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Angelo Rosetta - Luke Jacobz


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Can anyone confirm if Luke Jacobz aka Angelo Rosetta has left home and away for good and from a valid and reliably source?

Because of what happen in episode 4783 it seems to straight forward for it to be him, heres going down for murder and the developers especially Tim are getting away scott free, it makes absolutely no sense.

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I can't believe so many people like this guy!

Apart form anything else, it was just plain stupid to make his character Italian and then cast that actor in the role. It is no - I wish they would stop with that. It is not believable, and it is not necessary.

And they keep having him take his shirt off all the time - I wish they would stop with that!

You know, I would have liked this guy a whole lot more if they hadn't forced such an unsuitable character on us at the beginning. Now they are trying to backtrack, but I have a good memory, and I'm not sure I can forget.

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I dont like Angelo.

It looks like he didnt kill Jack either so i will have to put up with him still in bay!

I didnt like Charlie and Angelo as a couple either. I also didnt like it when Angelo just left Jack at the development site. I can see that he would be very shocked

after thinking he killed Jack

but he should never have just left him there and as a policeman he should have know that. He could of at least called an ambulance, although it was more than likely that Jacks death was instant. :(

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Diner landlord is right, it is very true to real life. We had a case in Ireland of a 12 year old boy going missing and 3 days later his body was found. At that point his neighbour and friend, a 19 year old, confessed to killing him. The kid and he were good mates and were pretend wrestling and the older boy accidentally strangled him. He panicked, hid the body in a ditch and then actually helped the police in his search. After a few days the guilt got the better of him and he confessed everything. He served 3 years of a 5 year manslaughter sentence, was released last year and was advised by the police to change his identity and move away. His family have also had to move away. Lots of people hate him, not because he killed the kid, infact I think he gets more sympathy for that because of the unintentional nature of it, but because he said nothing and allowed the family suffer while the boy was missing, albeit for only a few days before he came clean.

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What Angelo did was wrong. He should have came clean about what he had done straight away. But thats just my opinion. Everyone is entilted to there own.

I don't think you'll find anyone with a different opinion. What people are in fact saying here is they understand why he acted the way he did, not that he was right or wrong in what he did.

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