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Angelo Rosetta - Luke Jacobz


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I hate Angelo Rissotto.

Are you and Oscartg going for some kind of world record :unsure: ?

I love Angelo but i think there's more to his past then we know.His reaction to Belle cheating on him was pretty strong.

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^ Careful Lynd. I made a similarly innocuous comment before along similar lines and the person I commented on told me they would report me for it :rolleyes: (I'm not referring to Grumble Bum btw). It seems that some people like to be bitter and negative and yet if you comment on it they suddenly get self righteous and precious :rolleyes:

As you can see, the attitude really annoyed me.

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Angelo, what can I say, he's a legendary character. As some people have said, I do too miss his cheeky side. I don't think I'll ever forget that line where he said "Eh, excuse me did you make these chips? They're terrible" to Belle :D That was just classic.

I absolutely despised him for a while; when he was coming between Belle & Aden :lol: Although I do still think that it was completely uncalled for and sleazy of him to answer Belle's door in a towel...!

But yeah, no, Luke is doing a brilliant job with him [you have to love that smile :P] and, overall, Angelo grew on me really quickly; I think i admired his character strength in being able to return to the Bay, and work there again - and I'm thrilled that he's back with Charlie, I really do love them as a couple; they're my new Adelle i think :D

until he dumps her


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I’m eagerly waiting for Angelo to do something to endear himself to me. :D At times he takes a step forward, then usually takes two steps back but he’s certainly a bit more interesting this time around. Angelo is most entertaining when he works himself up into a lather and sweats the small stuff. :D

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I'm very impressed that Angelo stood up for himself today - rather than allowing himself to be treated as a door mat by Charlie and the rest of the bay, to actually walk away from her - and be not knowing if he's just done something to further ostracise himself was very self-lifting, and I enjoyed it happening!

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I wonder whose idea it was for Luke to be the fat guy with the beard :lol:

On a side note i LOVE how Lincoln and Dan are play fighting at 2:54 till 3:07 :D that made me chuckle!!

ETA - here are some BTS pics from Episode 1 of DTWS 2009 that i don't think have been posted before

Luke with Tessa :wub:


Luke, Luda and Lincoln


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