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Story Title: Changes

Type of story: long fic{30 chapters I hope}

Main Characters: Aden, Belle and Nicole

BTTB rating: T {SC} {V}

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Will advertise before each chapter

Summary: Aden and Belle live in separate children's homes but one day they meet and lives change but for the better or worse? Only time will tell.

Theme: Flashbacks:

Warnings? Mild Swear Words

Chapter 1- Start of Something New

Everything changes. Maybe one day everything changes so much that we cant tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Fantasy seems to be the solution to everything.

Life can change in the blink of an eye. One moment they are there and the next, you have no idea what has happened.

Life in the Storey Brook Children's home never seemed to encounter changes. The walls desperately needed painting; the paint was peeling itself off. The radiator needed a protective cover to stop the children from yanking it off the wall as several close-minded individuals had tried on several occasions and still failed.

Aden Jefferies had been in the childrens'home for about 6 years since he was 9 years old. He turned 15 in 2 weeks and he had the perfect well nearly perfect idea of a party.

He decided he was going to pitch the idea to the house leader Fiona. Fiona Williams was a tall young ish lady who liked Aden for his actions, he could wind people up and they would still want to be his best friend.

Half the girls loved him and the other half just hated to love him. He didn't expect anything from anyone but if he wanted something he would manipulate the system to get what he wants.

"So you want a joint party with the other children's home?" Fiona repeated to confirm

"Yes. Is that ok?"

"Yes I can't see why not"

"So can I go there with you and organise it?"

"Do you want it there or here?"


"Why?" Fiona asked bemused

"Because it is bigger and I can have more fun" he said with his trademark grin.

Fiona smiled "Ok. I will, is this anything to do with Nicole?"

"Who?" Aden cheekily said

"Your new girlfriend"

"She wishes. I don't want to be her boyfriend"

Fiona gestured, "Go on I will ring and confirm with them first before I consider it"

Aden smiled and backed out of the room, his party was going to be insane. And he owed it all to himself grinning inanely so that if anyone saw him, they would think he was crazy.


Over at the other children's home called Maple View, Nicole Franklin was causing trouble as normal. Her sidekick Belle Taylor had nothing to do it for once.

Nicole had set the alarm for all the children for 6am but all the staff for 9am so all the kids were late for school.

Nicole stupidly thought that belle would back her up but obviously that was never going to be the case. She got a rollicking off Brian the house leader and got herself cleaning duty for two weeks!

Nicole was fuming. She thought to herself 'How could she do that, after everything I did for her! She needs to be reminded of her priorities'

She went into the bedroom, which she shared with lo and behold Belle. Belle looked sheepishly at Nicole as she barged her way into the room "So what did Brian give you?"

"2 weeks cleaning duty!"

Belle failed to hide her grin as Nicole fumed even more "Why didn't you back me up?"

"And get even more ****?"

"What was wrong with getting ****? You always do"

"Exactly" Belle said

"Eh?" said a dumbfounded Nicole

"I can't afford to get into more trouble, they will transfer me to a new children's home and I don't want that"

Nicole smiled inanely "so can we go shopping tomorrow?"

"For what?" belle hated shopping without a reason, it meant that there was no reason not to go wild when shopping.

"A guy from the 'other' children's home is having a shared party here with me!"

"Hon, cool lets go mad"

Nicole grinned, "am going to hold you to that" grabbing Belle's hand "lets go and see what we can eat before I have to clean up" she grimaced as she dragged Belle down the stairs.

I havent added a next chapter bit as I am making the story up as I go along :)

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Just a note: the chapter is quite short but I do want to make it short so i can make the fic longer if you know what I mean. There isnt much Aden in this chapter :ph34r:

Themes: Confrontation

Warnings? None

Chapter 2- Moving On

Nicole and Belle had spent the entire day shopping just searching for the perfect outfit, it took Nicole longer than Belle but then again Nicole was a perfectionist and Belle wasn't.

Belle was getting more and more tired by the day, she didn't have the energy to run around after Nicole and as a result she had made a decision. One Nicole wasn't going to be happy about. But she knew that she couldn't spend

The day of the party beckoned. Belle was looking forward to Nicole and the birthday boy flirting. She found it incredibly funny because she never expected anyone to reject Nicole yet that was exactly what he was doing.

The more he ignored Nicole the more she was determined to entice him using her womanly wiles. Belle was trying her best to avoid Nicole but it was getting harder and harder.

She ended up locking herself in her room and alienating herself from the rest of the group. She didn't feel strong enough to tell Nicole her news, it would break her heart and Belle couldn't do that to her now.


Brian noticed the lack of Belle as she would normally be glued to Nicole or vice versa. He went to investigate.

He went to her room as a last resort, knocking on the door for the first time made a hollow sound. He knew she was in there; he could here someone shuffling around however quietly it was meant to be.

"Belle? Can I come in?"

Belle thought about it but then just automatically said "yes" mumbling it as she said to him

Brian opened the door and saw a tear stained Belle sitting on the bed. "So I guess this is about the move?"

"Yes" Belle nodded "I don't think Nicole wants it but I have to do it"

"I know, it can't be easy living under her shadow can it?" questioned Brian.

"No it isn't but then again, you cope, you have to"

"Yes but if it can be easier then you should grab that chance"

"Moving to the rival home might look a bit suss though"

"No, it won't as long as you are sure it is what you want"

"It is" she said trying to convince herself it was.

