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I think they have some chemistry, but not an awful lot.

I either like or dislike this couple... It really does depend on what kind of mood I'm in. :P But both Roman and Charlie are great characters and I do hope they get back together, because when they are together they are like a normal couple. It's refreshing.

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I really liked this relationship at first. They weren't exactly blowing me away with massive amounts of chemistry in their scenes but they seemed like they would be good for each other. And they were great to watch.

I felt for Charlie after the OC when Roman was neglecting her. He wasn't treating her very well but I liked the way they resolved that. And after that I do believe that Roman had learnt from that and started treating her alot better.

I started going of them when Charlie's began to continuosly have a go at him for every simple action of his. It's like he couldn't to anything right in her eyes anymore. Not to mention her inability to respect the fact he isn't always going to agree with her.

During the Ross storyline I was willing to cut her some slack even though it became more and more annoying the way she would complain about him not caring yet whenever he offered an opinion or tried to help she would have a go at him for interfering, if his opinion on the situation didn't match hers.

And the Angelo situation didn't help. Being there for her friend and feeling angry on his behalf is one thing but expecting Roman, who is basically like family to Aden, to agree with her as well as accusing him of being the type of person who would cheat because he wasn't jumping at the chance to lash out at Aden and Belle for their actions was ridiculous. Apparently being the kind of person who chooses to support the people he cares about, even when they mess up and do things he doesn't approve of, instead of being judgemental and making them feel worse is a bad trait in her books.

I was dissappointed when the writers used Roman's feelings for Martha as the only reason they broke up. Sure it played a big part but as far as I'm concerned, from what we were seeing at the time, this relationship wasn't going to work even if he didn't have those feelings and him being in love with Martha just made him realise that it wasn't worth the effort to try and make this already doomed relationship works. The relationship started going downhill and he started looking like he really wanted an out a little while before Roman realised he still loved Martha.

And it really started to make Charlie look ridiculous when she kept repeating the 'he broke up with me without warning' line. What warning did she expect? Him to let her know in advance that he planned on breaking up with her. The only other way they could have been any warning was if there was any indication that the relationship was in trouble, and how blind did she have to be not to realise that in the few weeks leading up to the break up things weren't exactly rosy there? Infact Roman seemed downright exhausted. Could she really be that oblivious?

Her '... nothing left to live for' line to Roman was kinda pathetic. Did she forget about her little sister? Maybe thats harsh but I didn't find that break up enough to warrant this amount of self-pity. Infact she just sounded like a drama queen.

They could have been so good together and I had such high hopes for them when they got together but by the time they ended I was relieved.

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These two had potential if Charlie let herself go and Roman forgot about Martha. Sadly, neither ever happened and they ended up a bit...meh.

I liked the role Charlie played in Roman's farewell episode.

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