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I haven't seen ahead of what they've shown on Channel Five but I reckon the guys a total tool. Shooting Jack, maybe a mistake but then coming back. Then having the vendetta against Hugo. Smart move by the H&A writers as he clearly is a popular actor to have on the show but totally heartless by Angelo and totally unrealistic. Him and Charlie are a good match though, I don't much like her either, although she isn't as bad as he is.

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Angelo, Angelo, Angelo......

I cant make up my mind whether I like this guy or not. :unsure:

At first, I hated him then around the time he started to date Belle I though he was Okay, but after all the Jack business I started to hate him again. When he first came back to the bay I really hated him for waltzing around like he did nothing wrong, it just seemed like he had a huge lack of respect for Tony/Martha, etc. But then, slowly, I began to warm to him, Im not really sure why, one day I just started to feel a bit sorry for him.

I love Changelo though! He is soo sweet with Charlie. :wub::D

And he really tried to help Ruby too, when he accidentally told her about the rape I felt for him.

Not that I like Hugo, but Angelo seems to have it in for him and has a go at him any chance he gets.

But I think Angelo is in the bay for a reason, a reason we are yet to find out.

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I liked dark and moody Angelo like the one we had after he shot Jack but this one doesn't suit me so much. I think it might be because I'm not sure why they bought him back.

His vendeta against Hugo is odd and I think that he's probably right and that there is something going on with him but it just seems crazy, right now.

I wanted to like him and Charlie because I didn't mind them last time but my...indifference towards him stops that.

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I like Angelo he's interesting enough, but i don't like his plans with Hugo,does it have to be him? does it have to be anyone? if one has to go i rather get rid of Angelo, obviously. If they could work together be friends live in peace, that'd be even better!

but i'm not forgiving him a second time, whatever Hugo's secrets are. He's gotta stop ruin things even if i'm liking him more than i'd want.

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His vendeta against Hugo is odd and I think that he's probably right and that there is something going on with him but it just seems crazy, right now.

The character of Angelo has always been written with a whole lot of ambiguity, which is actually one of the reasons I love him. He's interesting to watch as you don't know what you're going to get. On the other hand, it can also be frustrating and it makes him easily unlikeable too, especially when trying to understand the motives behind some of his actions. Most of which are currently shrouded by secrecy. It's obvious that he's been

sent specifically by his superiors to investigate Hugo (which we will get to see scenes of during this week). Hence why he has the whole 'bull in the china shop' vendetta against Hugo.

It's always been obvious that he's got specific reasons for his vendetta against Hugo, it's just that we've never been let in on the reasons why, which can make it extremely frustrating and his actions come across as annoying/pathetic.

On the other hand, after he shot Jack, we as viewers were easily able to empathise with him, as we'd seen the whole lead up to his final actions. We felt for him because he'd become trapped in a bad situation, that was snowballing out of his control. We still don't know if he'll turn out to be a bent cop or not, as it's all being kept secretive & mysterious. Therefore the way he's being written atm, he could easily be turned one way or the other. Pretty much the same with Hugo.

Only difference is, we've atleast had moments in the past where we've liked Angelo, and rooted for his character. Which is one of the reasons I still like him, that and Changelo. :wub: So I hope he does get redeemed properly at the end of all this. With Hugo, I'm not sure if there is anything likeable about him, even moments where he's shown to be caring of other people come across as forced. But maybe that's how they want us to read Hugo too, it's just that I can't bring myself to care for his character.

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