Belle looked thoughtfully before adding "when will it be finalised?"

"It already is. Whatever date you are ready to move then I will organise it for you" Brian said softly to allay Belle's growing doubts

"Ok, after the party"

"2 days time?"

"2 days time" Belle confirmed


Aden smiled as Fiona struggled to get them to sit and listen to the rules before setting off for the party.

Aden gave watching Fiona, he jumped up "Shut Up" Aden yelled and automatically all the kids buttoned it

Fiona smiled "thanks Aden"

"No problem"

"Right..." Fiona launched into all the rules as the kids listened.

About 20 minutes later, everyone was there and ready to party, Fiona opened the door to the minivan looking really nervous and let them loose.


How long had it been since the moment of the party, Belle couldn't stop the resounding noise in her head.

She was still too nervous to contemplate Nicole's reaction when she realised that she wasn't going to be in the home that night.

She was moving and while she was sure it was the right thing to do she knew she couldn't predict her reaction

Fiona called the group of both houses together, "We have a special announcement to make., Brian?"

"Yes, one of our own is leaving us today to join the other care home"

Nicole was surprised when Brian revealed this and whispered to Belle "Who?"

Belle swallowed her pride and said quietly "me"

Nicole spun around and said "you have to be kidding me?!" she looked at her and repeated "tell me you are kidding"

Belle's lack of response told Nicole everything she needed to know. "You traitor"

Next thing Belle knew was that Nicole had stormed off and she was all alone in her room at the other care home.

The transfer had gone so fast but it seemed that that was the right way to go about things.

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Themes: Deviousness

Warnings: None

Chapter 3

"Do we have to?" Aden called out.. As Belle sat behind him, she could aim a good kick at his leg.

As soon as her leg made contact with Aden's he winced in pain. "Yeah, she just injured me. I have to go to the Hospital."

Belle smiled as Fiona said "don't be such a baby Aden, if you stop being such a pain then maybe you wouldn't have hurt yourself"

"But..." Aden started as Fiona held up her hand to signal no more.

Aden turned looking at Belle who was smiling at Fiona taking no notice of Aden glaring at her.

She was going to have some fun with him now she was moving here.

The transfer may have hindered her relationship with Nicole but she could still be a devious cow.


Fiona approached Belle that morning after the 'incident' with Aden just to ask if everything was OK.

"Are you OK Belle Hun?" Fiona asked trying to see if she could help in any way.

She really liked Belle but felt like Belle was hurting and she hated that.

"Oh yes just missing Nicole"

"Do you want to see her again?"

"Yep but only if she wants to

"Well I can see what I can do"

"OK. Thanks, can I ask you something?"

Fiona smiled "of course"

"Does Aden have any family?"

"Justin his brother"



"Well I want to be friend with him but he is avoiding any sort contact with" belle sniffed as Fiona laughed

"what?" belle said feeling a bit hurt

"Aden likes you but he is going out with Nicole so you can see his dilemma"

Belle was stunned, "he likes me?"

Nodding Fiona smiled. "He does"

"How do you know?"

"The way he looks at you"

"Do you think I have a chance?"

"Maybe, anyways have to go and see the social worker, talk to you soon"


Aden noticed the new girl was ignoring him again but he kind of ignored her as well so it kind of worked out. He loved the screwed up look on her face every time someone insulted her.

She would get so wound up for no particular reason and he loved it when she did that.

He seemed to be her perfect match and he thought that one day he would get to know her properly but for now he was going to back off.


Belle decided to organise a trip to the beach. She got the OK from Fiona so she planned the coach trip to the nearest beach which was about

30 minutes away.

“Right so what do you guys want for the trip?”

“Hot weather”

“Well can’t guarantee that”

“Bucket and Spade” Tilly a young 6 year old girl piped up.

Belle smiled “Of course we can have that”

Aden smiled at her and Belle felt warm inside. Maybe she had a chance to get him after all. Grinning she went to make more plans.

After all tomorrow was another day. Maybe not as good but still another day!

Sorry it was so short! Thanks for reading and please comment.

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Themes: Fun

Warning? None

Chapter 4

It was a gloriously hot day and Belle was swimming in the sea about 10 metres away from the rest of the group. She needed to relax.

Aden watched her as she was oblivious to his sightseeing. Nicole lay next to him sunbathing; Nicole and Belle had managed to get on so that Aden could have her with him.

Fiona shouldn't take sides when it came to the resident's love life but it was so clear to everyone that Aden fancied Belle.

Maybe she wouldn't be breaking any rules or ethics if she nudged them together; she smiled forming a plan or not evens a plan more of a strategy.


She needed Tilly for this plan, Aden was her big brother* and she was the only one who could influence her.

She called Tilly over from making a sandcastle; Tilly wasn't happy to be dragged away from her castle but came nevertheless.

"Tilly. Will you help me?"

"Ok. I am not in trouble am I?" Tilly said as she scrunched her face up worrying

Fiona hugged her, "No of course not"

Once she had let go of her "We need to get Nicole away from Aden"

"OK" Tilly didn't even wait for Fiona to tell her what to do she just walked away and got 2 buckets of sand.

