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Tues, 18 Nov 08 – Episode # 4762

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Deal Makers “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 18 Nov 08 – Episode # 4762]

Note – due to various factors, this epo guide is less detail than usual. IADL will be add morrow

At lookout in bushland, Tim & Angelo talk about the deal they’ve made. Angelo insists tat if Tim goes back ion his word, Angelo will make him pay.

Charlie enters Leah’s and Ruby has a go at her form not calling last insight to say where she was. Charlies has flashback of drinking with Angelo at his place.

At SBH, martin asks Miles & Kristy to t8aink of suggestions of which student should be given the citizenship awards

After miles & his student enter the classroom, he praises melody for an assignment, and he also tells Matthew tat he beetr have this assignment to miles by that end of the day [as he’s already had an extension on it].

Belle & Aden are at hospital. Belle’s face is still well bruised etc. Nurse Julie sees stat bell is in pain – and belle come net tat her physio session today was tough. Nurse Julie hoes to get a Doc – who can give bell stranger meds.

Aden starts talking about their [Adelle] future together, but bell insist that she can’t move on til this [bashing etc][ is deal with.

Charlie entry the police station. Jack tells her that Lara wants Charlie to go over that Belle attack case. Charlie then has more flashback of lusty night with Angelo – kissing, the removing of clothes.

Alf is pleased to see belle up & about when she & Aden enter Noah’s. Adelle are annoyed when Angelo just walks straight by them without saying a thing.

At station, Jack tells Charlie tat they’ve got the soil samples back form the lab – NO toxic chemicals etc were found.

Aden enters station – and isn’t that impressed when Charlie goes with the official line [if Belle wants to make a complaint …]. Athe annoyed Aden bails.

At diner, Irene takes offence to Aden taken huis anger out on the crockery – slammer it on beach. Charlie enters and orders a coffee form Aden. Whilst waiting, Angelo arrives at tyeh door to the diner and Charlie tells him tat Lara has ask her to go over Angelo’s case file.

At SBH, martin likes miles suggestion of melody for the citizenship award. He is alops please when miles tell him that Kristy is moving back into the vph.

Elsewhere at school, the like, of Ruby & Geoff are worried when they see melody talking to Matthew – she agrees to his request for her to do his assignment for him [sluggers adding a fair view spelling mistakes to what she handed in].

At police station, Charlie & jack are questioning a guy called Nobby bout Belle’s attak. They show him that tings of belle’s ][jewellery] tat they found in his car. They also show Nobby a revolver tat they found. After initially not talking to them, Nobby offers to talk about what’s rally going on, if they will cut a deal with him. Jack agrees.

Soon after, jack & chalkie tlak to Belle & Aden about what happened to belle – incl what Nobby said. Belle has a flashback to hearing somnoise coming form her room just after Angelo left the beach house on the day of the attack. Jack & Charlie insist tat they have a statement from the attacker =- saying the he added sfom behind and then kept on kicking her so she wouldn’t scream.

Belle is pealed that the guy has been caught, but she hasted it when they tell her about the soil samples coming back negative.

At SBH, melody hands Mathew the assignment she did for him. She somenets tat enjoyed going this. Nic, Geoff & ruby express their concerns to melody bout hanging about with Matthew, but she won’t listen. Mathew, neby, hand his assignment to miles.

At police station, Angelo is pleased to hear that he is in the clear bout belle’s attack. He tells jack & co that he wouldn’t have thought same things if he were vin their shoes

Angelo goes to Noah’s and he doesn’t even mind waiting to the [Alco] bar is open – which it wail be withing next 15 mins. Tim approaches Angelo and although Angelo thanks him for ngeting Angelo of the charge, Angelo still insists that if Tim crosses the line, he’ll get revenge. Tim doesn’t take kindly to that -0 but he bails all the same.

At diner, Irene is please that things can get back to normal [with the soul samples not having toxic in them]. However, Adelle FIRMLY insist that this is NOT over,

At the surf club, many of the students ore seated in the room that is usually the pool, room. After Geoff [as captain] reads his speech, melody is rather surprised to recieve the citizenship award [for the student who is most community et minded]

At the VPH, Kristy & Miles kinda fuss over Melody, isnistiosting the celebs should be waited on hand & foot.

After melody heads upstairs, miles needs yop get something out of her school bag, and he finds the evidence that proves t6hat melody did Mathew’s assignment!!!!



Melody is manipulating ppl to get what she wants – esp. to go to the formal with Geoff

Martha is keen to get Roman & Charlie back together

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


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