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Charlie Buckton - Esther Anderson


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I was never a massive fan of Charlie but this year I really have lost all respect for her.Separating the woman from the police officer has just made her a complete failure at both.She's thrown her whole life away(

possibly literally

)for a man that's done nothing but lie to and manipulate her.I find it surprising that no-one seems to have picked up on the really ironic thing about Charlie helping Brax steal evidence:That it was completely unnecessary and he would have been cleared anyway.She didn't need to do any of it, she just need to be a good police officer and trust in the law she was supposed to uphold.Instead, she's just let him completely corrupt her to his way of doing things.

It's telling that two years ago when a season ended with Charlie in danger I hoped she'd be all right. This year, I hope she isn't.

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Charlie makes it she's on lifesupport now but tomorrow she wakes up I was sure Ruby would turn the life support off and Brax wasn't going to let it happen then bam she wakes up. guess Sid was wrong or made a mistake. I wonder if Brax/Charlie and Ruby/Casey will still move to the city

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Damn, todays episode was a seriosu tearjerker! Elijah's presence angered me a little but I'm gona let that pass.

Heart palpitations through the entire episode...wow-wee!

Brain death had never really occurred to me...I had been thinking that she lost too much blood or her wounds were too extensive, but brain death does make much more sense and definately dappens the hope of many Chax fans of her waking up!

Not even a soap could pull off someone awaking from brain death!

Didn't really like the fact that Brax was in the police station while Charlie was in hospital!

His place is with her! He's angry, yaah, but he should've been by her side instead of trying to kill Jake!

Felt so sorry for him at the end when he wants to have a say in turning off Charlie's life support! He so desperately wants her to be ok! Poor thing! Amazing how love can reduce a man as strong as Brax to tears!

It's so cruel to think that she was just lying there in that bed, as beautiful as she is, and she is dead! To think that they were meant to be going to the city that exact same day! If they had only left a day earlier! Life, well soap-life, is just cruel like that!

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