Fiona watched her impressed. This girl knew how to take care of herself. She picked the sand up and threw it all over Nicole, She then ran away before Nicole came after her,

Aden watched laughing at Tilly who deliberately was trying to wind her up. He moved his eyes for a second and saw Belle towelling her off before going to sunbathe about 12 metres away from him.

He stood up and walked towards her, Belle had already placed a towel over her head and trying to relax when Aden pulled a Tilly and threw sand over her.

Belle squealed but amazingly didn't attract any attention from Nicole who was too busy throwing Tilly in the ocean.

Fiona smiled. It was working. She knew that they were both stubborn though so she had to try and devise more situations like this,


Nicole finally gave up on throwing Tilly in the water, She decided to try and find Aden.

Wasn't going to be that hard she thought, he will be lying down watching me and Tilly.

She froze when she saw Aden and Belle playing without a care in the world. She shook off her initial fears and just went back to lay down. She would deal with Aden.


Aden couldn't understand why Nicole was blanking her so two weeks later he made an impromptu decision to visit her,

Fiona was wary of it and so she said "you can go but only with someone else. Not on your own"

"Who will come with though?" Aden moaned


Aden frowned "Belle? How do you figure?"

"Einstein would turn in his grave, she used to live there"

"Fine shall ask her later"

"Go now and stop being such a baby"

Aden's phone beeped, It was a text from Nicole, It said 'sorry for lack of texts. Have been busy, just telling you now its over, don't text no more'

Aden furiously text back before Nicole blocked his phone number 'why what have I done'

Nicole didn't text back and Aden's 13 other messages wouldn't go through, In the end he gave up. His relationship with Nicole was over but he still didn't get why

He thought what was so bad that I did that makes her feel insecure and split up with me. Or do I smell and she can't stand it?

He voiced his concerns to Belle. Belle was now his new best friend after Tilly of course who he adored.

"Stop being such an idiot and look at the facts. When was the first time she seemed off with you?"

"After I stopped playing with only her and we had that sand fight" it finally became clear to Aden.

"She was jealous, I was her best friend and you are her boyfriend. She might think I was taking you away from her"

"As if, we are only friends"

"Exactly but she doesn't know that"

"I give up, she wont reply to my texts and I am dreading going over there in case her gang lynches me"

Belle laughed "the gang" Aden nodded "the gang would never lynch you if I was there"

Aden smiled "so will you come with?"

To Aden's surprise she said "No, I don't think you should be with her"

"Oh come on please" Aden literally went on his knees and begged her

"No" Belle said trying to avoid his puppy dog eyes

"Please" he said in a last ditch attempt to persuade her but she was adamant that she wasn't going.

"No! and don't ask me again. I will not go, I cant" she was nearly in tears

Next Chapter: What is Belle so upset about?

Please comment

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This chapter is dedicated to a great two friends of mine who also comments on my fic without fail. They are Taniya_K and xknomezx. Thanks! Your comments always make me want to do more and more.

Chapter 5

Aden was concerned about her, as she couldn’t stop crying, he approached her in the sense that he was going to give her a hug but she karate chopped him before running out of the room.

Aden yelped and Fiona came running in "what happened?

“She just flipped”

“What did you say to her?”

Aden didn’t reply, Fiona said warningly “Adennnn”

“Just asked her to come with me to see Nicole”

“That all?”


Fiona looked at him till she was convinced that was all, then she went in search of Belle.

She had hoped Belle’s past wasn’t about to come to light but it seemed inevitable that it was going to come to light.


Aden watched as belle ignored him; it had been 2 weeks since she totally flipped. She was so withdrawn. Everyone thought it was because of Nicole hating her but that had long gone by now.

Aden was curious to know what was going on but now he was on bad terms with her apparently.

It would probably look as if he was being incredibly nosy, which is not the impression he wanted to give to her.


Belle went to her room clutching at a piece of paper, she clutched it harder and harder each time and when she finally uncurled her hands she saw the imprint of the paper on her hand.

She opened the paper and read it for the first time.

Dear Darling Belle

This is the hardest letter I have ever written but I have to write it. It isn’t that was I hated you it was that I was desperate. You were the most beautiful girl I ever had and I hated the situation I had to put you in.

You were great at it and maybe one day you will come back to it, you were a natural and I hope you can forgive me one day.

You’re Darling



Belle tensed up as Aden popped his head in the door waving a white handkerchief, “truce?”

Belle found it in herself to smile at his idiocy, “ok” she moved along the bed to leave room for Aden to sit

“Sorry about that night!”

“Don’t worry; it was me bringing up all the past”

“Right” he stated simply as he didn’t know what else to say without making Belle flip again.

"You dont have to tiptoe around everything I say Aden, its ok"

"Well I wont be able to anymore"

"What why?" Belle asked concerned

"I am leaving. I am officially 16 meaning I have to leave"

"Where are you going?"

"Well I am 17 soon and I got early acceptance into a university" he paused watching Belle's face fall as she contemplated life without one of her best friends. The one person that made her feel normal in the home

"Which University?"

"Adelaide University" Aden said

"South Australia?"


Belle couldn’t look at him anymore without crying, Aden tried to hold her but she wouldn’t let him do it.

“Don’t please, can you go”

“Ok, I am leaving in about 1 hour”

“1 hour?!”

