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Xavier Austin - David Jones-Roberts

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I am in the middle about Xavier. On the one hand I hate when Freya and him are together. His giving in to her was weird. I really don't understand their relationship. I also dislike him and Ruby. He doesn't exactly seem into her. I'm not really sure whre the writers want to go with him. Do they want him to be a good boy who just fell into the wrong crowd, which would just be boring. Or do they want him to be a bad boy who breaks peoples hearts?

On the other hand we have not seen the interaction between Xavier and Brendan. Maybe when we see this we will understand him, as we have not seen how handicapped Brendan is. Then possibly we will see why Freya is attracive to him.

I think maybe if they had introduced him with no baggage he would be far more popular. We could have got to know him, and then maybe they could have shown us a natural way for him to get with Ruby. Instead of them getting together because "They're hot together"

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I love the way he gave into Freya, simply because the storyline is usually that the GIRL is completely under the GUY'S thumb, and even though she keeps saying "he's no good for me", keeps going back to him -

So it was great to see it turning around, and being the guy who simply can't resist the girl, even though he totally knows she's bad for him! :o

For me, David's really becoming Xavier, at first I was thinking, "oh not another bad boy who's not really bad, but is just a bit of a 'wrong side of town' guy" - but now we're seeing a new depth to him, first from hearing about how he's the only one that mentions/defends Brendan, and then for seeing how he can't resist Freya -

That said, he was resisting Ruby just fine until the champagne, which is totally the wrong reason to fall for Ruby as she's so much more than that!

But - I'm looking forward to seeing more screen-time of him, and watching him develop particularly when

Brendan comes to town.

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I'm not sure whether I like him or not. Him and Ruby were so boring together, but I really like him with Freya. It's passion between them. Hopefully he will have some great storylines. Unfortunately

Freya won't be around for much longer.

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This is one character I can't bring myself to like. He has been on for a while now and still hasn't managed to impress me at all. Infact, for me, he is one of the worse characters we have had for a while now. The actor is really bad as well. The only words I have to describe him after a scene is boring or extremely irritating. It also doesn't help that he has dragged Ruby down with him. Ever since he has arrived I have not been happy with what they have done to her character. He had one good moment when standing up for Brendan but that was about it. Hopefully he will start improving soon but I don't see it happening. I just wish he would leave.

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Over the last few days, I've grown to like Xavier. I really disliked him when Freya was on the scene, but now that he's got no other hassles, he's likeable.

I hope we see some interaction between himself and Brendan. That's one storyline I'm looking forward to.

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