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Story Title: Uncertainty

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main Characters: Aden Jeffries, Ric Dalby, Matilda Hunter, Nicole Harris and Belle Taylor

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Drama

Spoilers: None

Proof Read: No

Warnings: SC

Summary: Read on to find out

This is a profile of the individual characters and a profile of the couples as well. Just a mention of Nicole surname it is Harris to avoid any confusion and Belle's father in the fic is Peter

Chapter 1

Nicole was a headstrong woman who refused to allow anyone to contradict her when she knew or believed she was right. She was 22 years old and a savvy businesswoman.

Following in the footsteps of her father, she owned 3 diners in and around Australia. At the moment she resided in Melbourne but was contemplating a move to Summer Bay in New South Wales.

The place where she spent her teenage years, to be honest the place she was the happiest. She loved her life here but Summer bay was the place where she grew up.

Living her life in Melbourne was fun and interesting but she honestly wanted more from her life. She owned diners but it didn't seem to accommodate the growing hole in her life.

She wanted more to make her feel like she had achieved something instead of being given it.

She was determined to do this and make something of herself and not be spoon-fed the opportunities. She was going to go out and get the opportunities.

Belle Taylor lived in Perth, she was a great journalist but rarely got the chance to shine, and she never truly had an article that she could put her own angle on.

It was always the angle her editor wanted her to put on the article. She never once complained in 4 years as she really wanted to become a successful journalist and receive a promotion.

She was now 23 years old. When she turned 18 year she moved away from Summer Bay where she had visited her mother and her foster mother Irene, and her father Peter Baker.

Irene was her foster mother as she grew not knowing who her mother was. She was fostered at the age of 2 months till she was 12 as her foster parents died.

Irene who loved her then took her in and she stayed with her even through the drama of finding out that her parents were and they had always lived in Summer Bay...

She got on with them but she stayed with Irene who had never given up on her.

Matilda Hunter was a lawyer, she had just become a qualified lawyer, and she loved her job and her life in Adelaide. She had a beachside apartment that overlooked the ocean.

Every morning she could see the sunrise coming over the horizon making her fall in love with the apartment more deeply everyday, she had no intention of letting her apartment go.

She was a highly regarded member of the community in the small borough of south Adelaide where she lived.

Adelaide was a big place but the area she lived in was near a marina and so as a favourite pastime she would go out and go sailing to a nearby island.

Once she reached nearby island she would sunbathe, take a small music player and listen to the music all day long till she had to go back to her life.

Through training to become a lawyer she had been faced with many hard decisions but despite that she came through it and made something of herself. She had achieved what she had always wanted.

Aden Jefferies still hadn't found his path in life; he was 23 and had no idea what he wanted from life.

He wasn't afraid of life passing him by as he believed in destiny and destiny would give him the true path.

At the moment he worked as a managed in a diner. He had this job nearly 3 years and it wasn't bad but this type of job wasn't what he wanted in life.

He had ambitions but ambitions that weren't very clear cut just yet. His main goal was to do something that would help others.

All his life his family had put him down and made him feel worthless along with friends that wanted him to go down the traditional route.

The traditional route comprised of passing your HSC, going to university and getting a degree and then a job that makes you happy.

To Aden this was a cliché and not really the path he wanted. Education got you places he admitted that but he didn't believe that it was the only path.

Ric Dalby was self-employed. He owned two garages, one in Adelaide and one in New South Wales residing in the town of Summer Bay.

Adelaide garage was booming; nearly all of Adelaide's motors came his garage.

He had had to expand at least 4 times. He enjoyed his business and wanted to concentrate on his garage in Summer Bay as well so he could achieve the same amount of success that he had reached in Adelaide.

Summer bay was his next stop but getting there was the problem. When he left summer bay. He never expected to return and so going back might be a problem

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Just A Notice: Everyone in this fic apart from Nicole and Aden have never met each other before but have lived in Summer Bay. Just think of Summer Bay as a large town and its easy not to know everyone. Thanks! Chapter 2

Ric Dalby had long been contemplating his move to Summer Bay spending half his days packing his things up but then only to unpack them again, he spent half of his time deciding whether or not he was doing the right thing. Adelaide was his home but then again Summer Bay was a place where he always belonged.

The phone rang for the third time that morning and Ric picked it up after the 2nd ring. 'Hello'

'Hey, it's Craig at Summer Bay garage'

'Hey is there a problem' Ric asked sitting down, he wasn't quite sure what this guy wanted.

Craig reassured him down the phone 'no. just that I heard you were coming down?'

'Yes, I am, tomorrow in fact' Ric made an instant decision there. He was moving.

'Oh.' Was all Craig could say?

Ric picked up on this and prompted 'what is wrong?'


'Oh. I get it, she's back'

'Well yeah and I don't know how to get rid'

'I will deal it when I come down'

'Ok boss see you tomorrow then'

'Yep see you then' Ric hung up the phone and packed his things up finally closing the suitcase, he put his 3 suitcases in the car.

He phoned the local estate agent and asked 'I will leave the details with my manager can you direct all questions to him'

'Yes, but do you know that it will take a while before we can actually make into some revenue for you?'

'Yes. I know, thanks'

'No problem' came the voice from the phone. Ric hung up and said a literal goodbye to Adelaide before getting in the car and making his way to the airport. He had originally booked a flight for 3pm but he had it changed to 4.45pm. The entire journey was about 2 hours with Ric sleeping for most of it.

A young stewardess woke up him up by shaking him gently 'sir. We have arrived at our destination; please make your way off the plane towards arrivals please. We have officials to guide the way'

Ric thought she sounded like an automated machine message but he didn't want to offend anyone so he complied walking off the plane and back into Summer Bay.


Nicole was on a car journey to New South Wales where Summer Bay was located. Summer Bay was a hell of a long way from Melbourne but she knew what she wanted.

The entire journey was going to take 15 hours and she was nearly there, with regular stops the entire journey had took 21 hours but it was worth it. Nicole could afford to pay for a flight but she loved her car and so she decided to drive.

She finally arrived at the welcome to Summer Bay sign. The first thing she noticed was a protest going on. Nicole was intrigued so she parked the car nearby and got into the protest.

She eased her way to the front slowly to avoid winding people up, she had a habit of walking into a nasty situation and she wanted to avoid that at all costs.

Confrontations always ended up being nasty and she didn't want that this time. She heard surprisingly 'Save Our Diner'

'Save Our Diner' the crowd repeated

'When do we want it?' he screamed'

'Now' the crowd screamed back

'Why do we want it?'

'For the town' they screamed and chanted.

Nicole edged slightly towards the front and prodded Roman on the shoulder. 'What?!' he said annoyed as he turned around


'Hey Dad'

'I thought you were getting here tonight?'

'I was but I managed to get here early' she said

'Good. Spare room is all yours sweetie'

Nicole winced 'don't say sweetie again!'

Roman smiled putting his arm around her and walked her to the car. 'Come on you can drive us home'

Nicole smiled once again. She was where she belonged. 'Oh one thing, Aden lives with me now'

'Really??' she asked before adding 'does he have a job?'

'Yep, he transformed the surf club into a mini diner/restaurant'

'What about your diner?'

'Oh we moved to the surf club and gave the other premises to become a drop in centre'

'What was the protest all about?' she asked as she pulled away and headed on the road towards her new home

Well its complicated but basically the lease ran out and I applied for another one but apparently someone in the council doesn't want that to happen so they decided to knock the surf club down and build some apartments'

'And let me guess, demolition was scheduled for today'

'Got it in one'

'So is it going well?'