“yes, I need to go as soon as I can”

Belle started to get angry, “just go and forget about us then?”#

“No, but like you needed to move from the other home here because it was the best thing for you then you should understand why I have to do this”

Aden was now getting slightly pissed off that Belle was taking the high road in this. She had no right to do that.

Aden walked off the bed but before he did, he approached Belle and kissed her on the lips.

Belle was astounded and she heard Aden say, “you can say you don’t care but you do and this is why it is so hard for you”

Belle lay on the bed “shut the door on your way out please”


Aden walked out of the door and out of her life. Belle heard everyone say goodbye and so she carefully tiptoed outside her room to see if he had gone or not.

He hadn’t, he wasn’t going to leave without saying goodbye to Belle and even though she hated goodbyes, the moment Aden opened his arms for her she ran to him like she needed protecting by his love and affection for her.

“I will miss you” Belle said muffled by the sound of the car beeping outside to signal to Aden its time

“Its time”

“Will you come back and visit?”

“Yes, and you can come. It is only an hour away and maybe we can make a weekend of it”

Belle smiled and before he left, she pushed something into his hands and pressed his fingers over it.

Aden frowned but she said “don’t open till you get there. It will become clearer eventually I am sure”

They both walked together hand in hand till they saw the other residents and let go, Aden walked to the car and by now he was in tears, he hugged everyone and smiled at Belle before he walked to the car and drove away from his past.

Sorry again its so short but I couldnt add more without ruining it

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Well not long to wait then! :P This is the only update I can do till monday so savour it :P

Chapter 6

Aden reached the airport and spent the next hour sorting out his ticket, some stupid airhead had managed to misplace his details.

They tried to lay the blame at Aden’s feet but he had proof he had incriminated them and not him so they said something like “we will allow you to fly and pay you the money back”

Aden agreed with them and finally got on the plane, as he got comfortable, he realised he still had the letter than Belle gave him before he left. He found it in his pocket but found himself unable to open it up.

It was like a force was banning him and his body to open it, he found it slightly unnerving but accepted that he couldn’t open it then. Before long his phone went off and he read the message that was sent about 30 minutes ago.

‘Sorry abut emotional farewell, miss you’ from Belle and then he got another message but he didn’t read it. He didn’t think it would be important.

He opened the piece of paper and smiled, He did understand but it was his secret and he wasn’t going to tell anyone.


2 days later, Belle ended up in a debate about euthanasia at school and she was supposed to do it diplomatically but for her that was impossible especially against the one and only Nicole.

“Murder is wrong” Belle stated simply, “I can understand helping a terminally ill person to feel better”

Nicole very rudely interrupted at that moment “how can you make a terminally ill person feel better when they are going to die”

“by relieving their pain”

“they are still going to be in pain though aren’t they” Nicole said making Belle think but she replied “remember we don’t have the right to kill people”

Nicole smiled devilishly “if that was true then why does the death penalty still exist?”

“Listen we are debating euthanasia not the death penalty”

The teacher then intervened at this point “actually Belle Nicole brought it up as part of her argument so it is can be argued, she is justifying her reasons so you can rebut her argument, there is nothing wrong with that”

Belle nodded “ok, capital punishment then, some people do unimaginable things that destroy people’s lives and in some tragic cases kill them. But this is something that the country believes is punishable so we can’t really question them”

“Ok, that’s true but then the person who is terminally ill who haven’t done anything be allowed peace”

“They do, don’t get me wrong I would hate anyone to be put in that situation but we still don’t have the right to kill people”

“That’s the problem here though, we aren’t killing them. Killing them implies an act of cruelty but we aren’t being cruel we are being their friends by giving them peace”

Belle smiled “Actually you have a point there”

Nicole smiled “I always do”

The bell went at that point and the class were dismissed but the teacher held Belle and Nicole back. “good debate today, it was a shame you weren’t friends, it definitely was a good debate”

“So do we pass this unit?” Belle asked hopeful

“Yes providing you hand the essays in and they are ok then I cant see why you cant pass the unit”

Belle smiled and for once since Aden left felt secure in where her future was heading and she was sure that one day she would join Aden on the path to a better future for herself.


The sun dawned on a new day; the bed where Aden lay was now empty due to the busy hustle of preparing for school.

A new school year dawned and first days were always the worst. School was the worst institution in the world because you had to wake up at an unsightly hour to go and learn something you may never use again in your life.

But he wasn’t there anymore, it was a new place what he had no help of recollection of at all when he came to visit.

"What subject do you have first?" Sam asked Aden as they walked through the corridors of the new building.

Aden said “Tutorial with Professor Careen”

“Ouch” Sam said before explaining, “He is bonkers”

“Why what does he do?” Aden asked slightly bemused at Sam’s response.

“You will see, oh here is my room. See you in our room later?”

“Yes later” Aden said as he walked the extra 20 metres to his tutorial room.

Sam wondered what had gone on in Aden’s life before he came to Adelaide University mostly because Aden kept himself to himself. He noticed the piece of paper that Aden never let go of ever.

His curiosity was sparked by it but he managed to keep a lid on it for now as he didn’t think Aden would appreciate him butting in.

He watched the professor deliver a presentation. He was interested but he was also so tired as well. He was about to fall asleep.

