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Mon, 24 Nov 08 – Episode # 4766

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Pirates “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 24 Nov 08 – Episode # 4766]

Note – various issues meant that this guide is set out slightly differently to usual

IADL now [on 26/11/08] added to this guide

Jack [police station] thrie to talk to Angelo bout that boat tat Martha got him, but Angelo isn’t interested. Angelo bails

Belle [diner] tells Iren that her counselling season ha made her realise that she has mixed emotions bout Angelo and needs to talk to him about that.

Alf talk to tony – and tells him ti Bridget’s cancer has returned, but he ask tony to keep them info to himself. Tony does this when he doesnklt say a word to JnM when they enter.. jack then ask tony for help with the boat – tony agrees to help.

Angelo talk to Nobby, the guy who bashed Belle. Angelo insists that he knows that Nobby is involved with the developers. Angelo tells Nobby that he can either help Angelo or get in further trouble when the developers are nought down.

Belle is walking near Angelo’s when she is shocked to see Angelo talk to Nobby.

Next day, tony enters Rachel’s place. He & jack talk about how things didn’t exactly go well when luc helped tiny fix up a boat a while back. Jack notes that tony is distracted and asks him why. Ton y tells him bout Bridget – but urges him not tell tell anyone [esp. Martha]

At the van pk. Miles is play soccer with Kirsty & Ollie. The ball gets kicked behind a van, and when Ollie goes to get it, he sees KANE. They hug, abut Kane urges Ollie to not say anything to Kirsty bout Kane. After olly runs back to Kirsty & miles, Kane sees Kirsty & miles kiss.

Belle [beach house] tells Irene about what she saw [Angelo & Nobby]. Irene suggest she goes to tehpiolice, but belle is afraid that she herself is being paranoid. After bell nails [front door], Irene is hcoked to see Kane [back door].

Belle goes to noah's and talk to Angelo. He tells her hat he is trying to link belle’s attack with the developers.

Tony & jack enter,a dn talk to Alf about how it’s been a pretty successful morn fixing the boat.

Kane tells Irene that he won his appeal, and that the judge said that he has served aenough time in prison already to cover tat string of robberies during the 3 tears that KK were on the run. Kane also tells Irene that ollie saw him.

At the vph, Miles & Ollie are playing pirates – with sheets etc over the table and one that is their ships sail. Ollie tells Kirsty& mils that he saw Kane, but they both think that he’s just missing Kane etc.

Marta enter Noah’s and she is worried about Alf – as his angina seem to be playing up. He is forced to come caeln about Bridget’s cancer.

At Angelo’s, Angelo puts a wire on Nobby for when he talks to Tim. Nobby is wired, but Angelo is way ready to capture all the sdateauls they need on tape.

On the front pooch of Rachel’s, JnM reveal to each other that they know bout bridget’s cancer

Kane tells Irene that he can sees that Kirsty has moved on with her life [with miles], so now he just wants ire to give Kirsty a letter. She agrees.

Kirsty & miles are kissing in the makeshift pirate ship when Irene enters, ashe says that she just wants to check on soeting to do with the catering for the school formal.. Irene tells them that she will come back later – but Kirsty & mils urge her to say, so she does.

Its n ight time, and angelo is listening on the chat tween Tim & Nobby. There’s a knock at the door. Angelo answers – its belle, but Angelo insists that it’s not a good time now. When he goes back to recording equip, Tim & Nobby aren't talking any more. Angelo rewinds that tape – sounds like Nobby got bashed.

There’s a phone chat tween Angelo & Charlie. She is woire that he might have issues when she tekaes over as head of the station when Lara goes on maternity leave. Charlie is keen to come overt to Angelo’s but he says that he has company. The call ends.

Tim [devel site][ leaves a msg on Angelo’s phone – suggesting that Angelo could get intro big trouble if he keeps up his current enquiries. When of the phone, we see Tim next to a freshly dug grave. He thrown Nobby’s drivers licence into the grave – before another person starts filling the hole in.



Ruby is concerned when she sees Xavier hanging out with Matthew

An unknown man points a gun at Belle &Angelo

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Irene: mauve short sleeve blouse


Belle: black singlet top/denim skirt


Kane: tan jacket/red [gold unknown logo] t/denim jeans


Alf: marron & white check button up shirt/wide brim hat/bone long pants

Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/wide brim hat/bone long pants

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/brown jacket

Angelo: white [black “Henley’s”] t

Belle: back singlet top/grey skirt/black leggings

Charlie: grey singlet top

Irene: red short sleeve blouse

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/black [white horiz stripes] jacket

Jack: off white t/red [yellow check] shorts

Kirsty: red [white sports team logo] scoop t/denim shorts

Martha: off white top/dark long pants/black bandana

Martha: red [white floral?] singlet top/grey bandana

Miles: black [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t/dark sorts

Nobby: dark button up shirt

Nobby: olive green long pants/grey top/dark jacket

Oliver: blue long sleeve top/denim shorts

Tim: olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

Tony: grey t/dark long pants

Tony: olive green [with apple green strip across chest] polo shirt

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