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Charlie Buckton - Esther Anderson

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I couldn't agree with you more about Charlie being great in Monday's episode (I haven't seen today's episode yet) and looking great and all that. I really liked her in Melbourne, especially the scene she had with Miles over dinner in the hotel room. And the talking about ground rules for sleeping was funny. Sexual tension, anyone? :lol:

I really liked that coat as well, I generally like Charlie's style overall. Except that red dress she wore on her first date with Angelo. The dress was nice enough, but it wasn't that nice on her for some reason.

But anyway, enough with the clothes, I think she should be with Angelo as well. I'm not sure about Miles, but I think I'd like him to stay with Kirsty (something I never thought I'd say, considering I believe in happy ever after for supercouples like KK :P) and I think Angelo is perfect for Charlie. I was originally thinking she should stay single for a while, but Angelo changed that. They would be one hell of a couple!

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^ Have you joined us in the Changelo thread? :P Angelo would be grea for Charlie. He's a very attentive boyfriend, which she needs, and is also great fun and would do her the world of good. Plus they look so good together. Please let this happen!!

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I'm in love with Charlie! or Esther lol when she first came on I was a bit iffy, bout now I can't get enough of her! I think the only thing we really need to see her do is lose all her inhibitions. She's all tense and never has any fun. When she lightens up she'll rock even more! :)

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I think Charlie needs to be single right now. She has enough boy drama just now!

I couldn't agree more! Well at least till she hooks up with Leah :P

Her former boyfriend just went to Gaol for murder, so I think she needs to stay away from any form of relationships for a while now. If she jumped into bed with the next single guy that looked her way it would only end in tears.

I wonder who her next relationship will be with next though... hmm..

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I've actually been wondering if Charlie might end up with Hugo.They've been left in loco parentis of a couple of siblings who appear to be over a decade younger than them and have now hooked up, so they could well end up spending time together and realising there's something there...

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I would love to see Charlie & Angelo hook up again, as someone else said, he has the outgoing liveliness that Charlie needs, and would their personalities do suit.

Would also love to see Charlie with some girlfriends! Originally I was thinking that Charlie & Martha could have made a good pair, but I think now that with Charlie having worked with Jack, and Martha lost Jack, perhaps they'd be too closely connected, plus obviously Charlie's ex-boyfriend killed Martha' husband soooo....

I'm loving Charlie's scenes right now,

especially the way she teased Miles at Leahs birthday party, that was great


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