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Charlie Buckton - Esther Anderson


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Yeah, have to admit that during Thursday's ep, I looked at Martha and Charlie, and just couldn't help giggling that Martha must be so jealous of how much hotter Charlie is! Loved Esther's acting on Thursday, because she looked really awkward at the hen's and like she wasn't sure she belonged. Really looking forward to upcoming eps, the teasers look great, and I'm sure she's going to do an amazing job with it.

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I am loving Charlie's character at the moment. Can't wait to see what happens next week. I felt so bad for her when Morag announced her business at the table like that in front of her family.

Morag is one nosy busy body. I actually think she's worse than Colleen!

Anyway, Esther has been doing an amazing job with her scenes recently. She's really improved since she first joined the cast last year.

I love that Charlie has a lot of depth and layers to her character now, it's definately made her more relatable.

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