'Well. A journalist' roman looked at Nicole's face 'don't look at me like that. She is a good one, the daughter of a copper here'

'Who?' Nicole asked feigning interest, she was tired and not really bothered.

'Belle Taylor'

Nicole stopped in her tracks 'THE Belle Taylor?'

'Yep, she came back a few weeks ago'

'Damn, the best journalist around'

'She heard about this and automatically asked if she could cover it'

'Won't she change it when her editor gets it?'

'She is the editor so she will edit it however she wants. Got to go and make food, go and sleep'

'Interesting' she didn't really register what her dad was saying as soon as she hit the pillow she was fast asleep.


Aden had just finished his protest speech when he jumped off the stage. Belle walked up next to him

'So how did it go do you think?'

'Oh it was ok. I am not sure how they took it but I am not letting it go without a fight. It means too much to me'

'Do you mind if I quote that?'

'Quote it in what?'

'The article!'

'Oh. Yes course, off the record, I think the council are going to have to back down'

'Off the record?'

'Yep, I don't want to cause more problems with council other than the protest'

'I understand. Life is never that easy'

'True. Well am off home. Roman's daughter Nicole is back!'

'And you know her?'

'Yep, she used to go to school with me in Yabbie Creek'

'so I heard you are a counsellor part time?'


'So can I ask what is it that makes you want to defend the diner and not become a full time counsellor?'

'I believe in developing all my talents to the best of my ability and I have always juggled jobs'

'you enjoy it?'

'Yes. I do. Got to go bye' he strolled away from her'


I will write about Mattie next chapter. Thanks for reading x

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In this chapter Mattie doesn't know her way around summer bay as she lived more north of the area so just clarifying that so you all don't get confused. I am hinting at something in this chapter; let's see if you can spot it! Sorry about the delay of this chapter, I got sidetracked with essays and didn't get a chance to do this chapter which is why it isn't as long as it could be; I will try and make the next chapter longer for all of you.

Chapter 3

7 hours earlier

'Hello' Mattie said to Irene in the diner 'I'm Matilda, Mattie for short'

'How are you?'

Matilda smiled 'I'm good. Can I ask, is there anywhere decent to stay for a couple of nights?'

'Well' as she served some customers and smiling 'if you are looking for an upmarket joint then the sands but if you are more of low profile person then the caravan park'

'Caravan Park sounds good? Do you have any directions?'

Irene said 'Colleennn'


'Can you show this young lady Matilda where the caravan park is please?'

'Of course' Colleen showed her out of the diner and walked with her to the caravan park.'

'… And then the diner was allowed to reopen for 2 days... oh did I tell you about....'

'Colleen' Matilda said as nicely as she could 'I am going to go book a caravan'

'Of course' and Mattie walked towards the house


'Stop it!' Aden cried out aloud. Belle stopped in her tracks 'What's up with you?'

'Stop arguing'

'Bloody hell for an educated man you must be slow'

'What' Aden was getting increasingly more annoyed as time went on.

'It's just us playing. Damn honestly, Nicole have to go, maybe you can knock some sense into him' pointing at Aden

'Cant' would be here for another 100 years'

Belle grinned while Aden glared at her. 'I am sure. MSN tonight?'

'Of course, will text you a time that I can go on'

'See you Aden' she said as she left the house


She sat in the car, feeling numb, her hands gripping the wheel, pupils dilated, legs shaking.

Tears were streaming down her face; it had only just hit her that there were going to be serious consequences of her actions. Consequences that would destroy her and how was she supposed to fix it?

"I didn't mean to do it," she said. "They forced me," a pause "they kept going on and on at me to do it, I didn't mean to do it, I wasn't my fault."

"It wasn't my fault," "it wasn't my fault," "it wasn't my fault" she kept on repeating. She was rocking backwards and forwards.

Someone knocked on her window. She jumped, it was a young man, and she furiously wiped her tears away, put on her 'normal' face, rolled the windows down and smiled at him.

He had the most amazing face, high cheekbones with the darkest green eyes she'd ever seen, they gave the illusion of being emeralds.

His golden hair was so messy like a bird's nest; he reached up and took the bobble out so that his hair fell around his face.

This simple action made her stop and stare he reminded her of 'him.' Her smile, which just a minute ago was warm and inviting, went cold and hostile.

"How can I help," she asked sweetly.

"Your car is blocking the entrance to the park," he told her.

"I'll move it right away," she said, followed by another fake butter- wouldn't- melt smile.

"Thank you"


Aden spent the next few hours just sleeping off his hangover, he had a weird revelation about how he was falling for belle.

He didn't realise how he could but he was. He decided to put it out of his mind and take his car to the garage for a service.

He drove to the garage and as he drove up to it, he spotted a tall woman crying, she was pointing to something on the floor.

He parked his car and went up to the hysterical woman. He wasn't sure what was going on but all he knew was that she needed help

'Are you ok'

'My baby. Oh my baby'

Aden looked around but couldn't spot the baby she was talking about. 'What baby darling?'

'My baby' she repeated over and over again

'Ok. Come with me and I will take you to your baby' he lied but it was the only way that he could get her some help.

He had been guilty of many bad deeds in the past but he didn't want this bad deed to be one of them

'My baby?' she questioned 'my baby?'

'Yes' he helped her stand up and gently walked with her to his car letting her in and then getting into the drivers seat.

He drove carefully to the hospital as not to spook the already fragile woman who was obviously in need of care from the hospital be it a psychiatrist or otherwise.


'Where's Aden?' Roman asked Nicole

Nicole shrugged 'no idea'

'Hmm. He was supposed to be working today'

'Where?' Nicole asked not really bothered as she painted her toenails red. 'The diner closed 2 days ago'

'He works at the drop in centre and someone needs him to be there right now'

Nicole screwed the lid of the nail polish back on and turned around 'phone him?'

'Tried to, it keeps going to voicemail. He must have it switched off'

'He never turns it off though'

'I know. But he is a big boy now and he will cope somehow'


'So how is she?'

'She is fine'

'and her baby?'

'She isn't mentally ill. She was going through post natal depression and when you spotted her she had overcome her fears of being a mother unfortunately the baby died nearly 2 years ago'

'Right understood'

'You can go in and see her if you want'

'Will do. Thanks Doc'

The first thing he saw when he walked in was Belle stood next to her. Belle turned and was shocked to the core to see Aden there 'Hey, what's wrong?' the woman asked in the bed

Belle recovered first 'this is Aden'

She smiled. 'I know. He was the guy I was telling you all about'

'Oh' Belle understood exactly what she was saying. Aden was still confused and this was quite evident on his face.

Belle clarified it for him 'She is my sister Bianca'

'Oh, nice to meet you and your baby'

'Thanks Aden. Hope to see you around some time'

'Me too. I will definitely remember your face' Aden began to flirt and Belle felt a bit left out so she put in 'Aden can you give me a lift home?'

'Of course. Let's go'

She waved goodbye to her sister and strolled out with Aden. Aden asked 'Where does she live?'

'Oh about 10 minutes away from the garage'

'Oh ok'


'Because she said.. oh doesn't matter' diverting the comment but Belle was now more curious.

'No go on tell me'

'She said 'why is this happening to me again!''

Belle froze and Aden said 'that is exactly what she looked like when I asked her 'What is so bad that you cant tell me about?'

