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Mon, 10 Nov 08 – Episode # 4756

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Kirsty Isn’t A Mermaid, But ….– The Sequel “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 10 Nov 08 – Episode # 4756

Note – due to various circumstances, the guide is less detailed etc than usual

Miles & Kirsty enter the vph kissing – and they continue to do so until Alf enters the room [he doesn’t see them kissing though.

Kirsty goes outside and is deep in thought as she looks up at the full moon before she goes into her van

Note – the mermaid reference in the title is because the 3 lead [human] characters in “H20 – Just Add Water” changed into mermaids via a process that incl the full moon.

Meanwhile, Alf joins miles on back patio. He wonders if he interrupted something. Mils says tat he kinda didn’t = and Miles & kirsty had no idea what they were sating etc to each other anyway.

Next day, Kirsty enters the vph and she accidentally knocks a religious statue of the table. She is acting very flighty and thels miles & Alf that she will go a fix that statue [that broke in 2].

Later, she returns to the house – but when she is talk to Miles, Kirsty once more knocks over the statue. She bails to fix it

Soon after, Kirsty retur s to the house – the stature is fixed,ans she amend Miles talk about what ios going on tween them. Miles tells Kirsty that she TITALLY want her in her life. Kirsty is soooooo pleased that the statue AND her ‘ship with Miles are totally back together.

Rachel & Tony are at gym. They agree to only tell one person each bout Rachel’s preg. However, colleen suspects something when Tony suggests that rach shouldn’t use a partic piece of gym equip.

Tony goes to the police station, but jack is rather busy [with the devel sire case etc] and jack also comment tat Martha rang and that she’s had a bad day etc so toy doesnklt tell him.

Hover, Leah [diner kitchen] shrieks with joy when Rachel tells her. Colleen hears and enters kitchen but rach & Leah make up some excuses as to why Leah wjet like that.

Soon after, Colleen is iont kitten, and she sees an envelope in Leah’s bag – there's clearly a card to Tony & rach inside.

Meanwhile Tony & rach go to the hospital, where Rach has an ultrasound. Tony & rach are overjoyed to see the 1st image of their little one.

Later, jack is in the dine5r when colleen approaches – wonsgding how excited he is at the news of a mew mbr of the family. Leah has ago at colleen for braking the news to jack before Tony & rach did.

At gym, Tony tells rach that he didn’t tell jack, but the Leah, colleen & jack enter with flowers etc. jack tells Tony tait he wished he had told him – as it’s GREAT to hear positive new sfo a change!!!!

It late at night and Aden is studying at bell’ place. She comments tat he should go to bed but he says that he had to study as morrow as he has community service, and it’s not like Angelo will let him delay it.

Aden is right as nest day when he goes to the station, Angelo suggest tat he should have tries to reschedule earlier – amend tat it he doesn’t do the community service today, Aden could be charged.

Btw, just before the above action tween Angelo & Aden, Jack & Charlie comment to Lara will he going on maternity leave soon.

Aden tells bell [diner] about what happened, and belle is totally annoyed. Agyter Aden bails, Angelo enters, and belle has a go at him. When Angelo fires back at bell, Leah is on her side – she tells Angelo to leave as he is disturbing the other customers.

Aden is soing his community service – cleaning graffiti of the surf club, when another of the teens doing evuice telak to him. They see Angelo [not in uniform] ands when his back is turned the other teen thaws a wet sponge at him. It hits Angelo, and he blames Aden

At the station, Charlie &* jack discus whether Angelo is too close to this whole devel site case – but they know that he’s been there form the start so his expertise with be much needed.

At diner, Aden tells bell bout the sponge incident, but she suggests tat he has to put it out of his mind to focus on HSC.

Bell goes to the station and speaks to chaelie bout Angelo. Charlie says tat unless belle makes official complaint, she can’t do anything.

Jack then tells bel tat she can have what remains of her cameras back an her memory cared. Bell says tat its NIOT her card though [used another brand]

Murray meanwhile reaches through belle’s bedroom window and places a memory card next to her bed.

Later, belle is at beach house when Angelo enters, he’s REALLY mad – and suggests that she likes her b/f’s “screwed up” anyway. He grabs a chair and trow it across the room. Belle is petrified and bail to her bedroom. Angelo exits tah house [back door][ and collide with Aden as he does,

Aden follows Angelo to near the surf club. Angelo suggests atg Aden is goading Angelo into hitting him so Angelo will be charged with assault. Angelo tells Aden that he’d told belle what he thinks o her [just like he just told Aden what he thinks of him doing this scheme].

Aden goes back to the beach house. He finds Belle on the floor of her bedroom - bleeding for a BIG head wound!!!!



Belle is taken to hospital – Aden insists that Angelo bashed her

Charlie tells someone that it wasn’t Angelo

Murray [on phone] tells someone that he isnmlt taking any more risks

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Kirsty: dark blue scoop t/dark blue [white floral] knee length skirt


Rachel: dark blue [white horiz stress across chest] polo shirt/stark track pants


Kirsty: white [strawberry motifs] halter neck knee length dress


Aden: black [grey unknown motif] t

Aden: black [smell white logo][ t/dark long pants

Aden: SBH uniform

Alf: maroon dressing gown

Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants/wide broom hat

Alf: dark blue [white check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: green [yellow “Australia”] t/dark long pants

Angelo: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Belle: black & grey horiz stripes singlet top/dark long pants

Belle: black singlet top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Colleen: yellow floral blouse/peach top/white [red floral] long skirt

Colleen: red [dark floral] top/aqua & purple jacket/dark blue track pants

Community Service Dude: grey [dark mosaic] t/dark long pants

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Kirsty: pink & white vertical stripes dressing gown/black [pink floral] PJs

Leah: black singlet top

Miles: beige jacket/white [black unknown text] t/dark long pants

Miles: blue dressing gown/white t

Miles: dark button up shirt/grey [green & orange rainbow] t/ dark long pants

Murray: dark jacket/white t

Rachel: red [yellow dots] v neck top/grey knee length skirt

Stenographer: grey blouse

Tony: SB gym t shirt/dark long pants

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