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Roman Harris - Conrad Coleby


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I LOVE Roman. At first I was kinda "meh" when it came to him but after seeing his moves in the OC :wub: YUM NICE lol.

I didn't ever particularly like him with Charlie, as much as I like Charlie, and I hate the thought of him being with Martha. There are several reasons for that though, one of them being that I'm simply waiting for Jazz to come back so they can see their undying love for each other lol, I've always like the idea of the two of them together

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Why does it show that he's not sensitive? what about Martha!? she'd be part of this relationship too! its not all Roman. *prays it happens in a few moths time!*

If he goes after her a few minutes after she buries him it means he isnt sensitive, Roman is a good character but his actions to do with Martha is what I am more concerned about.

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I have liked Roman since day one. He is a very decent person who's proven to be very compassionate and not judgemental. He was very kind to a homeless Miles and to a hurt Colleen. He had only been in the Bay a short while and yet offered to help others protect Sally when Johnny Cooper was on the run (not that they did a great job there though...). He's had kind words to Annie after her drunken incident and Ruby when she was upset about Ross being sick.

I liked him and Martha together (even though I prefer Martha with Jack) and even though he's admitted still being in love with her he's doing the decent thing and has not tried to pursue her because he sees that she is in a happy relationship.

I liked him with Charlie too - yes, he did break her heart but he was honest. The truth can hurt but it's better than live a lie.

Last but not lease he's done a great job with Nicole and is being a great surrogate father/brother to Aden and we can see good results in both cases.

Roman is the person who probably interacts with most other bay residents which can't be said of everybody else (they all seem to be too absorbed in their own love relationships and have no friends outside such relationships).

I hope Conrad gets interesting storylines in 2009 because I think he deserves them!

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Roman is awesome. I get why people think the saint thing is annoying but I think it's refreshing to see a character who has class above all else. Even in a messy situation like the one with Charlie where he realised he didn't share the kind of feelings she had he was honest about it (as stated above) He can be blunt but he's always honest.

He always seems to be putting everyone else's needs before his own and I think his realisation of who how he feels about Martha is a perfect exmaple of it (crap storyline but perfect to display just how much of a good guy he is) It's typical of any other character in soaps to not give a crap about the relationship the person they want to be with is in, just to get what they want. Roman seems to be a really big exception to this. I can't understand anyone coming to the conclusion of him trying to hit on a widow either. If anything he'd become an even better friend and strong source of support (he's alreeady established he won't settle for second best) To me that's the kind of guy he is portrayed as.

I love his r.ships with Nicole and Aden and Morag and I hope to see more of those this year. I also think Conrad is the best actor on the show. I know that's not an incredibly popular opinion but I have never been able to fault him with any emotion at all. He may not have had the most challenging storylines to work with to prove he is like abuse or cancer etc, but what he is given he nails. Particular the Olympic Cliffhanger- he was superb.

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Roman is an amazing character. His scenes with most of the characters are a pleasure to watch. I hate characters who act like they know everything, but Roman is different. He never acts like he knows everything, just gives advice when he feels it's needed.

I loved his earlier interactions with Colleen. That scene when she told him that she was Alf and Morag's sister truly showed what a kind and considerate person he was. He was so sweet with her. And he has got to be the most patient boss ever. His scenes with Irene are also good. Especially in the beginning. And he treated Martha so well when they were dating, and was a good friend to her during the cancer stuff. While I liked their relationship, I had so much respect for him, when he walked away from Martha because he could see that she loved Jack and wasn't over him. I don't see were all this worry about Roman making a move on Martha is coming from. So far he's done nothing but respect the fact that she loves Jack. He was willing to put his feelings aside and let Martha go so she could be with the man she loved. And now, even though he realised he loves her, he as kept it to himself. He's not making her life harder. Once again he's putting his own feelings aside for her. I want them together in the future. But for now, I just want friendship, and I think thats all he'll give her as well.

I particularly love his friendship with Miles, his relationship with Nicole(it's the only Nicole scenes I enjoy), and most importantly all his scenes with Aden. I love that he never gave up trying to help him, even when Aden acted like he didn't need it. It's really been worth it in the end.

He is one of the most understanding characters on the show. He's been a good support system for most of the people in his life. And though he says what he thinks by giving people advice, he still respects their decisions. He's never petty. And he never becomes judgemental when people do something he deems wrong. The rest of the characters could learn a thing or two from him.

There have been times when he has irritated me a bit though. Wasn't too fond of the way he was neglecting Charlie in the beginning. But he's learnt from that now. Love that he chose to end things with her when he realised that he couldn't see a future for them. Apart from that there have been a few times when I wasn't to happy with him but overall he is a great character. Also Conrad is one of the better actors on the show.

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