Belle strolled away and Aden understood that to be a diversion, she simply didn't want to talk but Aden was determined to find out. He was a counsellor and had his ways of finding out information.

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Sorry it is late, next update should be friday if I can get it written.

Chapter 4

Aden was furiously typing away at the keyboard trying to get this report in so he could finally go home and sleep. It seemed so long since he had a decent nights sleep on this cold and frosty November’s night.

‘.. And to conclude’ Aden said out loud ‘.. This young boy has made great strides into becoming a better person and for that singular reason I am recommending he be allowed to rejoin his family and friends but with scheduled checkups’ to avoid this kind of situation again’.

He saved the report and it was nearly 6 pages long, he printed it off and went to the staff quarters, he found a vacant room and as soon as he hit the pillow he was fast asleep.

Aden was awoken suddenly by a sudden sound, he jumped out of bed to investigate and his investigation turned out to be a bin turning over. He was awake now with only 2 hours to sunlight.

The drop in centre had a computer with an instant messaging system which allowed kids to contact staff should they want or need to. Bruce was on duty but Aden kindly let him go to sleep.

‘I will watch it for a bit’

‘Are you sure boss?’

‘Yes Bruce I am sure’

Bruce nodded appreciatively and left the room. Aden plonked himself down on the chair not expecting anyone to instant message him at that time.

A computer screen popped up onto the screen saying new instant message: Accept or Reject? Aden pressed accept.

Anonymous: Anyone there?

Aden13@DropInCentre: Yes I am. How can I help you?

Anonymous: I need to know how I can get out of my house

Aden13@DropInCentre: First I need to know what the problem is.

Anonymous: Can you help me if I tell you?

Aden13@DropInCentre: Yes I can

Anonymous: Sorry have to go I will get caught

Aden13@DropInCentre: no don’t go...

Anonymous has left the conversation

Aden groaned in frustration, he had so hoped that he could find out what was the problem. He decided to trace his IP address and so he hacked in to his account. He spent a good hour before he found the residential address.

The residential address was only 20 minutes away but in the suburbs where counsellors were frowned upon. Aden then had a brainwave, it was now about 8am.

Picking up the phone on the desk he typed in a number. ‘Operator How Can I Help?’

‘I need a number for..’ he recited the address to the person on the other end. ‘the number is..’ the operator recited the number and Aden wrote it down. ‘Thanks for your help’

Aden ended the call and dialled in another number. Roman answered the call ‘Hello’

‘Hey it’s Aden’

‘Oh hi mate’

‘Have you still got the pizza contract?’

‘Yep, why?’

‘I need to get to an address and hoping that I could pose as a delivery boy’

‘Which address?’ Roman asked agreeing, Aden never made rash decisions

Aden told him and he told him that was fine. Aden was a bit scared in case the whole thing went wrong but then the instant messaging system was flashing madly. Aden told Roman “Hold on I will let you know in an hour if I am doing it for sure or not”

“Ok. Aden, got to go”


Nicole glared at Roman when she walked in the door. Roman looked indifferent. He had no idea what Nicole was annoyed about.

Roman carried on going about the kitchen making some food for him. Nicole strode into the kitchen and violently smacked Roman on the head

“OW!” Roman cried massaging the part where Nicole hit him. Nicole carried on hitting him and Roman had to forcefully push her away to get some peace

“What!” Roman said keeping Nicole away from him before she enacted some proper pain. Damn she could be violent when she wanted to be.

“The diner. Why didn’t you tell me you were in trouble”


“The books”

“Oh” roman said “I get it now”

“Ohm so why didn’t you tell me?” Nicole asked hurt.

“How do you think it looks if I can’t look after my own business?”

“Shut up, accept help when you need it” Nicole said before adding “You always said that to me”

“I know, but I couldn’t, its humiliating”

“No. asking for help is not humiliating, knowing you could have help and not asking for it is humiliating. Trust me on that one”

“Ok, I am sorry”

Nicole went into the lounge and Roman carried on cooking. She came back into the kitchen just as Roman was dishing up the meal.

“I have an idea”

“What’s that?” Roman asked as he sat next to her on the table and put food into the plates for both of them

“I can buy premises here; you can run it and eventually when you are ready, buy it back from me?”

“I don’t know” Roman started “Its not that I don’t want to its just”

“you want to know your future is safe”

“I know my future is safe. With the amount of love you show me I know I can do it but I don’t know if I want to”

“Well how about I start it and you can get involved when you are ready”

A thought came to Roman after a few minutes “Does this mean you are staying here permanently”

“Yes, if you’ll have me”

“Of course. Its gets lonely after a while”


Ric was in the surf club/diner. He didn’t like the place, he preferred the pier diner but he didn’t complain. Over the years he had learnt to appreciate what you have and not take anything for granted.

Opportunities didn’t grow on trees as Ric well knew, he was always on the lookout for a new investment and he decided to invest in a new diner.

“Well Nicole Harris is buying new premises” Irene proudly said. Irene had always taken a dim view of Nicole but she had proven her maturity helping Aden through a rough time and she was willing to give everything to make Summer Bay a place that the residents could be proud of

“.. and where could I find Nicole?”

“She’s behind you” Irene said

Ric turned around and Nicole smiled “Hello. You wanted me?”

“Yes, I heard you were involved with the new diner?”

“Yes, I have a bid in for the new premises on the other end of the beach”

“Oh, I wasn’t trying to fight you for it, I was going to offer to buy it with you?”

“Hmm, the thing is.. “ Nicole sat him down and explained that she was buying it for her father

“.. oh and you want to make sure his future is safe?”

“yes, I am sure you can understand that?”

“yes, I can, the offer is there if you want it”

“Ok, thanks”


A computer screen popped up onto the screen saying new instant message: Accept

or Reject? Aden pressed accept again\

Anonymous: I am at Yabbie Creek Mall meet me?

Aden13@DropInCentre: yes I will whereabouts?

Anonymous: near the entrance south side, I am wearing a green tshirt with yellow stripes.

Aden13@DropInCentre: Ok, see you soon

Next Chapter: Belle asks someone out. Who? Ric and Mattie meet for the first time..

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This fic has moved two months on. Aden has met the person and you will find out more about him in the chapter. Ric and Mattie are dating and so are Aden and Nicole… Next Update will be on monday I think..

Chapter 5

2 months later

Belle was lying in bed, when she was living in Perth, she had everything thought out as to what she was going to do that day but since she moved to Summer Bay she had no idea.

The past few months, she has grown closer to Nicole and Mattie as friends. They always confided in each other until a few weeks ago.

Belle started to feel things for Aden, she liked him but he liked Nicole and who could blame him, Nicole was a stunning girl.

Gorgeous with curves, the softest eyes and skin who could ask for more? Realising Nicole’s best attributes made her realise her obvious flaws

Every time she brought this up with Irene, she was shot down “Stop demeaning yourself you are gorgeous girlie”

“I can’t help it Irene”

“Nicole is your friend, talk to her and explain how you feel and she might be able to help you”

“Maybe, can I have a coffee”?

“Yes, darl give me a few minutes”

“It was good of Nicole to buy this place for Roman wasn’t I?”

“Yes it was, it means that I can afford to keep a roof over my head”

“Are things bad?”