Luckily for him the lecture ended and everyone bounced out of the room. He left the room only to find Aden waiting for him

“I thought I was seeing you at our room?” Sam said as he walked next to him

“Well I can go if you want”

“Relax I am just jesting”

“Ok, if you are sure?”

“You know I am”

They walked the rest of the way in silence, as they couldn’t think of what to say to one another.

“So…” Sam broke the silence “I have a date tonight and she has a friend..”

Aden laughed, “what I get the ugly one and you get the fit one”

Sam chuckled “you don’t miss a beat do you?”

“I know, anyways ok, lets do it”

“Cool we can get hammered as well”

Aden laughed, “Man life here is going to be so much fun with you isn’t it!” laughing even more when Sam pulled a monkey face.

“Man stop it and let me get started on this essay. Don’t want to fall behind do I?”


Aden was on a date with a really hot girl, he couldn’t believe his luck but there was one problem, he couldn’t stop thinking about Belle and the time he kissed her

It was weird but he never thought he would feel this way about her. He thought to his brain. ‘I mean, all we have ever been is friends so how can I feel this way when I know she will never reciprocate my feelings’

Sam dragged Aden to a small corner “Damn, how lucky are we. I think tonight we are going to get very lucky indeed”

Aden actually managed to convince himself that if he slept with his date then he could forget about Belle but he knew after a while that he couldn’t.


Belle fell asleep so easily that night and she dreamed of the one thing that she never thought would dream off, it made her toss and turn so badly.

She awoke shaking and she found herself somewhere she didn’t recognise. It looked like a hospital room but she wasn’t sure if it was or not.

A second later her hunch was confirmed as a nurse entered the room, “its ok Ms Taylor”

“Why am I here?”

“You had a seizure”

Belle looked dumbfounded “when? How? Why?” she asked in succession so fast that she really confused herself.

“Relax, its nothing sometimes you can have a seizure and there is no explanation for it”

Belle laid back and tries to sleep again but all these thoughts were running around her head, she managed to make one thing clear. She was in love. But with who? She didn’t know yet

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In the next chapter, it is one year later and Aden is in his first year of university about to have a 3-week break and then start his 2nd year. Belle has had her explanation for the seizure but I havent put it in this chapter yet...

Chapter 7

1 year later

Aden groaned as she pulled away from him to get out of the bed, morning had come and for Aden it meant another lecture.

He tried to pull her back into his lap but she yanked her hand away from him and set her hands on his shoulders. 'Stop ogling me'

'Why?' he said quite cheekily

'Well for starters I can't stay for too long'

Aden smiled and she melted. Forgetting her pact to restrain herself from him she leant into him and kissed his full lips before pouncing off him and getting into her clothes.

She smiled, blew him a kiss and walked out of his room. He watched her go till he remembered he hadn't got her number.

Damn Aden thoughts I cant believe I have her! He got up and plodded along the marble floor to the shower.


Fiona tried to find Belle as she had some good news 'Belle? Belleee' she called saying it louder each time she said it

Belle heard her and jumped down the stairs to find her 'what's up?'

'Your university letter came'

'Which one?'

'Adelaide and Perth'

Belle was in shock from the time when Fiona said Adelaide. She shook herself to life and said 'thanks' taking the letters from her.

Belle placed them on her immaculately clean desktop and wondered which would win out first fear or curiosity.


Sam was knackered and struggling to write an essay when he got a text "Letter came, how is he?"

Sam smiled as he replied "Ok, spent last night with his girlfriend and I haven't seen him yet, left early"

A reply came almost simultaneously after he had sent his text "you are kidding right?"


Sam ended up ringing, they answered on the first call 'What's up?'

'He got laid?'

'Yep, I introduced him to her, I thought he told you'


'Are you sure you are ok?'

'Yep, letters came'

'I know you told me. Have to go, text me later ok?'

'Will do'


Belle shrieked in happiness. She got in to university, she Belle Taylor was going to university,

Fiona registered the shrieking that was obviously Belle as happiness for getting into a university; She sincerely hoped it was Perth, as she really wanted to go there.


Aden came back from his lecture totally and completely tired. Sam squared up to him. Aden was too stoned to notice.


'What Sam'

'We need to talk'

'What about?'

'Well we need to figure out what the hell you are doing?'

'What are you on about?'

'You and two girls at the same time?'

Aden froze, he couldn't know could he? He turned and looked at him 'What do you know?'

'You are shagging my girlfriend and her best friend'

Aden stood up only a few inches away from Sam who looked so angry at that moment in time. 'Look mate…' he said before he was cut off by Sam shaking his head 'why? Why?'

He looked so devastated by Aden's betrayal that he simply said 'get out of the dorm'

Aden froze but he was going to argue but then he thought against it, He wasn't going to start a fight with him when he was in the wrong not Sam.


'You got into Adelaide?' Nicole asked Belle

'Yep, I still can't believe I am going to university'

'Me neither'

'What about yours?"

Nicole admitted 'Haven't opened them yet'

Belle tutted 'Where are they?'

She delved into her bag and gave them to Belle. 'Shall I open them for you?'


Belle opened them and read both of them without revealing which one she had got into, She turned to Nicole with a solemn face and Nicole was scared.

Belle whispered the results of the letter to her ears so no one else knew, Nicole didn't react to it and just said 'thanks for telling me'

Next Chapter: Who got into what university and who joins Aden and Sam? Aden gets dumped but why?

