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Gaden...it's the love that's meant to be!

It's a storyline that lots of us would love to see, but probably never will. Many people believe that with Geoff's religion and Aden's past that such a thing could never happen, but there are also people who believe that this would make the storyline all the more compelling!

What do you think of this pair?

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This is a pairing i would love to see! wouldn't they make a hot couple!?!

i don't think it will ever happen though... not sure home and away would be game to take the storylines there. plus, as much as i'd love to see it, i don't think i could bear him being apart from belle.

but if they ever break up sometime in the future...

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They'd make one hell of a hot couple. :wink:

One thing I don't think Home and Away have done is a same sex relationship yet. It would be interesting for the writers to choose this path and see where they would go with a storyline like this. But I have to agree, I don't see it happening. It would be great if they did.

Some great sexual tension between these too. :P

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I would like to see a gay couple on Home and Away, but not Geoff and Aden. I think that would ruin the way that they have been portraying Aden's abuse storyline because there would always be that doubt about wether he is really gay or it just being caused by the abuse. I also think that it would contribute to some of the misconceptions about abuse victims. I would really like to see Geoff in a gay relationship, though, with his religious views that would be great. He would really have the opportunity to show the doubt and fear a lot of gay people have felt about their orientation and about coming out.

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For no reason at all, I decided to return to this fan club and post a picture from Friday's episode.



Why didn't these two end up together, again? Remind me, please.

PS. Don't worry Belle, I'd feel threatened too. If I was dating one of them, I'd be trying to physically separate them as well.

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Why did Belle have to ruin that? If I was her I would have just left them to it whilst watching, of course.

Todd and Linc just look like they work so well off each other. They should utilise it and give them more scenes together. I don't care what they're doing but I do have ideas which Home and Away would never use.

*goes to pull her mind out of the gutter*

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