“Things were bad. They are fine now, I am afloat barely”

“Well then I should pay rent”

Irene showed signs of complaining but Belle wouldn’t hear it, “Nope, I will”

Irene sighed “Ok. But not a lot”

“$75 a week”



“$65” Irene said again


“Ok then here we go your coffee”

“Thanks Irene, will see you later”

“See you darl. Remember!”


“Talk to her”

Belle nodded before walking out of the diner smack bang into Aden, they hit each other with so much force that Belle’s nose began to bleed

Aden automatically got some tissues from the diner and gave them to her instructing her to “put your head back till it stops”

“I need to get home and fix it up”

“I will drive you” Aden said as Belle tried to complain, “No don’t complain. I will drive you there”


Nicole was in her hotel room in the city. “Come on babe. I don’t have a lot of time”

“Coming” came a male voice from the bathroom

Nicole made herself comfortable on the edge of the bed looking quite seductive but she had no intention of sleeping with the guy, she just wanted his contacts to further her interests.

Nicole’s phone beeped. It was Mattie. Where are you I need to talk to you, can’t find Belle. Please text ASAP.

Nicole texted back furiously, I am working, be there ASAP.

The man came out of the bathroom but Nicole had already got her things and left running to the car.


Matilda was outside the yabbie creek mall and Nicole came up to her. “What’s wrong?”

Mattie led Nicole a bench in a quiet area in the park across the road. “Do you know about Aden and the person he is helping”?

“Yep. What about her?”

“She’s my daughter”

Nicole was so taken aback that she nearly fell off the bench. Mattie pulled back up as she slid off the bench.

“Explain from the beginning Mattie”

“Basically I was 16 and naïve. I fell pregnant to a guy that I won’t name.”

“Go on,” implored Nicole

“I always kept in contact with her parents foster parents and it was going to be in 2 weeks that I met her for the first time. Aden finding her kind of put a stop to that”

Nicole said kindly “Why, Aden only wants the best for her”

“I know, I am not saying it isn’t good for her to be with Aden, but I wanted to get to know her for a while before.”

“… Ric finds out”

“Yep, Ric is amazing, he loves me for me, he never expects me to do anything that I don’t want to do”

“That’s good but you can’t keep this from him”

“I haven’t even seen her myself yet, Aden doesn’t even know”

“I will deal with Aden”

“So how is it going with you and Aden?”

“Not bad”

“Not bad..?”

“Well to be honest I don’t think his heart is in it, he doesn’t like me that way”

“Are you sure about that?”

Nicole nodded and stood up smiling before leaving Mattie there to think about what to do. It was a hard decision but nevertheless a decision Mattie had to make.

She had her own life to sort out. As she walked towards Aden’s house, She had decided to give him an ultimatum.

If he wanted her in his life then he had to show more to her than he had already been doing.


Belle put her keys down on the worktop and headed to the bathroom. She got some bandages and band-aids to put on her nose to stem the bleeding.

Aden followed her, she was a bit dizzy so he made her sit down and he tilted her head and placed tissues on her nose to stem the bleeding

Belle mumbled, “I don’t need your help, its ok”

“Stop refusing help, its one of the things that I hate to love about you”

“What did you say” shocked that he even said the ‘l’ word

“One of the things I hate to love about you”

“You love me?”

“Yes, I do even thought I am with Nicole I want you”

Belle gulped and looked into his eyes “Please don’t mess me around here”

“I am not, I will ring Nicole now and say its over if that’s what it takes for you to be with me”

Belle sighed “Don’t, Why do I always fall for the ones I cant have”

“But you can have me” protested Aden

“At what cost though?”

“You mean Nicole”

Belle was getting annoyed now “Yes Nicole, my friend Nicole?”

“I cant help that but please don’t throw this chance away of us being together”

“Don’t ask me to be with you Aden till it is over between you and Nicole and then and only then will I consider us because I don’t want a messy relationship’


Aden returned home, he came in to find Nicole sat there with a serious look on her face. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen but he knew this couldn’t continue, he was in love with Belle.

Next Chapter: Will Aden finish with Nicole? Who returns to Summer Bay?

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Chapter 6

Belle was dreaming of a white Christmas that morning, there was no way it was going to happen but she could still dream about it.

Christmas was supposed to be a happy time but to her it wasn't. Christmas was the one time she dreaded of the year.

Only Irene knew why. Irene understood. She really wanted to tell Mattie and sometime to Aden who surprisingly has backed off from her.

She wasn't sure why but the one thing she did know was that she wanted to be with him but when he was single not before that in any circumstances, she didn't want to be branded as a cheater.

Since their last meeting about an hour ago, Belle was so drained she wanted to close her eyes for a while and she ended up sleeping.

In her dream, she was walking around happily in the snow watching as the kids threw snowballs at each other; she ducked quite a few of them and sat down on the icy yet snowy bench.

She didn't want the dream to end yet she knew when she closed her eyes she would effectively return to the real world.

She slowly allowed her eyes to close and resurface in the real world. When she did resurface she found Nicole in tears on her bed.

She instinctively went to hug her but Nicole kept her at arms length 'Just tell me one thing?'

'Ok' Belle wasn't exactly sure what she was trying to say but she complied anyways. Nicole asked 'Are you going out with Aden?'

'No' Belle said honestly.

'Ok. He broke up with me because he likes you, but he swore that he hadn't cheated'

'Nothing ever happened. We talked but that's it'

Nicole eyebrows furrowed 'Talked? About what?'

'Just the protest and normal everyday chat'

'He hasn't told you about how he feels about you then?'

'No he did but I did and I promise this is true. I told him that I wouldn't be with him while he was still in a relationship with you.'

Nicole was reassured. Nicole didn't hate Belle, in fact she was happy for her. 'Good. Because Aden deserves the best and so do you'

'So hang on, you want us to get together'

'Yes. And I will tell you why' Nicole paused as she thought Belle might say something but she didn't so she continued

'Aden only went out with me because I wanted him to, as much as it pains me to say it, he loves you more than anything.'

Nicole paused before continuing. 'He has never had a proper girlfriend in a long time and I know it means a lot to have someone care about him as I did so he jumped at the chance but I don't think at the time he realised the depth of his feelings for you.' She finally paused for some breathing time.

Belle struggled to take in what Nicole was saying. 'So you give me and Aden your blessing?'

'Yes' she stated simply.

Belle smiled and hugged her. 'Thanks Nicole. I promise I wont hurt him'

'No I know you wont but if he hurts you then I will hurt him where it will really hurt' Belle laughed as did Nicole


Aden was on the beach watching the waves, breaking up with Nicole was a hard thing to do but necessary, he couldn't stay in a relationship where he wasn't in it 100%.

Aden thought to himself.. Nicole and me didn't work I don't even understand what possessed me to go out with her in the first place. I mean I know she is fit and voluptuous but not my type. I think I have fallen for Belle which is annoying because I know she won't be with me if it affects her friendship with Nicole.

Aden's phone rang. He picked it up looking at the screen. 'Hello'

'hey its me'

'Where have you been?'

'Well. Since I left summer bay working in UK'

'Where are you now?'

'Behind you'

Aden turned around to see a tanned man behind him. He smiled and so did the man. He hugged him. 'Irene will be chuffed to see you'

'I know, Its been a long time Aden'

'I know Geoff. Why didn't you come back before now?'

'I wasn't ready, I needed to be with people I didn't know to find myself but now I have'

'One question. UK has crap weather so why are you so tanned?'

