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Angelo Rosetta - Luke Jacobz


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You completely missed the moments where he took care of Belle when Aden threatened her when he was trying to kill his own father. Angelo is cocky in a funny way but there are many moments where he is sensitive and sweet.

< /Angelo fangirl moment >


Yeah exactly he was the nicest guy to Belle and she just threw it all back in his face by cheating on him.

He is cocky in a funny and cute way I think as well and isnt arrogant and selfish.His cockyness is so cute and I think he is the nicest guy.He was even willing to die for Belle when the hitman came in with the gun he protected her by putting his arms around her.It takes a certain kind of guy to die for a girl who cheated on him and treated him like crap.I think he is such a nice guy and hope that he doesnt get sent down because he is definitely one of my faves :D

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^ that is the only time i've ever gone "aww how sweet" thats the only sweet thing i can think of to be honest! I just cant for some reason see the sweet nice guy that others can <_<

I am however, really intrigued as to what is gonna happen to him next year after the whole season finale issue!! that should be pretty interesting!

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He was a nice guy to Belle in the beginning but he had no right to terrify her, he can feel hurt and upset towards Belle for the way she treated him with Angelo. I am not going to condone that but he didnt have to terrify her to an extent that she reported him. She didnt deserve that and that is the one thing that I dont like about him and the fact that he

shot Jack


His positive attributes are he's hot :wub: and he is so sweet like the Charlie moment Pierced Musie posted a few posts back, I hope they bring him back as well, I like that about him.

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Luke [Angelo] smiled at me yesterday and I nearly fell over. What a killer smile!

I've never really been an Angelo fan, mostly because he comes between Aden and Belle, lawl, but, looking at him from a different perspective, I think he was mostly wrong place and wrong time.

I'm stepping back now, hands up, and saying I was way too biased towards him - getting annoyed at how sleazy he was with Belle etc towards Aden, but then again, he was just trying to keep his girlfriend. I really felt for him though when he was talking to Charlie about them in the car, and then later saw Aden and Belle together, like his face just fell, and I was like, omg poor fella it's not his fault that she has an ex-boyfreidn that she's in love with.

And yes, he was adorable towards Charlie when she was getting over Roman.

While you can't excuse his temper towards Belle, to find out you've been cheated on - well I guess a few people on here have been cheated on IRL and reacted differently, yknow? Violence is never the answer, but just showed the passion in his character - and now trying to do the right thing in the wrong way, well jack always does that, to protect those he loves and is closest to..

Looking forward to what the new year brings :D

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