One thing for you to ponder about, Who was the person texting Sam? and why?

Thanks for reading

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Especially for Taniya_K for never failing to reply to my fic, I appreciate it.

Chapter 8

Aden was lying in his girlfriend's bed when the door burst open. His other girlfriend had come to see whether she had her hair strengtheners

'What the!' she gasped as both of the bed jumped. Aden saw her face and could pinpoint the moment where her heart broke.

Sarah, the girl in the bed was stunned; she didn't know Aden was dating her as well. She slapped Aden really hard before getting her clothes and running to the bathroom.

Aden jumped out of the bed and got changed before leaving the flat. He was such an idiot; he should never have strung them both along. He really liked Sarah but it was obviously not meant to be.


Belle's POV

I spent nearly all this morning packing for university, how am I supposed to pack up for university with all this noise. I am so frustrated, looking out onto the fields that overlooked the home.

The door knocked and I called out 'who is it?'


'Come in'

Fiona walked into the room. I watched as she helped me fold things and put them in the bags, for a while it was just silence and then I said 'what time is the taxi coming?'

'About 20 minutes'

'Ok. Lets go and take my things downstairs' I heard myself saying and carrying on a conversation when in my brain, it wasn't really registering that well.

20 minutes came and went and the taxi still wasn't here. Nearly an hour later it arrived; luckily Fiona had had the sense to transfer Belle's flight to the later one meaning she wasn't going to fly till about 11pm that night.

'Well here we go then'

Fiona smiled 'Listen. You will be fine I know you will be.'

'Yep, going to a place that no one know me'

'You can make a fresh start' Fiona hugged her as the tears came out

Belle removed herself from the hug, walked to the car she got in. Looking for one last time, she bid the place goodbye before leaving.


Nicole had finally reached the airport. She waited for Belle. She wanted to say goodbye before she left for Adelaide.


Belle opened her letters and read them one last time. She had even wrote them out again as she was that sad. She even wrote it in size 16 so it was easy to read.

Belle's acceptance letters

Dear Ms Taylor

Thanks for your interest in attending Perth University in Western Australia, however due to the limited capacity of places on your chosen journalism course we are honoured to inform you that you have been accepted to this course and into the university

Yours Faithfully

Miss Sarah Royce

Her heart sank; she had had her heart set on going to Adelaide University. She had to keep hope and make sure she got into Perth University.

She trembled as she reached for the Perth Letter. She didn't think she would get in and maybe

Dear Miss Taylor

Thanks for registering your interest in attending Adelaide University in South Australia. I am honoured that you considered our university as a chance of furthering your education. Congratulations, you have been accepted into this university. Please reply as soon as possible to accept or reject the offer.

Yours Faithfully

Miss Rachel Valiant


After about 30 minutes she reached the airport and was greeted by Nicole. After a hug or two, they walked into the airport.

"So Belle ready for Perth?"

"Yep, ready for Adelaide?" Belle asked

"I am for once in my life" Nicole grinned

They went their separate ways and prepared for a journey of a lifetime. Belle to Perth and Nicole to Adelaide, the journey of their lives but were they in the right place?


Belle got to Perth first and she approached the admissions desk to find out where her dorm was.

"Hello" Belle said quietly and politely to the old woman behind the desk who was in desperate need of breath mints

"Hello. What can I do for you?" she said as she filed some papers in the nearby cabinet.

"I am here to sign in"

"New student?"

"Yes I am"

"Right. Name please" as she opened something on the computer

"Susan Taylor"



The old woman looked perplexed "hold on a minute need to ring someone"

"Ok" she said not sure what was going on.

"Hello I have a woman named Susan Taylor but her name isn't in the system?"

"Ok. I shall be down to talk to her; I think she must have been confused"

The old woman hung up the phone and said to her. "Someone will be down in a minute for you"

"Ok." Belle thought it was routine as she was a new student, how wrong was she. A woman came down and said "Susan?"

"Yes, although everyone calls me Belle"

"Ok, Belle it is"

"Is everything ok?" Belle asked

"Well it seems that you aren't on the system"

"Im sorry, I got a letter saying I had a place here"

"My system tells me that you didn't and the last place went to Nicole Franklin who I understand is a friend of yours?"

"Yes, she is in Adelaide"

"Right, give me a minute and I will ring the admissions desk there to see if you have actually been accepted there"

"Ok. Thanks for that" belle was still in shock. She wasn't accepted here, it made absolutely no sense at all which was annoying because she had her heart set on coming here.

The youngish woman approached her and said "there has been a mix up, you are meant to be in Adelaide and your friend is supposed to be here"

"Great. How am I meant to get there?"

"We will pay for the flight; it is our fault after all"


Nicole had had the same conversation with the admissions desk in Adelaide and was instructed that the university were going to pay for the flight

"What about the deposit on the accommodation that I paid for?"

"You will get it back and can pay it to Perth University"

"Am I getting a taxi to the airport?"

"Yes and the driver will be paid in advance"


So for Belle and Nicole the journey had started all over again but the end would be worth it as they were on a lifelong journey.

Thanks for reading guys! I apppreciate it, next chapter it will be Aden based and I have nearly done it as well! I may post tonight or tomorrow.

