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Ohmygoodness, so excited..

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I got an email last night, from Harrods Department Store, saying I was the winner of a competition there that I entered about six weeks ago...

Two tickets to see Avenue Q, and then the opportunity to go BACKSTAGE AND MEET THE PUPPETS / PUPPETEERS!!! :yahoo_mini:

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm addicted to musicals, and Avenue Q is my absolute favourite; and I totally love the main lead guy [even though he's gay] - Daniel Boys. You might remember him from the BBC Joseph series.

I've been to see Ave Q like 3 times since moving tgo London, and I had actually pre-booked to go and see it this coming Saturday night with two friends; and we treated ourselves to front row seats! The second last time I was there, I went to the stage door and met Daniel & had my photo taken with him;


I'm sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!! They're ringing me today to sort it out :D :D

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:o i'm so jealous! thats awesome :D

congrats :)

Very deserving considering how much you love the musical, it could've gone to someone who just entered 'cause they could.

i'm really exited for you :D it sounds like so much fun!

....i wish i was going <_<

EDIT: What did you actually have to do to enter?

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thanks :D i know, right? so i'm just bouncing up and down in work now waiting for them to ring me :P

Harrods ran a month of 'That's Entertainment' where they had excerpts from many shows - Ave Q, Les Mis, Phantom, Joseph, etc. Then they had 'learn how to do makeup like the stars' classes, magic shows with famous magicians, and other events.

On the website, they had a competition running where they had set up the website so that you could go to various places for information eg Foyer, Balcony, Grand Circle, Stage, Pit, Media etc. In each section to had to look for 'famous' faces and click on them - there were 14 faces in total. And then once you found all 14, give them your name & email address and that was it.

I still can't believe I won.

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