Geoff grinned as he and Aden walked along the beach in the direction of the diner. 'Well I went to the Maldives before coming here'

Aden smiled as they reached the diner. Irene was in the kitchen, Aden whispered 'sit in the corner and I will pretend you are a complaining customer. Irene totally hates people who complain'


'No… sneakier'

Geoff went into the corner of the diner while Aden went into diner. 'Irene…'

'yes..' she said abruptly

'A customer is complaining outside' he peered on the menu and selected 'about his spag bol'

'What about it'

'It isn't cooked very well'

Irene looked like she was about to burst into flames 'Not cooked well?' Irene said 'Who?'

'Guy in the corner of the diner'

'Near the jukebox?'

'That's the one'

Irene pulled herself up and said 'show me exactly who it is'

Aden led her out of the kitchen towards Geoff's table. Irene at first didn't look at him in the face just looked at the table which was empty.

She then looked up and had the fright of her life when she saw Geoff sat there, she looked at Aden who was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

'Sorry, it was just meant to be a bit of fun' Aden said as he squeezed Irene. Geoff stood up and hugged Irene 'Its good to see you Geoff'

'It's good to be back'

Irene smiled but then the lunchtime rush started so she joined Roman back in the kitchen. Before she did that however she said they could both have what they wanted on the house.

Aden sat down and put his feet on the opposite couch. 'So where's Annie these days'

'In Adelaide'

'Doing what?'

'First Year of Uni'

'Clever Annie. She will go far'

Geoff smiled 'I know, she is destined for greatness.

Belle entered the diner and walked squarely up to Aden. Pulled him up to her and kissed him on the lips.

Aden nearly fell back and he would have if Geoff didn't kick him back up, when Belle stopped kissing him 'Hurt me in any way, I will kill you'

Aden grinned and leant in to kiss Belle but she pulled away quite quickly so he was left standing there. Belle hugged Geoff 'its good to see you here'

'Me too, entertainment'

Belle smiled and sat next to Aden. Irene came up with the food. 'Hey belle' she frowned when she saw Aden putting his arms around belle and Belle next to him smiling.

'Hey Irene. Can I have a coffee and some pasta'

'Yep, Come in the kitchen for a minute'

'Ok' she stood up putting Aden's arm quite dramatically on the armrest ready for her to come back and sit next to him

She approached the kitchen 'Isn't he going out with Nicole'

'No. actually Nicole told me that we should be together, and you know that I like him'

'If you are sure' Irene said after a few minutes

'I am. But thanks for looking out for me'


'Stop it Ric' Mattie said giggling as Ric tickled her on the sofa

'Why should I stop?' as he began to tickle her on the side of her stomach where she was the most ticklish

'Please' she begged in laughter


She finally recovered from the laughter and then Ric leant in and kissed her, his lips felt so soft and full.

He always kissed her slowly before deepening his kiss and pushing Mattie gently onto the sofa.

Mattie pushed him away slightly 'I need to talk to you'

Ric saw how serious she looked and pushed himself off her but still holding her hands 'Go on'

'I don't know how to say this but I have to'

'Go on, its ok'

Mattie decided just to come out and say it 'I have a daughter'

'What?!' Ric said disbelievingly

'I gave her up but I kept in contact with her parents so I was never out of her life'

'Ok, and whats the problem now?'

'She ran away from home and I just found out a couple of days ago that she is the girl Aden's looking after'



'Have you spoken to Aden about it?'

'Not yet, I wanted to tell you first so you don't hate me'

'I could never hate you, I mean that'

'Thanks Ric' she smiled and snuggled into his arms 'I love you'

'I love you too' Ric said for the first time ever making Mattie smile..

Next Chapter: Adens recieves a letter..

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Chapter 7

Mattie had finally plucked up the courage to talk to Aden about lily, she didn’t know how he was going to react but all she did know was that she had to do this

‘Aden, can I talk to you?’ Mattie asked

Aden was just sitting at his desk and relaxing with a cup of tea. ‘Of course come in and shut the door’

Mattie complied and smiled ‘I just wanted to talk to you about one of the kids you have in your care here’

‘Who?’ Aden swallowed the last of his tea and went to get some more offering some to Mattie, she declined


Aden froze, no one but a select few knew about Lily. It was paramount to her safety. Mattie knew this and told Aden ‘I know no one is supposed to know but I need to talk to you about her’

Aden breathed out loud in relief ‘Ok. What do you need to know?’

‘Is she here because of her father?’

‘I can’t tell anyone but family to be completely honest with you’

‘I am her biological mother’

Aden’s eyes widened in shock ‘Are you serious?’

Mattie nodded ‘yes’

‘Does Ric know?’

‘Yes I told him before I came here’

‘What did he say?’

‘Not to be rude but can we talk about lily?’

‘Ok. She is here because she was scared of her parents’

‘What did they do that was so bad?’

Aden said ‘she didn’t want anyone to know so I can’t say’

Mattie breathed in ‘She is ok though?’

‘Yes, she is fine. I can promise you that’

‘Good, I am happy if she is ok’ countered Mattie before asking ‘she does know who I am can you ask if she wants to see me. If she doesn’t I understand, I am demanding that she has to but I would like to see her’

Aden thought about this and the possible ramifications it may bring but he said ‘Ok I will for you’

Mattie stood up and replied ‘Thank you, I really appreciate it’ She then turned and left the drop in centre.

Aden mused a few minutes before calling for Bruce. ‘Watch the computers while I go and see lily’

Bruce nodded and Aden left the room heading towards Lily’s room. Lily had been keeping herself to herself lately which is why Aden didn’t want too many people to know about her. It was paramount to her safety and comfort here.

He knocked on the door before opening, Lily was sat on the bed as normal drawing, she loved drawing, and she loved how it made her feel

‘Hello Aden’

Aden smiled before that moment Lily only called him by Mr Jefferies or sir so for her to call him Aden. He sat down on the chair opposite to her. ‘Your biological mother came by’


‘Yes, she wants to see you but she said she will understand if you don’t want to’

‘No I do, she is great, never gave up on me she was always around whenever I needed her’

‘It’s early days but would you consider living with her?’

‘Did she ask that?’

‘Nope, I think it would be, I know her and she cares about you’

Lily put her sketch pad to one side and said ‘Ok, if she will have me then yes I will’


Mattie left the drop in centre heading towards the beach where Ric said he would meet her just to see how it went.

‘Hey how was it?’

‘Ok. I think she is ok’

‘Will you see her again?’

‘I think so I told Aden that she knew me and so I think maybe I will see her again’ Mattie smiled as she sat down on the beach allowing her sandals to slip off and feel the sand on and in her toes.

Ric hugged as he sensed she needed it at that time. She had been trying her hardest all night to fix it in her brain how to see her again and it had nearly worked.

‘Do you want some food?’ asked Ric

‘Nah I am ok. Go and get some if you want, I need to be alone right now anyways’

‘Ok, see you later babe’

‘You too, love you’

‘Love you too’ Ric said kissing the top of her head and then running towards the diner.


Belle entered the drop in centre and headed towards the office. Aden to her surprise wasn’t there but Bruce was.

‘Hey Bruce, know where Aden is?’

Bruce shrugged ‘was with one of the kids but now god knows’

Belle was confused but managed to hide her confusion with a smile. ‘Let him know I was here will you?’

‘Yep, of course I will’ Bruce smiled before typing something into the computer frowning at the same time

Belle sensed he was busy so she walked a few steps into the lounge area where Aden would normally be.

