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Melody Jones - Celeste Dodwell


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I'm a bit hot and cold with Melody. I liked her post-breakdown because she was beginning to embrace the freedom now that she isn't living with the lunatic of a mother. But now she is rather annoying with her "Geoff is the only one for me and I'm the only one for Geoff" attitude that she seems to have.

I want fun Melody back. I dislike this obsessive lunatic.

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I've never liked Melody. I don't know, but I disliked her from the moment she came into the show. Celeste is a good actress and sure Melody is a believeable character and all. But I still don't like her. I just think she's too stuck up. It has nothing to do with her being Christian or anything, I loved both Geoff and Annie from the first moment they arrived, and I think their faith makes them stronger characters. But I don't like Melody, to me she just seems like she thinks she's so much better than everyone else. And not in a defence-mechanism kind of way like Nicole.

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I don't like her at all. I know that she was there as Annie's bestfriend and it was due to Annie's interference that she started having a major crush on Geoff who very obviously wasn't interested in her. Nicole's arrival triggered something in him which he probably saw as potentially dangerous for his moral integrity and that was, in my opinion, the only reason why he choose to pay attention to Melody since she was the 'safer option'.

That said, her whole story arc as a mentally disturbed 'I'm Evil' kind of kid was intriguing enough to keep me interested for a bit but now that she's supposedly better, I really don't want her around Geoff&Nicole. Like Eli, I hate the way she thinks she's the only one who is worthy of a guy like Geoff and I'm terrified of what she'll do in order to get him back.

Now, I know that she had a pretty difficult childhood with a psycho of a mother but this doesn't justify the fact that she's a horrible person posing as a goody-goody. Annie had it a lot worse than she did and Annie is a genuinely nice person who, unlike Melody, would never dream of backstabbing people in order to get her way.

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Melody's always had an air of superiority to me, she's always seemed like a selfish, judgemental person pretending to be a humble, modest christian. I think she's always looked down on people who disagree with her or more importantly arn't of her religion, the way she spoke to Nicole at the halloween party kind of proves it, "Someone like you." While I relaise she was refurring more to just the fact Nicole isn't christian it's just always been the immpression i have got, like she and those like her (Geoff) were so much better than anyone else.

That said, I do think Celeste is doing a great job, otherwise i wouldn't dislike her so much :P I would say i want her character to revert back to her old self pre- this whole triangle fiasco, but clingy, desperate Melody wasn't much better so there's not much that can be done.

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I can't stand Melody either. No doubt Celeste is a great actress, but Melody is so irritating and judgemental and everything else everyone here has said. A real shame she's going to be around for a while...

And I know I'm probably going to be in the minority here, but I don't really like her scenes with Aden. I don't buy that little friendship, it just seems to unrealistic and uncomfortable. Yeah, they bonded for a little while in the clinic, but what Melody went through with Axel was nothing compared to what Aden experienced, there is hardly any common ground. Aden has much better things to do than waste screen time with her.

And having a sheltered childhood is ne excuse for acting like the way she is with Geoff, I know she's gone a bit crazy, but whatever, it bores me to death. Nicole is a much more interesting and better match for Geoff. At least she knows what she is and doesn't try to deny it or justify it to anyone, and deep down is a decent human being.

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I'm on and off at the moment.I used to love her but this Geoff obession is getting tiresome.I might change my mind again if it leads to something bigger which i think it might.Celeste is great though.

You know, it's funny you say this...I've had this very silly thought of a future storyline involving Melody getting in full psycho-mode and doing something horrible to get back at Nicole for 'stealing' Geoff from her...

maybe involving that school bully mentioned in the spoilers...

In any case, I too agree with what some of you said regarding the fact that Celeste is indeed a great actress for having managed to make so many people dislike Melody.

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