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Aden is just so "blokey". There is no way in hell that they would pair Aden and Geoff together.

That's part of the whole point though, both Aden and Geoff are characters so unstereotypical (hah, think I made up a new word there!) for playing a gay couple on TV, but at the same time the characters have a chemistry. And like I've said so many times before; with Aden's past with his grandfather, and with Geoff's past with his religious grandfather... I have three words: Best storyline ever.

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Going crazy with studying atm & expecting to miss some cracking h&a episodes. But. Not. This. :o

Gaden in all its intimate glory. ^_^

Need to see it now. Episode number?? Anyone? :unsure:

And yes someone please remind me too, why the writers passed up on this golden opportunity. <_<

Eta: Found it.*scuttles off to youtube* :D

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I'm a bit bored and all blocked up with a cold this afternoon so I was looking around and stumbled across this thread buried in the depths.

Geoff and Aden have had a few scenes together lately with the loan shark storyline and the footy. Their scenes are always a highlight of any episode for me. Todd and Linc just seem to work together so well.

I wish they would give them a go but I just don't know if the writers will ever do it

maybe after Belle dies Geoff could be Aden's support and it could lead from there?

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How.. in... the... HECK... did I not know that tonight's episode was coming!? :o Were there spoilers? Were there articles?? DID I MISS THEM!?!?!?!

Tonight was just... incredibly, incredibly... ... ... incredible. :mellow:

There HAVE to be screen caps. Have to have to have to have to... Oh. My. God. Gaden... kiss of life... "kissed and made up"... GUH! That episode was just... incredible.

I was already happy with all the little out-of-context lines.

Geoff: "He must have left early. I woke up and he wasn't there." - sharing a bed maybe???

Geoff wanting Aden to "show him the ropes" ... :ph34r:???

Aden constantly grinning after Geoff rescued him. Asking if Geoff was making excuses to get close to him. Hehehehehehehehe :wub:

Geoff nodding so eagerly when Irene suggested that Aden stay the night ^_^

Ah, there just aren't enough emoticons in the world! Or at least in the BttB 5 emoticons per-post limit...

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This is copied directly from my post in Aus discussion, because I don't think I could handle typing this out again.


Most. Epic. Episode. Ever.

Geoff. Aden. Boat. Kissing.

There was lip contact! Do the writer's want to kill me? I choose to believe that in that time between Aden suggesting they finally get the boat out and when they arrived back at Irene's late that night "something" else happened. I also choose to believe that Aden may or may not have been completely aware that Geoff made some serious moves on him whilst on the boat. Not to mention the lips! I adored all the back and forth, explicit sexual tension. I'm ignoring the fact that Belle ever existed, because my mind is going to explooode. Did I mention the lip contact?


I have seriously been waiting so long.

I want fic. Like, now. 'Kay, thanks.

Jem, I know! I can't believe I didn't see this coming. There was all that ~tension on the boat and then the "skirt" from Aden and the "ropes" from Geoff. Could they be any more obvious. *Wants screencaps of, like, everything*

"Geoff and I kissed and made up." Need I say more? I think not.

Oh! Not to mention, that Aden throws the instructions over board knowing full well that Geoff will have to strip down if he wants to retrieve it. And being the good boy that he is, he doesn't want to think about it going to waste, because on the boat, the instructions are like the Bible. And it would be a sin to leave the Bible floating in the ocean. So Aden knows that Geoff is just going to be dieing to dive in and retrieve it. So he is secretly full of *glee* watching Geoff take off his shirt and dive in. Not to mention the sliver of blue we could see poking out over the edge of his boardies. Aden was totally checking him out the entire time.

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