He was really surprised to see her walking around. Aden had just come around the corner, and smiled when he saw her ‘Hey Belle’ Aden said

‘Hey I wanted to ask can you come over tonight.’

‘Not really, it’s my time to stay in the drop in centre, maybe tomorrow?’

Belle was hurt but masked her hurt as she smiled and replied ‘sure’

Aden entwined his fingers in her fingers and smiled ‘I will see you tomorrow then’ before kissing her on the forehead and heading away from her

Belle still had her hands shaped as if his hands were still entwined in hers, it was shameful but she hadn’t spent much time with him in the week they had been together.


Mattie ended up at the diner with Ric sharing a plate of French fries. Ric looked at her as she was daydreaming; he thought she was the most beautiful person he had ever met in his life

Mattie spotted him looking at her as she came out of her daydream. ‘What?’

Ric swallowed the saliva building up in his throat and said ‘I know we have only been together for about 5 months but I love you and I want you to make me the happiest man alive’ he reached into his pocket and got out a box.

Mattie thought he was going to propose but when he opened the box there was a small engraved key with Mattie’s name on it, she smiled ‘by agreeing to move in with me’ Ric finished

She smiled thinking her head was going to explode in happiness ‘Yes’ she breathed ‘I will’ Ric hugged her.

Geoff wandered into the diner trying to find Belle. He wandered over to Ric and Mattie’s table ‘hey know where Belle is?’

‘Nope’ they both said before hearing a blood curling scream from behind the diner. All three of them bolted towards the scream to find in absolute horror; Belle laying there in tears with her pants ripped.

Geoff knelt down as Mattie rang for an ambulance. All belle heard was ‘hang in there’ she whispered back ‘find Aden... Aden... Aden…..’


Ric ran into the drop in centre shouting Aden’s name. Aden came running. ‘Whoa whats up?’

‘Its Belle’ he panted ‘she’s been attacked’ Ric looked at him before finishing ‘she is in a bad way and this note was left for you at my house the other day’

Aden took it into his hands and ran with Aden to the car and zoomed off towards the hospital. Ric showed Aden the way to the ward but Aden stayed back handling the letter in his hands. ‘Who sent me this?’ he thought to himself

Aden opened it and began to read carefully gasping along the way, he never believed she would contact him again.

Dearest Aden,

It’s been a long time since I saw you last, last I heard you were in Summer Bay. Life must have gone well for you as you haven’t found me like you promised, but it doesn’t matter as along as you are happy, I am heading towards Summer Bay with your life, please let me know what is happening with you and if it is best that I stay away, Here is my phone number.. ring me and let me know.

Love Janey


Aden smiled and dialled the number ‘Hey Janey, long time no see’

‘Yep, so you got my letter’

‘Yep got it this morning’

‘So can I visit?’

‘Yes, my girlfriend would love to see you’

‘I would love to see her as well’

Aden smiled ‘and it will be good to have you back in my life’

‘Yes it will. Forget the past and move forward’

Next Chapter: Mattie moves in with Ric and Janey comes to Summer Bay. Did she have something to do with Belle’s attack?

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Chapter 8

Aden diverted himself from the hospital for the 10th time that morning. He looked so tired and worn out from worrying.

He wasn’t visiting the hospital in fear that Belle would find out what link he had to the attack, he had so hoped that he had buried his past but it wasn’t to be.

He had spent so long running from his past that it was evident that now it was time to stop running and confront his past.

Although Aden was trying to outrun his past a lot longer but it seemed impossible to keep it up any longer as he were trying to outrun something that couldn’t be outran.

He returned to the diner to see Bruce talking to a young boy who was cowering in the corner.

He moved the crowd away and directed them out of the centre or to their rooms on a temporary basis.

He gestured for the boy to come towards him. Aden had a small but cute face and the boy did as he was told ‘What’s wrong?’

The boy shook his head, not daring to say a word. Aden sighed ‘go into my office and sit down’

He didn’t move, Aden pointed into his office and then the boy made his way in to the office and sat down.

Bruce and Aden chatted outside for a few minutes. ‘Why did he not move?’

‘He can’t hear. It’s obvious. He didn’t move when I spoke but when I gestured to him he did’

‘Is he mute or what?’

Aden shook his head ‘I don’t know, probably not as he would have made some sort of connection that I was saying something’

‘How can we be sure?’

Aden thought to himself ‘How about we throw something on the floor to make a noise, not a really loud one but enough for him to react to if he does’

Bruce nodded and picked up a metal ornament and threw it onto the floor, the boy jerked slightly proving that he could hear.

‘now we can try and find out what is wrong’ Bruce said

‘Yep you do that, I have to go’


‘Are you sure about this’ Mattie said for the final time to Belle

‘Yes, do it, I am fine, I will stay with Irene for a bit’

Mattie smiled ‘I would let you stay but..’

‘.. Lily comes first, I wouldn’t expect anything different’

Mattie was in awe of how understanding Belle could be. ‘Thanks’ hugging Belle tightly

‘..So is Ric moving in with you?’

‘.. Yep this morning.. .’ Mattie paused before Belle jumped in.

‘.. As we speak’ belle finished

They heard someone moving behind them so they moved the curtain to see Aden stood there for the first time in 4 weeks since Belle had been in hospital.

Mattie tensed there was some tension ‘I can stay if you need me to’

‘Nope. Its fine, he wont be staying long I can assure you of that now’ staring at Aden

Aden walked in and Mattie walked out not before saying ‘Don’t hurt her or you will have me to answer to’

Belle shifted so she could see him straight in the face. ‘What do you want me to do?’

‘Nothing’ Aden said ‘why would you think I wanted you to do something’

‘You haven’t visited me in 4 weeks and so the first time you appear makes me think you need me for something’

Aden sighed ‘No I don’t I just need to you listen to me’

‘Why should I listen to you when you do nothing but ignore me?’

‘So you can understand why’

‘I don’t want to understand why though so it doesn’t actually truly matter’

Aden was exasperated, he truly wanted Belle to understand why he wasn’t around but it was obvious that she didn’t want to know.

‘…. And that is why I couldn’t be here’ he said honestly knowing that his relationship with Belle was over ‘I hope you will understand one day’

‘Just go please, just go, I cant have you anywhere near me’ Belle started to cry prompting Mattie to walk in and see Belle there in tears

‘What happened’ she demanded to Aden

Aden didn’t say anything just leant forward kissed Belle on the lips before breathing ‘I love you’

Aden had never said that before and it broke Belle’s heart as she said back ‘I love you too’

He looked at Mattie’s confused face before walking out of the room and out of the hospital and ultimately for the time being out of Belle’s life


‘..She looked so broken’ Mattie was saying to Nicole the next day ‘I don’t know what he said but it has changed her’

‘Have you asked what it is that is wrong?’

‘Yep, I have but I can’t seem to get anything out of her’

Lily came wandering in ‘Mum. Can I have juice?’

‘Yes go and get some from the fridge but be careful honey’

‘Yes. Mum’

Nicole smiled. ‘She is perfect. I bet Ric spoils her’

‘He does as well. She loves him I was afraid she wouldn’t like him but she does and I find it cute as well the way they act’

‘… and.’ Nicole sensed she wanted to say more

‘Nothing, I am just being paranoid’

‘Over what?’

