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Charlie & Ruby

Guest Deborah

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Story Title: -.Charlie & Ruby

Type of story: oneshot .

Main Characters: .Charlie & Ruby, also Alf, Morag & Peter

BTTB rating: T to be safe

Genre: General, silliness

Does story include spoilers:No, .

Summary: Just silly nonsense inspired by children's programme/books Charlie & Lola

I have this little sister Ruby, she is small & VERY funny!

This week, it was Ruby's birthday and she was VERY excited! Ruby says "Charlie, can I go to the very nice party? PLEASE!" I say "No Ruby you are NOT going! You are too YOUNG to drink." But then I say "Maybe, you could have just one" So Ruby goes to the party and she doesn't have just ONE, she has LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS!

When Ruby wakes up on the beach, she could not find all her clothes! I say "Ruby you must go to the station." Ruby says "Please Charlie, don't arrest me!" But I do and Ruby is behind bars. Too many bars! Mr Stewart gives Ruby LOTS & LOTS of drinks!

Mr Stewart says to me "You flamin Galah, she's only having fun! So I arrest Mr Stewart "strewth love, can't a bloke have a beer first!" And I don't see Mrs Buckton, as she bundles me into her car boot. She must have a really loud clock! It was booming TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. Finally the clock stops and Ruby drags me out of the car into an old factory.

I say "What are you doing here Detective Baker? He says "Waiting to be hit on the .." then everything goes black......

Note: This was written by my husband, Frank!


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