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Dedicated to a good friend of mine who shall remain nameless who gave me the inspiration to write this chapter? This chapter has adult themes so please don’t read if you aren’t prepared. You have been warned. This chapter is very disturbing and that is why it is so short. My sister helped with the details as she works with sexual abuse cases so please excuse me if I get things wrong.

Chapter 9

The next morning was the longest morning of Aden’s life; everything had changed in a split second.

Today everything changed in a split second. I wasn’t expecting it so it made it all the worse. I don’t think I could ever have expected it.

But then again, does anyone ever really suspect that is going to happen. I have lost everything.

I don’t even know where I am finding the strength to think about it when I don’t want to.

I don’t even know where I am finding the strength to write it in my diary; simple but complicated entry.

I can’t recollect much of what happens but I can unfortunately recollect one scene that will forever haunt me.

It’s not easy, but I will try my best so brace yourselves.

Aden closed the diary and placed it next to him on the bed. He never imagined he would be trying to recollect a memory that destroyed him.

He just closed his eyes and the memories came flooding back, he was taken back to about 19 years ago where it all had started.

10 years ago:

Aden was only 7 years old and he spent all of his time helping his granddad to do all his mechanical work. He loved it because it was the best thing for him. It kept him busy which was a good thing especially after the death of his mother only 2 years previous.

Even though it had only been 2 years the pain of losing her mother was still raw but he knew he had to move on.

He was never going to forget his mother but he wasn’t also going to forget his life and spending time however little with his grandfather.

“Aden” called his father from the room inside the attic

Aden had expert hearing and he perked up when his father said the new TV was done. Although he didn’t know it his grandfather wasn’t happy.

He was plotting to make it so Aden spent all his time with him and not in front of the television.


Later on that day while Aden was eating his meal, his granddad spent 10 minutes changing wires and removing a few so the TV would short circuit again.

He plodded downstairs where Larry said “want some food?” He nodded “not a lot though”

Larry placed the food on the plate and handed it to him, as he sat down he placed a hand on Aden’s leg.

Aden looked up at him and he smiled. Aden didn’t think anything of it so he just carried on eating as soon as his granddad took his hand off his leg.



Larry jumped and when he came to his senses bolted up the stairs to see what the hell was going on.

“What?” Larry said as he ran into the room

“The TV broke again”

“Don’t give me a heart attack Aden”

“Sorry but it is not working. Useless piece of bloody junk” Aden carried on cursing before his granddad looked at him and said “watch the language”

Aden looked solemn when he saw his grandfathers’ expression; he obviously wasn’t allowed to make jokes for the fear of upsetting his grandfather.


So much time had passed since that day and the TV still wasn’t fixed, one night Larry found out he had a 6 week contract with a company in WA with fantastic pay.

When he broached the idea to his father Stanley and his son Aden there were mixed reaction, Aden was fine with it but Stanley wasn’t so sure.

Larry had to try and persuade Stanley to reconsider the idea and look after Aden for 6 weeks

Stanley eventually came round and said to Larry “Ok. I shall look after him”

“When are you leaving” he added

“Tonight or tomorrow morning”

Stanley spotted an opportunity so he said “better get there early to make a good impression

“Yep I should”

Larry said in confidence “I don’t think Aden is that happy about it”

“He will be fine about it, just relax”


Larry smiled and packed a bag. He said his goodbyes to both of them and with promises of phone calls and presents Aden tearfully waved him goodbye.

Stanley called Aden into the room and beckoned him to sit on his lap. Aden was kind of scared of his granddad at times and so he did as he was told to.

“So Aden, ready for a good night sleep”

His granddad slowly put his hand under his shirt and Aden froze, his granddad whispered “shh” he went further up his shirt while Aden just sat there in shock.

His granddad let go of him and whispered before nuzzling his neck. “There is some more soon.” He grinned evilly before pushing him off his lap and threatening him “get ready for bed or I will make sure your daddy never comes back”

Aden ran up the stairs and immediately got changed before his granddad came upstairs.

He came into the room and sat next to Aden on the bed. “Come on” beckoning him to sit on his lap again.

Aden took his time but his granddad didn’t complain at all about it, when Aden was on his lap, he had his legs trapped and his shirt untucked slowly. His hand went up and slowly rubbing his back. It may have seemed like nothing to his granddad but Aden hated it.

His granddad nuzzled his neck and untrapped his legs. He told Aden to undress himself quickly.

Once he had done that, he lay on the bed and told Aden who was so terrified at this point to undress him slowly.

As Aden did that he touched him all over his body, once he was undressed he nuzzled his neck leading his tongue down from his lips all over his neck and downwards till Aden started to shake from the shock.

In the weirdest moment, Aden granddad held onto him feeling turned on by Aden’s fear and kissed him harder and harder each time he shook. When his granddad held onto him he shook harder and harder so the cycle never stopped.

This lasted all night and Aden was blue in the face the next morning, but his granddad still didn’t give up. It was 4am in the morning and Aden was instructed to go to the kitchen and get some ice cubes.

Aden did as he was told even though he had no strength really do it, he managed to get up the stairs and once he had done he gave him the ice cubes.

“Strip the bed down and lay down on it”

He did as he was told as he was really scared of him at that point; his granddad crushed the ice cubes with his hand and put it into his dentures.

He then left the room for a few minutes and came back with ropes and some tape.