‘Doesn’t matter’ Mattie said as Lily came back into the room ‘thanks mummy’

‘Its ok, go and make sure your room is tidy before Auntie Nicole comes and tucks you in’

Lily grinned kissed her mother goodnight before running off to her room. Mattie turned to look at Nicole ‘Sorry she always wants someone to tuck her in’

Nicole laughed ‘like you then attention seeking’ Mattie looked hurt before Nicole laughed again and said ‘I’m kidding! Relax!’

Mattie smiled as Nicole went to tuck in Lily that night.


2 months later

Janey walked out of the airport straight into a cab and had the driver drive her to Summer Bay; she was looking forward to coming back into Aden’s life

About 20 later she finally arrived in Summer Bay, and paid the driver. She saw someone in the dwindling distance walking towards her with every step they took.

She waited till they approached her ‘Excuse me. Do you know where to find Aden Jefferies?’

‘Who’s asking?’


‘And how do you know him?’

‘That’s my business.

‘Fine, I guess you don’t really want to know where he is then’

‘Just tell me please’

‘Nope. Don’t want to ‘

‘Ok. I am a friend from where he used to live’ not wanting anyone to know who she really was Aden had obviously kept her a secret and she wasn’t so sure why.


‘Yep’ not sure why she had said Adelaide he had never lived in Adelaide. ‘Who are you?’

‘Belle Taylor’

‘Nice to meet you, can you show me where he is?’

‘I can do better than that I can show you where he is’

Janey looked at her, she looked pretty, maybe she was his girlfriend, goodness knows he needs one but maybe he wouldn’t be able to commit to an relationship especially with his past

Belle led the way to the centre and showed her in ‘he will be in there somewhere’

‘Do you not want to come in?’

‘Nope, I will leave you to it but tell him one thing ‘I understand’

‘That’s it ‘you understand?’

‘Yep, he will know what I mean, trust me’

Next Chapter: Is there hope for Aden and Belle? Ric has a secret and will we find out who Janey is?

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Ignore the two chapter bit. I think there is at least 5/7 chapters left at least.

Warning: Scenes of A Sexual Nature :ph34r:

Chapter 9

Belle was sleeping peacefully when she heard the door rattle. She was suddenly aware of everything around her. She knew where all the spiders were lurking and which bits of the room that scared her death with the unknown shadows.

Despite all her fears, she slowly slipped out of bed and headed towards the source of the noise. She slowly edged the door open just to find Irene walking around the kitchen.

‘Oh god you scared me’ Belle sighed a breath of relief

‘Oh sorry darl. I didnt realise I was that loud’

‘Oh you know me’ Belle said ‘I sleep lightly, well am back off to bed’

‘Goodnight darl’

Belle tiptoed towards the bed and slipped in only to find someone already there, she froze ever so slightly and tried to move backwards.

The figure popped their head out from under the blanket and looked sheepishly at Belle.

‘Dont kick me out’

‘Damn it. You scared me’


‘Aden, dont do that again’

‘Can I stay?’ he asked with a massive grin on his face

Belle melted at the sight of his gorgeously sexy grin. She didnt know what to say so what she did was she kicked him out of the bed ‘Sleep there’

He put his thumb up in a thumbs up moment and Belle smiled before turning over and falling fast asleep.

Aden however didnt, he stayed awake and just daydreamed about how his life could be with Belle not how it was.


‘sleep well’ Aden asked under the covers as Belle came around from her sleep ‘Oh so I didnt dream you then’

‘Well, no unfortunately, what was I doing in your dream?’ Aden asked sexily

‘Nothing much’ Belle paused for maximum effect in a bid to wind Aden up, she succeeded and Aden grimaced and Belle got up and said ‘get out now, i need to get changed’

Aden smiled. He got up put his boots on and jumped out of the window but before he did that . He leaned into Belle’s ear and breathed ‘I know you want me’

He tried to make his way out of the room but Belle threw him down on the bed and got on top of him and kissed him ‘I know, but you have wanted me for longer’ she bounced off him and left the room leaving Aden breathless and grinning


‘He kissed you?’ Nicole and Mattie said simultaneously

‘No, I kissed him’

Nicole and Mattie’s eyes widened considerably, ‘you are joking right?’

‘Nope, it is really good that we are together again’

‘He abandoned you when you were in hospital’

Belle winced every single time they talked about that. ‘I know but we have put that behind us now’

‘You sure?’ they asked uneasy

Belle smiled. She was very touched at their closeness; she had never had a friendship like this before and she was immensely grateful for this closeness.

Belles phone started to ring and she reached over to pick it up. ‘Hello’

‘hey sis’

‘Drew, how are you?’

‘I am good. You?’

‘Drama in my life as per usual’

Drew frowned ‘why? Whats happened?’

‘Nothing bad. Relax’

‘Good, I don’t want to have another fiasco on my hands especially with Dad and Amanda’

‘Whats up with them?’ Belle asked intrigued

‘Hold on’ Drew said before asking Peter on the other line ‘shall I tell her?’ she heard a faint voice saying ‘yeh go on then’

Drew said into the phone ‘brace yourself Belle’

‘Drew, you are scaring me now what is it?’

Drew laughed ‘Amanda’s...’ the phone cut off

Belle eyes widened in shock and looked like she was going to faint before she said ‘you have to be kidding, the one thing i need to know and the bloody phone cuts out’

Belle tried to ring Drew but the network came up with invalid connection. Belle threw her phone against the wall and was incredibly lucky that it didn’t shatter into a million pieces

Nicole and Mattie was a bit scared of how she was acting, she had to be calmed down, after a while Belle had calmed down enough to answer the door. Nicole and Mattie made the exit out of the front door before Belle opened the other door.

She nearly fell out of her skin when she saw him. He grinned evilly at her, pushing his way in, he saw her.

‘W...What are you doing here?’ she said trembling


The man looked so evil as eh ‘Here to wreak revenge on you’

‘Please get out’

He grinned ‘nope, I am going to make you pay the way you made me pay’

She froze, she couldn’t say anything, and he took advantage of her silence and grabbed her by the arm leading her to the sofa. He pushed her down onto the sofa.

She tried to fight him off but she was going to be alone that night, everyone had gone to the city so she was alone.

He stopped unbuttoning her blouse to look deep into her eyes and her fear ridden face taking in her fear.

‘Now, you know how it feels’

He took off her shirt and threw it across the room where she couldn’t reach it... she didn’t say no but then again she couldn’t.

She didn’t it in her to say no to him, she couldn’t ever say no to him when she went out with him nearly 5 years ago so why should now be any different to him.

In the window near the door, Aden appeared in the hope he could spend the night with Belle but the image relayed before him was so off turning that he didn’t even stay long enough to see that Belle wasn’t enjoying the scene.


She lay in bed next to him. He had her in his arms but she wouldn’t dare turn around in fear of him hurting her more than he already had.

‘So let me make one thing clear’ he threatened Belle ‘you are not to be with anyone else, i am the only one for you

Belle didn’t say anything but then again she couldn’t say anything she was too terrified. She just nodded and for safety measures she snuggled up to him.

She could barely bear the smell or the touch of him but she did it anyways. ‘Ok’ she mumbled before shifting slightly so she didn’t have to see his face.

‘Did you hear me’ he growled pulling her face to his ‘I mean it, keep your legs crossed’

‘yes got it’

He grinned as he pulled her face closer to him and kissed her on the neck and all over her body before returning to her face. She had closed her eyes but she opened them when he returned to his face trying to muster all happiness that she could

He slowly coaxed open her mouth kissing her more passionately each time. Belle had no choice but to comply with what he wanted her to do.

