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Tues, 11 Nov 08 – Episode # 4757

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’ve Already Taken A Big Risk ...“

[screened in Australia on Tues, 11 Nov 08 – Episode # 4757]


Belle is wheeled into the hospital by the ambulance officers who tell Rachel & Nurse Julie Belle’s condition. Rachel etc start to treat Belle – incl asking how this happened. Aden tells Rachel that Angelo attacked Belle.


Ruby enters and speaks to Charlie. Ruby is keen to do some retail therapy, but Charlie insists that usual post break up plan isn’t going to work this time as Roman is different, i.e. Charlie sys that she thought the he was “the one”.


Belle has an oxygen mask still on and Rachel asks for tests like x-rays & a head CT scan to be done. Roman & Irene arrive – and Irene is esp. Taken aback by what happened.


Jack & Charlie talk about Belle’s attack. Whilst Jack thinks that Angelo might have done this, Charlie is firmly on Angelo’s side. Charlie tries to phone Angelo once more.


Angelo’s phone rings. He sees that its work calling – so he switches off the phone.


Aden doesn’t want to leave Belle’s side, but roman urges him to go to the station and give the police an official statement. Nurse Julie insists to Aden that Bell is in very good hands.


Aden & Roman arrive, and Aden wonders why the police aren’t out looking for Angelo. Angelo then enters the station and Aden makes a lunge for him – the likes of Roman & jack has to prize Aden away form Angelo. It’s all very heated – as the police & roman “suggest” the aden should go into the interview room. Aden complies.

Soon after, Angelo talks to Jack & Charlie. He wonders if they thinking of other suspects in this case – incl ppl to do with the development.

In the interview room, Aden is sill fired up, but roman :suggest” at he must “cool it” so he can tell the police everything etc.


Belle is now semi conscious. She can hear and speak to Rachel but she still doesn’t sound etc 100%. Rachel removes the neck brace, and tells belle & Irene tat all the tests [head CT etc] have come back clear.

Rachel then suggests thet belle should speak to a counsellor about everything that’s been happening in her life – incl the buneg run off the road thing, but belle isn’t so keen on that idea.

Belle’s mobile rings. Irene answers = but the person only wants to speak to Belle, because belle can’t really talk that much right now, Irene asks the person is they could leave a message, but the person [Murray ??] hangs up.


Jack & charlie interview Angelo. He confirms tat he did verbally threaten belle at te diner, and that he both threw a chair AND punch a hole in the wall at the beach house. Angelo insists that he was angry = but he didn’t hurt belle.

Angelo suggests that in the time that he left the beach house and Aden returned] and found Belle injured], the developers might have attacked Belle.

Angelo then isn’t too keen when charlie tells him that she insists that he takes today and morrow off work.


After Ruby enters and gives Roman her food order, she follows him into the kitchen – and waaaaaaaaaaaay gives him a “serve” bout how he’s treated Charlie. Ruby insists that Charlie deserves soooooo much better than Roman, who ruby says is not a nice person.


Jack tells Charlie that he’s found, in Angelo’s file that Angelo was in trouble for using excessive force when making an arrest of a protestor. Charlie defends Angelo by saying that it was just after Angelo started in the force etc. It’s clear that whilst jack thinks that Angelo did this, Charlie is on Angelo’s side.

The phone rings – jack answers. It’s the hospital – belle is ready to talk to the police.


Jack & charlie are by belle’s bedside when they ask her queries and what happened. She insists that it was Angelo who hit her - although she does also admit that the person attacked her from behind.

Angelo arrives and when Aden does likewise, Aden is way fired up. Belle is terrified that Angelo is there, and when Angelo is in the corridor. Charlie makes it more than clear that Angelo REALLY shoudn't be here right now.

In belle’s room, Aden & Rachel try to reassure belle that tigs will be alright.


Angelo finishes a drink and asks for another. Alf suggest that Angelo should go elsewhere – and Angelo tells Alf that it’s clear that Alf in on Aden’s side etc.

Charlie enters but before she can talk to Angelo, roman enters and they have words over not only this [belle] sit tuition but their failed ‘ship.


Belle is all but in tears ehen she asks Aden if he can stay with her – as she doesn’t want to be alone. Aden hugs Belle and muchly agrees to stay with her.


At Noah’s, Angelo’s phone rings – its Murray [beach] who tells him that he put Belle’s memory card in her room this room. Angelo wants Murray to go to the station and make a formal statement about all this, but Murray say tat he thinks that he is being followed and doesn’t want to risk going to the station to do so. Murray thinks that he is taking enough risk even just talking to Angelo now


Its night time and Angelo in on the beach when he sees a vehicle with its headlights waaaaaaaaaay on near the roadside of the beach. Angelo can’t see who is approaching him. It’s not Murray like he hopes – its Tim instead.

Tim comments on how much trouble the Angelo is currently in – but suggest at they made a deal to help both of their situations.


Charlie & jack are getting no answer when they ring Angelo’s mobile etc, so they agree to go to his house. Just as they about to go, Angelo arrives at station wondering why they contacted him. Jack tells Angelo that he is charged with the attack on Belle!!!!!!!



Belle insist that her attacker must have been Angelo

Melody tell Matthew that because she has the reputation of being an angel, she can get away with murder

We see Bridget with a drivers licence with her photo bout Leah’s details

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Rachel: royal blue blouse


Ruby: white lacy sleeveless jacket/grey singlet top/dark knee length skirt


Angelo: green [yellow “Australia”] t/dark long pants


Aden: green [white crest] t

Aden: SBH uniform

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Ambulance Officer: dark blue [with ambulance symbol etc lapels] overalls

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Angelo: red [black “Kato” ?] t/denim jeans

Belle: black singlet top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Irene: red scoop top

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Murray: brown jacket/white t/denim jeans

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Rachel: red [yellow dots] v neck top/grey knee length skirt

Roman: brown [blue circular “rock the casbah” logo] t/dark long pants

Roman: white singlet/dark long pants

Tim Coleman: dark t/denim jeans

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