” each other. Nicole sracscatically comments tat she imagines that Melody would want to run into Nicole with a semi trailer!!!! Melody thanks Nicole for letting Geoff go to the faoml with her – and Nicole calls Melody a cow, but Melody suggest that Nicole is one [cow] too.

As those 2 bails, Martha approaches that counter. She saks Roman if he’d make up one of his hampers for a surprise romantic lunch that Martha is planning for herself & Jack.


Martha tells Jack that she has a surprise for him 0-m butty, naturally, she doesn’t reveal what it is when he saks her bout it.


Xavier watches on as Ruby finishes her workout. They kiss – and Tony suggests that the gym isn’t exactly the right time & place for that. Ruby & Xavier bail, but he’s left his jacket on the floor.


Bridget is so not pleased when Brian reminds her what she needs to open an account in Leah’s name [100 points of ID] – as Bridget has done this many times. She tells Brian that [ironically – see below[ that there is no way tat she is going to forget anything along those lines with $100,000 up for grabs.


Rachel & Leah talk bout Leah’s upcoming bday parry 0- and how Rachel has been to most if not all of Leah’s birthday paries in part. Rachel seems partic curious when Leah tells her that Bridget has agreed to look after VJ today.

JnM aentrsm, and roman hands them their picnic hamper – he insist that it’s free of charge.

As they bail, Charlie enters. She commit on how Roman is soooo not over Martha, whilst he congrats her on her promotion at work.


After Leah gets of the phone with her mu, she socmenst to Bridget that her mum wants to invite every restive that Leah has to this birthday party, and that Leah will eventually agree o that out of guilt etc. Leah tanks Bridget for looking after VJ today – Leah then bails.


JnM are siting in Jack’s “new” boat and they are having a good time. Jack suggests that she go for a swim, but Martha say that she didn’t bring her swimsuit. Jack suggests tat they’ve gone skinny dipping in the past, but Martha insists that she’s too body conscious to do that right now. She tells Jack that they will be intimate again – in time.


Charlie tells Tony that the police had now shut down the development site.

Charlie sees a jacket on the floor and as Tony says that he knows who it belongs to; Charlie pulls a packet of drugs os of the pocket of the jacket!!!!


Charlie tells JnM that she found drugs in Xavier’s jacket pocket. Jack says THAT he was a bit suspicious of Xavier recently – thinking that he had consumed more drugs that “just” alcohol.

Nearby, Nic is ion the phone – she asks a guy called Lachlan to be her date form the formal.


Melody tells Geoff tat Belle has helped her so mich with clothes for the formal. She also thanks Geoff for asking her t go with him and this will meek her feel normal again.

[note : I’m with Nicole on this one – there’s and a real manipulative to thyway that Melody peak to Geoff]


Bridget looks in the drawers in the langue room so more forms of ID of Leah’s. She is pealewed to find her Medicare card and a [phone] bill. VJ enters the room, and wonders what Bridget is doing. She says that she is planning a BIG surprise for Leah’s birthday, but VJ will ruin the surprise if he tells anyone about what he shut saw Bridget doing. VJ saystaht he will keep it quite.


Jack tells Martha that he is very worried bout Xavier. When Xavier & Ruby enter, Jack tells Ruby8 to go home and he has to talk to Xavier. Hen Ruby is gone, Jack confronts Xavier bout the drugs, and how Xavier has been ignoring his mum’s constant attempts to contact Xavier. Jack in that Xavier is going to leave town [and go home]...


Bridget appraoges that counter and speak to a female teller. She stat at she wants to set up a high interest account, the teller ask for 100 points of ID, and Bridget shows her the drivers licence [Leah’s name, but brigdt photos] and the other tings [Medicare card]


Xavier urges jack not to tell his mum bout the frugs. Jack says that they will talk bout that in the car on the way back to Xavier’s mum’s home in city. Jack then give Xavier a MASIVE lecture about how rugs are bad for you.

Xavier & jack are about to bail when Ruby arrives. She is annoyed tat it looks like he wasn’t gong to say goodbye to ner. Xavier insists tat he has to fgo because of family issue at home. Ruby & Xavier hug, and after Xavier * jack bails, Martha gives ruby a comforting hug.


Nic tells Geoff that she’s invited a guy that she knows [form out f town][ to that formal. Geoff tells Nic that he’s ok with that – but he doesn’t look as though he is.

Nearby, Rachel approaches VJ and what to talk about Leah’s birthday. Rach is intrigued when VJ tell hat that Bridget is waaaaaay planing a bid surprise =- VJ does mention what Bridget got up to today.


Martha enters the main room. She hops that jack isn’t thinking bout tye toxic waste case. She tells him that she thinks that she is waaaay ready to be intimate with him. She then assures jack neath he hackle pushed her into doing iantyay she not want to do. They head to the bedroom.

Later, JnM is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kissing etc in bed.


Next day, Bridget approaches counter, and speak to a male teller. She wants to transfer funds tween “her” [Leah’s] old account [the pne with the $100,000 in it] and the new account that she set up yesterday. The teller asks for her password. Beuigdte say that she was forgotten it. He then asks her a security question – whirl’s the name of her fave aunt. Bridget instathtly looks VERY ill – and sinisots that she is going to go to the doctor as she is not feel well. As she walks towards that exit of the bank, Bridget looks V annoyed [with herself etc???]



Rachel tells Leah tat she thinks that Bridget is lying about having cancer

Matthew Lyons offers Melody some drugs

Kirsty is shocked when she sees Kane

Brian suggest to Bridget that she should try to get all of Alf’s money

Nicole tells Geoff that she hates seeing him with Melody

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: brown spaghetti strap top/light green [dark green leaves etc] knee length skirt


Nicole: white [dark blue trim at bottom] wide strap knee length dress


Rachel: red scoop top


Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Bank Teller: aqua button up shirt

Bank Teller: aqua long sleeve blouse

Brian: dark button up shirt

Bridget: grey scoop t

Bridget: red scoop t/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: red [white trim] sports singlet top/black [2 red vertical stripes] leggings

Geoff: grey singlet/light blue board shorts

Jack: aqua v neck t/brown [yellow “rip curl” logo] board shorts

Leah: black thin strap top

Martha: black bandana/ Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]

Martha: mustard blouse/grey bandana/denim shorts

Melody: black [white eyes] t/black mid thigh skirt/dark long pants

Roman: brown t

Ruby: red spaghetti strap top

Ruby: grey singlet top/black track pants

Tony: black [with grey sides] SB gym t

VJ: green [dark green “shock mix”] t/white [blue swirls?] board shorts

Xavier: dark blue [light blue unknown logo] t/ white [blue swirls?] board shorts

Xavier: lime green t/olive green shorts

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