Next Chapter: Will the guy in Belle’s life ruin any prospects of reuniting with Aden? Or Will he be caught out?

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I have fast-forwarded the timeline in this chapter so don’t get confused if you don’t know why she is in hospital. This is also the finale. Enjoy!

Chapter 10

‘Aden…’Belle tried to say as she came around in the hospital. Irene was sat next to the bed in the green armchair.

Irene awoke at the sound of her voice. ‘Hey hey don’t strain yourself’

‘Where’s Aden’ she croaked

‘He isn’t here, had an emergency, he should be in later’

Belle couldn’t breathe properly till she put on her oxygen mask. She didn’t like the oxygen mask but she knew she had to use it to help her

‘Belle’ Irene said after a while ‘Geoff and Annie are here to see you’

Belle tried to talk but she had been give a sedative so the three of them couldn’t stay very long and Belle only wanted to see Aden but he wasn’t around.

After about 2 weeks of being in hospital and no sign of her psychotic boyfriend, Belle finally began to relax more.

Aden had never visited her and she got more and more concerned each day about him. Irene wouldn’t reveal anything about his whereabouts and it began to scare her a lot.

‘Look darl, I cant say anything’ Irene said\

‘Why, what is so wrong?’

‘Nothing, nothing is wrong, I just can’t tell you where he is’

‘You are really scaring me now’

‘Listen girlie it doesn’t matter right now’ she said

‘How can you say that when I love him?’


‘I love him, it might be quite unbelievable for you but I do!’

‘He is in no way the right person for you!’ Irene said exasperated

‘Oh’ Belle said before continuing. ‘Then all the people you thought was right for me like Angelo and Drew and see how that ended up’

‘Belle’ came a voice from the doorway. Belle turned and had the fright of her life, she in no way expected him to be standing there in front of him


Aden was miserable, he spent half of his life indoors away from the love of his life but he was trailing Lee.

This monster shouldn’t be around anymore he thought to himself whispering meaningless promises to himself.

He knew that Lee had to pay but how, he didn’t want Belle to go through any more pain than she had to.

Maybe it was time for him to go home and see her again, he had told Irene to keep her away from him but he hadn’t counted on the fact that he wouldn’t be able to stay away from her.

He set the ignition on and before he got a chance to set off, the car backfired and broke down, he pressed down on the accelerator and luckily the car set off.

Aden looked at the petrol gauge and saw that is was nearly empty so he diverted himself into a petrol station.

Stepping out of the car as he headed towards the petrol station to get the wire to feed the petrol into the car when he had the fright of his life.

He saw his brother standing in front of him, the same brother that was supposed to be dead but obviously wasn’t dead.

He pulled himself together and said ‘Hi’

‘Hey, I didn’t know you lived around here’

‘I don’t, I came to deal with something’

‘Or someone’ Justin said knowing Aden

‘Well it doesn’t matter, am off in a bit anyways’

‘Stay for a while. Lets catch up’

Aden was tempted but he said ‘not at the moment, sorry I have too much to do today’

‘Ok. Keep in touch though please?’

‘OK’ handing Justin a piece of paper with his number ‘ring me sometime’

Justin smiled ‘will do. Bye’

Aden got into his car and sped off leaving Justin there waving goodbye to him, Aden had always been closed to his brother but he wasn’t sure if having him in his life again was a good thing.


Belle was missing Aden like mad but had cheered up when Geoff, Nicole, Ric and Mattie bounced into the room with grins on their faces.

‘Hey belle’ they all said at one point or another

Belle smiled and pushed herself up so she could see all of their faces.

She looked at Mattie ‘where’s lily?’

‘With Irene. She loves spending time with her’

‘Awww’ smiling ‘she gets spoilt by Irene doesn’t she’

‘Yep, she likes it, she always asks when am I going out so she can spend time with her’

‘I bet she annoys Irene’ Nicole interrupted

‘Yeh she does but then again she is only young so what can we expect’

‘So what’s new with you then Geoff’ Ric asked trying to include himself within the conversation. ‘Have a girlfriend now’

Belle’s eyes widened in shock but she noticed that Nicole’s didn’t, so it was obvious who it was but she couldn’t resist asking ‘who?’

‘Well..’ Geoff said not wanting to reveal it

‘Me’ Nicole said as Ric started to laugh. Everyone turned and looked at him ‘what’s so funny?’

‘Bloody hell. We love keeping it within the gang don’t we’


‘OK, Me and Mattie, Geoff and Nicole. All that is left is for you and Aden to get together’

Belle coughed, Ric and Geoff didn’t have a clue that Aden and Belle were kind of already together and that was the way she wanted to keep it till she knew he was going to be around.

No one said anything after that and that was probably best since the door opened and a piercing scream belonging to Aden materialised straight into Belle’s ears.


Belle froze before regaining control of her emotions, she stood up but she wobbled so Geoff picked her up and placed her back on the bed.

He instructed Ric. ‘Go and see what is going on please’

Nicole and Mattie were on the bed comforting Belle while Geoff whispered to Nicole ‘be back soon, need to find out what is going on’

‘Ok, but be careful please’ she looked near to tears. Geoff hugged her ‘Nicole, I will be fine’

Ric had already got to the room where Aden was ‘whats going on’ he asked Rachel who was watching the doctors attend to him

‘He’s fine I think he was beaten up’ she paused

Ric finished the sentence ‘by the same person who beat up Belle’

‘Yep, and Janey is here?’

Geoff looked at her knowingly, ‘I know her’

‘Is she who she says she is?’

‘Yes she is’

Ric looked more and more confused as time went on ‘What are you all on about?’

‘Confidential’ Geoff equipped himself with hoping Rachel would back him up and she did so. ‘Yep its confidential, cant tell anyone unless she wants me to’

Ric wasn’t about to give up so easily though so he said ‘so why does Geoff know?’

‘Aden told me. We didn’t know each other t hen and he swore me too secrecy’

Ric sighed ‘ok’ he gave up for the time being, he wasnt going to give up that easily though, he never did that.


Belle was still agitated, ‘go and see what is going on’

‘Geoff has gone, he will come as soon as there is news’

Belle sighed; these two weren’t going to let her go. She thought back to the time of when she got hurt and how much she was scared.

She didn’t want to relive the memories but Rachel had injected her with a sedative so the hardest memories to date were on the way and she wasn’t going to let it happen so she fought them off and managed to sleep peacefully


‘Is she asleep?’ Geoff asked a sleepy Nicole sat on the chair opposite the bed

‘Yep, after a sedative but yes’

‘Relax Nicole. She will be ok’

She nodded ‘how’s Aden?’

‘Stable for now’ Geoff said hugging Nicole

‘Can we see him?’

‘Yep, you can go if you want’

‘Come with me, I don’t want to go on my own’


2 years later

Aden walked along the beach arm in arm with Belle ‘I love you more than you will ever know’

‘Me too, and I will love you forever never ever stopping’

‘Good because I don’t have any intention of letting you walk out of my life and our baby’s life’

Aden stopped ‘baby?’

Belle smiled ‘yes. Im pregnant’

Aden grinned picking belle up and spinning her around ‘how long?’

‘2 weeks I think’

‘Good, I cant wait to be a dad’

‘Well Nicole and Mattie cant wait to be aunties

Aden looked hurt ‘you told them before you told me?’

‘They were there when I did the test’

‘Oh’ he hugged her and she snuggled up to him.



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