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Charlie Buckton - Esther Anderson

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I wasn't a Charlie fan when she first arrived, but lately I've had a change in heart about her. I think Charlie & Hugo could develop as a couple. I liked that they both want to guide and protect their younger siblings. They sort of remind me of Jack & Martha's early days.

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I love Charlie. Been I fan since day one. Yeah I reckon her and Hugo should get together, they have a lot in common. There was a rumour that they do get together, so hopefully it's true. Plus I think Esther Anderson is awesome

I also loved Charlie since day one! I hope that her and Hugo get together but I hear that Hugo gets with


. Esther is really pretty and she's a great actress as well! :D

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Here is the place for Summer Bay's resident constable. What do you think of Charlie?

I like Charilie, have from her first ep in the show. With being a cop, you get to see her interacting with a wide range of the characters in the show, and in turn as an inclusion also in a wide range of storylines, that is not the case with most of the characters, most characters are only seen within pocketed groups for the most part, whereas as a cop she can cross over into all the different lines of storylines going on in the show. The pairings that they have made Charlie apart of have been interesting ones, but at the same time I think, she can also be a character not hooked up with someone as yet, and still bring something interesting to the show just the same. And of course there is always the 'sisters' storyline of her and Ruby going on in the show anyway, that I find interesting, and like also.

I have liked her what I have seen of her thus far this year also, hopefully 2009 will continue to be an interesting year for her character, I'm interested to see what comes about for her, and with whom, but just to see her in some interesting storylines in general as well.

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Hi - I'm a newbie here and this is my first post.<taking the plunge, so to speak>

For starters, I just wanted to ask if anyone here on the boards ever watched McLeod's Daughters - the first three seasons? I keep thinking that Charlie bears a real similarity to Claire McLeod - (Lisa Chappell.) Can anyone else see the resemblance? Just a thought, anyway. :rolleyes:

I am really warming to Charlie's character now, and think after a slightly wobbly start, (well, she was a bit of a pain), she is settling in nicely and has become a welcome addition to the cast.

I look forward to watching how the very interesting/sensitive issues are dealt with in her storylines due to be shown in the up and coming episodes..

I would have added links showing the Lisa Chappell/Esther Anderson pictures/similarities, but not sure if links are allowed and do not want to get slap on the wrist with my first post here! :unsure:


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i thought esther was amazing tonight...she is so great at acting with her eyes...you could really see the hurt and confusion in her scene with joey

I couldn't agree more. Honestly, I've never really been a fan of Charlie up until now. But at the moment, I think she's fantastic :)

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