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Fri, 21 Nov 08 – Episode # 4765

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Good Luck With Your New Tactic “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 21 Nov 08 – Episode # 4765]


Annie is kinda embaressed by that way that Ruby is coomeying on all the hot schoolies guys that are in town – but ruby insists tat Annie has a b/f, and ruby wants one too.

Xavier enters the diner, and ruby is parric taken by him. She goes over and sits with Xavier and ask they talk for a bit [he confirms that he is her on schoolies etc], he gets a text msg and he bails.


Alf is pleased when Bridget tells him that she is gong to have chemo after all this time. She insists tat that it will be with her doctor on the city, and that she doesn’t need Alf to go with her. She doe tell him that he’s been a great spt to her and they hug.


Things are busy at the diner and a clash tween two schoolies males over a milkshake makes belle WAAAAAAY all jumpy, i.e. she’s relay affected by it.


Ruby & Annie are walking along and ruby is pelad that ahe has Annie all to herself today – as it sounds like jai is hanging out with miles & the boys. Ruby sees Xavier & his mate Damo and the girls start talking to the boys [who put the drugs they have back in their pockets before the girls got too close]. Ruby suggrys to the boys tat she & Annie will show them the sights f that bay [that won’t take long] and then the 4 of them can hang out at ruby’s house watching DVDs. Xavier & Damo [not Irene’s son, btw] agree to ruby’s suggestion, but Annie doesn’t look so keen on the plan.


Rachel enters and talks to Martha. They joke about Xavier’s mouth to mouth prank, before Martha tells Rach that she is worried bout not very being in the mood to be intimate with jack at the monet. Rach insist that the nature will take its course ion time.

Martha then gives Rach a present – some of the baby clothes that JnM bought for Lindsay. Martha also insist tat she doesn’t want Rach to hide her joy at being pregnant form Martha.


Ruby, aine ^& the boys are watching DVDs. After the boys go into the kitchen to get some snacks. Annie encopreses herconcerens at the way that ruby is acting around Xavier but ruby insist tat life is short and that it’s not like Xavier is an axe murder. Ruby is pleased when the boys offer the girls some of the chips they got from the kitchen – as it back up her “not an murder” comment


As Bridget talk to Brian, he hands her what looks like some meds. Bridget tells Brian the plan – for him to come into Noah’s at 3pm today. When he ask, Bridget tells Brian that she’s got a great scam going – and that it will be well worth his while fom him to help her.


Both Irene & Aden can see that belle is totally stressed out. They thkj that she should talk to someone – belle agrees and bails.


As Ruby, Annie sn the boys watch some DVDs, Annie suggest to ruby that they should get some drinks. When they go into the kitchen, Annie tell ruby that she isn’t keen on that way that ruby is “throwing herself” at Xavier. Ruby insists that she just want to have a boy of her own.

When they rtn to the longue room, Damo comments on a pic of Ruby with a cop – and ruby say stat the cop is her sister Charlie. Xavier phone rings– and when off, Xavier tells the girls that he & Damo have to bail, and they do.


Belle approaches Rachel; and tells her about what’s been going on – how on edge she is, and how shel; ben snapping at everyone, esp. Aden. Belle is waaaaaaaaaay emotional as she says this To Rachel, who rpsons by thelliomng belle that she thinks that belle is suffering form post traumatic stress [after the car crash and the attack]. Rachel suggests to belle that she should take some meds to help her. Belle isn’t so keen – but Rach thinks it’s that bet thing to do.


Tony shows Alf a post card that he’s got from Luc – seeing something about a trek he is on with his mated.

Brian enters the bar, and he tells Bridget how worried he is about her. When Bridget wonders how he knows, he admits that Bridget’s friend Karen told him. Alf steps in and tells Brian that he is looking after Bridget now. The look on Bridget’s face suggests that her plan is hgong well. Brian takes that look as his cue to bail.


Belle is in thekitcehn when And & Irene talk to her. Belle thinks its best for her to be in here trhet than out serving the customers. And then sees the meds that Rach prescribes to belle, belle bails – and iremn isn‘t impressed when Aden follows belle.


When Aden catches up with Belle, she tells him that Rachel thinks that meds [anti anxiety pills] are the best tig for belle. Belle also tells Aden that she felt it was easier to tell Rach all that is – as she is detached from the situation.

Belle is waaaaaaaaaaaaay emotional when she tells Aden that all of the tigs that she’s ben though seem to be for nothing anyway since there’s not proof as the toxic waste etc. Aden tells bell that he will always be her for her – and they waaaaaaaaaay hug.


Ruby & Annie are in the pool room, and Annie tells ruby tat she is hgogto bail, and she isn't keen on just watching ruby ogling the nearby Xavier who to talking to Tony. Xavier tells Tony that hse;s enjoying the bay.

When Annie & Tony have bailed, Ruby goes up to Xavier and they waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kiss,


And tells Belle that he’s run her bath with “smelling stuff:” in it. Irene & Aden are pleased to hear that Belle has booked herself in to go to counselling.

After bell head of to that bath, Irene tells Aden that he’s sooooooo not the idiot that he use to be – and thanks she is waaaaaaaaay pleased that he is totally here from belle. Hen Irene suggests that and should stay and have a coffee with her, he says no – as he has to maintain part of his bad boy image. Aden bails.


Rachel enters and orders a drink. Bridget he to the storeroom to get what Rachel ordered, and as she does, Rachel looks in bridget's bag. The meds in there have a stoker in them seeing they were prescribed by Dr Casio. Bridget sees Rachel looking at the meds – looks like that was he plan all along, as it looks like Rachel is convinced by what she’s seen.


Ruby is playing pool with Xavier & Damo and after ruby goes onto Noah’s to get some drinks, Xavier & Damo do a drug deal with another teen!



Kane returns to the bay _ and he wants to get back together with Kirsty

Nic calls Melody a manipulative cow

Belle ask Angelo if he paid someone to attack her

A man points a gun at Angelo & Belle

Looks like Bridget is at the back when she asks that person who is serving her to call her Leah

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: purple singlet top/white [blue floral] knee length skirt


Rachel: purple blouse/dark grey knee length skirt


Annie: yellow & orange horiz stripes [white trim] singlet top/yellow shorts


Aden: green [white crest] t/tan shorts

Alf: marron [white check] shirt/bone long pants

Belle: black singlet t/grey mid thigh skirt/black leggings

Brian: olive green shirt/dark long pants

Bridget: light pink low cut v neck elbow length sleeved top/denim jeans

Damo: grey [black “Norton” logo] t/dark [white swirls] board shorts

Drug dude: green [black “NORTON Isle Of Man TT”] t

Irene: red shirt sleeve blouse

Martha: bone short sleeve blouse/black headscarf/denim shorts

Martha: cream wide collar top/denim jeans/grey headscarf

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Xavier: dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t/white [light blue swirls] shorts

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