He mounted himself over Aden and gagged him with the tape but tying one of his hands to the headboard on one side and the other to the other side

“Sorry but I have to make sure no one knows I am doing this” but he didn’t look sorry at all.

He then placed his legs on top of Aden’s and knowing he was going to shake again he bit him with the dentures which had been covered in ice cubes all over his body allowing Aden to shake him as well.

After a while it became light and he said “tell anyone and I will kill you”

The same routine happened everyday till Larry came back and then even then it happened in secret for a long time until Aden moved to go to boarding school and ended up in care.


Aden shook himself back into the real world and was physically sweating and shaking as he carried on remembering what his granddad did to him.

He shook at the thought that his granddad may do it again to him when he visited again that week.



“Yep what’s up?” Sam had forgiven him for going out with his girlfriend

“My granddad is visiting this week so...”

“You want me to make myself scarce”


“No problem”

Damn Aden thought how was he going to stop his granddad from doing it again and the answer was he couldn’t. He was powerless to stop him and the thought of it terrified him

This was a hard chapter to write but I thought it was essential so you all get a flavour of what it was like for Aden. Any questions then please ask and I will do my best to help..

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Sorry about lack of updates. I have been working to a deadline this is why the chapter isnt as long... Sorry...

Chapter 10

Aden was still shaking from the apparent arrival of his granddad. He didn’t know what to do. How was he supposed to act normal when this man destroyed his life?

Sam was just acting normal. How was he supposed to know? Aden couldn’t tell a soul what his grandfather did to him for fear of being ignored

Ignorance was a common feeling amongst people but he hated ignorant people. Sam wandered into the room and spotted Aden.

'Hey mate, guess who I have with me?'

'Who' Aden really wasn't in the mood for a guessing game. He didn't have the time or the energy.

'A new girl who is having the spare room in the dorm'

'Oh' he said not really interested 'bring her in then'

Aden turned around and went on the journey back to his room when he heard someone say 'Hello Aden' He knew the voice and smiled when he saw it was Belle.

She ran towards him and hugged with so much force Aden nearly fell down. 'Whoa' Aden said as he hugged her.

‘Sorry’ she mumbled as she hugged him tightly

He pulled back slightly and tilted his head so he was looking directly in her eyes and said with warmness in his voice ‘What are you sorry for’

Belle at this point just pulled away and said smiling ‘nothing just me being a bit stupid’


Belle had settled into the university and Aden’s granddad was supposed to be visiting, Aden didn’t say anything about it but she could tell he was forcing all his smiles and happiness.

She was on a mission to find out exactly what was going on so she decided to corner Sam who may tell her what was going on.

She sat him down and said quite rudely ‘What’s the deal with Aden and his granddad?’

Sam looked surprised ‘I didn’t know there was something up with him and his granddad’

Belle studied his eyes and came to the conclusion that Sam had no idea what she was talking about

‘Doesn’t matter’

‘Ok. Are you sure’

‘Yep I am’

‘Want a drink?’ Sam offered

‘Go on then’

‘What drink do you want?’

‘Anything apart from alcohol’

‘Lightweight’ Sam laughed

‘I know but I can’t stomach anything with alcohol in it’


Door knocked and Aden knew it was his granddad. He had took some measures to protect himself from him

He opened the door and to his surprise there stood his father. ‘Aden, your granddad is dead’

Aden looked at him to make sure it was the truth. ‘How?’ hoping he had died a horrible death

‘A heart attack’

‘Was he killed instantly?’

‘No, he was conscious for about 10 minutes before he died’ Larry wanted to say something else but found himself keeping quiet.

Aden had let Larry in the room at this point and sat him down. ‘He said don’t let Aden live with it alone’

‘Live with what’ Aden wasn’t quite sure what he meant.

‘You will hate me after I tell you but’ he faltered before finding the courage to carry on ‘what he did to you…sexually.’ Aden froze ‘... he did it to me too…’

Aden screamed out loud and Sam and Belle came running. Bursting into the room, Aden just wouldn’t stop screaming till Sam had dragged Larry out.

He managed to stop with Belle calming him down, Sam took over and Belle was surprised at how mature Sam was.

He had managed to calm Aden down just by talking to him. Aden looked up and Belle and patted on the bed to gesture to her to sit down.

‘Sorry about that’ Aden said hugging her

‘Don’t worry about it’ Belle said kissing him on the cheek

Sam smiled. ‘Right. So shall we go and watch some tv?’

Belle stood up pulling Aden with her. ‘Yep let’s do that’ putting her hands around Sam and walking to the living area.

Sam realised he didn’t even know what course Belle was studying so he asked ‘So mysterious Belle. What course are you doing?’

‘English with journalism’

‘Cool, why?’

‘Well I have already wanted to write articles for a magazine or a newspaper… so I thought I might as well do a journalism course but with English so I can improve my writing and analytical skills’

‘Analytical skills?’ Aden said as they sat on the sofas. ‘I do a lecture called ‘analysing sources with year 1 and 2’’

‘Me too’ Belle said ‘cool. I actually know someone now!’

‘Hey’ Sam said ‘what about me’

‘What about you?’

‘You know me as well’

‘Of course I know you; it’s not hard to not know you’

Sam smiled and hugged her but Belle couldn’t keep her eyes off Aden unfortunately she knew he didn’t want her.

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